Tony’s Deli & Restaurant

3258 Orchard Lake Rd
Orchard Lake, 48324
I got the corn beef sandwich with Russian dressing, coleslaw and swiss cheese. I was really craving one. The bread was the best part. The corn beef was really fatty. The proportion of meat and cheese compared to the bread was not right at all. For the cost and the fattiness of the corn beef, I won't go back.
The best deli in the Midwest !! We never have a bad meal. Love it! Love Tony and Sonia too!
Outa the ballpark!! If you truly love old fashioned delicatessens, Tony's is the place for you. My wife tends to like the more chi-chi places down the street near Orchard Lake & Maple, or Telegraph & Maple, but they are pretenders. If you want chi chi decor, go to one of those. They'll charge you for it, too. If you want the BEST DELI SANDWICHES, go to Tony's. Best corned beef. Best matzo ball soup. Great breakfasts. All at a reasonable price. Their ruebens, etc., are not inedibly stacked to the ceiling like some of the well known places in Manhattan, but are a VERY good size, and delicious. Not sure where they get their corned beef, pastrami, etc. (maybe they do their own in the back?), but I'm highly doubtful that it's the bafflingly popular Sy Ginsberg variety. Better. Right balance between lean and just a teensie bit of fat for juicy flavor. Their matzo ball soup is the best I've ever had, although I admit to not usually being a huge matzo guy. Theirs is worth the trip, however. Even my matzo-crazed wife admits theirs is the best. One of the things I really like about Tony's is that they offer a half sandwich/cup of soup option, so I can get a little of both. Oh, that reminds me, their cabbage soup is also out of this world - rivals my sainted Mother's!! They also have Dr. Brown's sodas - BONUS!! If you are looking for a spot with lots of kitsch or upscale "atmosphere," keep on driving. For the best, reasonably priced deli food in metro Detroit, go to Tony's.

(248) 683-3344

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Sushi Samurai Restaurant

4143 Orchard Lake Rd
Orchard Lake, 48323
This place is a cute little sushi bar on Orchard Lake. There are several of these along Orchard Lake in West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, but this is one of the better ones. Sushi Samurai has delicious sushi with great lunch specials. I'm a big fan of lunch specials, and I wish there were more in the area. My favorite is the Roll Special, which comes with one California roll (6 pieces), one spicy tuna (6 pieces), and one vegetable roll (4 pieces). All the lunch specials come with miso soup. Whatever you get, they give you a small cucumber salad with a bit of crab stick. If you feel like going for dinner or want more than just lunch specials, there are some really good specialty rolls that are larger in size.
Out of the many sushi places on orchard lake road (and I've been to at least 5 different resturants), I think this place has the best tasting sushi!
Tasty, fresh sushi. Non-greasy tempura. Good service, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. I'm happy.

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Village Place

4170 Orchard Lake Rd
Orchard Lake, 48323
It's a typical Michigan dinner, although they remodel it a couple years ago, they didn't change much but the physical appearance. They do breakfast well and a burger and large lettuce salads, but there is nothing innovative or special. If you want a fast and simple meal at a reasonable price, a step up from fast food, this is the place. The wait staff is young and inexperienced. They try, but they also do a fair amount of running around. It's is also heavy on the booths, only a few tables - usually reserved for 6 or more in a group.
Had the special. Turkey burger was raw and cold. Had to send it back. #nosalmonella
We stopped here for a late dinner one night. We tried ordering 4 different things that they were out of before finally landing on some fried type foods. Nothing was fresh, service was slow, bitter, and under par. If you want to wait a long tine for a greasy plate, this is the spot for you.

(248) 682-3400


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