Promeny Olive & Wine

910 W Buffalo
New Buffalo, 49117
Love this place! We got to taste wine, balsamic vinegar and olive oil! I found my new favorites in this cute place with friendly owners! They also carry craft beer, organic loose leaf tea and awesome European deep mineral spring water! Highly recommend :)
We stopped just by chance on our way to our hotel in New Buffalo and it ended up being a highlight of our little vacation. There are so many wonderful olive oils and balsamic vinegars to choose from. The combinations are endless. We finally decided on blood orange oil and pistachio vinegar. Can't wait to try it tonight as a dipping sauce with wonderful bread. We then were treating to tastings of wines we never thought of trying, some from Turkey and even Lebanon. The store stocks amazing Czech beers as well as other gourmet items and crafts. Martin, the owner was incredibly attentive and friendly. We learned of his incredible story of excaping Communism in eastern Europe, coming to the States, meeting his beautiful wife Katrina and opening the business. We were so blessed to meet this beautiful couple and enjoy their store. Highly recommended! Thank you Martin for spending time with us. We will treasure our memories and look forward to seeing you again.
Great venue. Wine was great and the people working knew exactly what to recommend. Give it a try!

(269) 469-9957

Juice Bars & Smoothies, Wineries

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424 E Buffalo St
New Buffalo, 49117
We had a horrible experience at Local. Picture two families on a bike ride on their vacation in New Buffalo, stopping at what sounds and looks like a perfect food shop fit for foodies. Well, as we entered we surveyed a beautiful selection of meats and fresh produce. Subsequently we were told this is not a "playground" as our children were holding our baskets of items we planned on purchasing. The staff behind the counter were rude and far from accepting of children in their store. We were completely insulted and had planned on purchasing a large about of items, but consider this to be unacceptable. Though they may have a good selection, I wouldn't consider patronizing ever again!
Total. Satisfaction. Always. Great foods from local sources. Homemade sausages and bacon. Terrific staff. Always wish I'd bought more.
What a wonderful little store! I stopped by and stocked up on my way back to Chicago. The sausages I got were so good and wonderful. I wish that I had been able to buy and sample more of their meats. I also bought some cheeses, salami and rilletes to make a big ole cheese board. All really good choices but they were from my local cheese shop in Chicago so nothing new for me. I love how they manage to pack so many choices into such a small space!

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Meat Shops, Cheese Shops

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Oink’s Dutch Treat Ice Cream & Yogurt Shop

227 W Buffalo St
New Buffalo, 49117
Very branded joint with pink pigs everywheeereee. Killer cones here, but bring cash and bring a LOT of it! Bring your girlfriend here, because if she finds about this place after you've rolled through, you're in trouble :P
Ah-mazing! So good! The decor is so cool! So many flavors it's hard to decide! We had the cheesecake cone. The half scoop was a great size.
This place is so much fun with a old-fashioned decor! I feel like a little kid in a candy shop...literally... they have a candy shop in addition to the ice cream! GREAT customer service, tons of flavors that are made locally and can't get anywhere else, they even give free vanilla ice-cream with a bone on top for your pup! My specialty=New York Cherry + Pistachio! The best ever!

(269) 469-3535

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Pierre Anne

9 S Barton St
New Buffalo, 49117
The food is good but slightly over priced. However, the host/owner was quite rude. We were told we couldn't sit inside at a table of 6 with our party of four. The host sat us outside (it was 57 degrees) and didn't check on us once after he served our food. We waited for 20 minutes after we finished eating to get our check and then he said he couldn't manually enter our credit card information. Perhaps he should stay behind the scenes, it doesn't seem he's doing his business any favors.
Tried it out because we were starved and looking for a good breakfast place. Unfortunately, this was not the place. We still ate because we were staved and there seemed to be nothing else. There was absolutely no variety, only crepes and soup and salad. And the prices were absolutely overpriced for what you get. The egg and ham were pretty good, along with the yummy fruit that comes with it. And the "house" lemonade was really good except it tasted just like bottled lemonade. Overall, my opinion is that it is very overpriced and doesn't have very much variety. But if you're looking for an overpriced crepe and soup and salad, stop on in.
We were told to "take a walk" by the rude French Man on Mother's Day because "it would be a very long time before we ate". Take a walk where? No mention of how long we would have to wait or no names on a list? This isn't how you treat loyal customers. Just another reason to dislike the French.

(269) 469-9542

Breakfast & Brunch

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David’s Delicatessen

30 N Whittaker St
New Buffalo, 49117
I am a Starbucks lover and dedicated customer, however if there was a David's in Chicago I would switch in a heartbeat! For one they serve Intelligentsia coffee which is my favorite, and two they will make you any breakfast sandwich that you can think up! Prices are fair and the atmosphere is great. You can definitely tell its a favorite of the locals. My boyfriend and I came here twice in one weekend instead of trying the other breakfast places in town because we just loved the food, coffee and staff's service so much!
We stopped in for lunch because of the YELP reviews. I had a Ruben sandwich and Maria had a cup of the ham, bean and rice soap. The Ruben was a big sandwich and they use a quality corned beef but it was served luke warm. Bummer! Maria didn't care for her soap. She said he had big slices of onion and chucks of tomato but bot much ham, beens or rice.Sevice was fast and friendly. The place was clean and orderly. The place is located in the heart of downtown. New Buffalo is a tourist town and very crowed in the summer.
This place is wonderful, the iced Chai's are the best!! And their sandwiches are amazing! great customer service, a very nice place to read or get work done I recommend it!

(269) 469-7177

Delis, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea

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Pizza Hut

700 E Buffalo St
New Buffalo, 49117
Friendly staff. This was one of the better Pizza Hut locations we have tried
We got tired of the long lines at the burger place next door, and gave this Pizza Hut a try. The restaurant was clean and service was great. My boys said it was the best pizza they have had. The manager brought samples of their chocolate chip pizza to all of the customers. Our family gives this restaurant 5 stars.
Hands down the BEST experience I've had with Pizza Hut. I'm out here visiting my moms beach house and wanted to order some pizza rollers for my kids.. unfortunately they've been discontinued. I said my two boys would be disappointed but brushed it off and got some chicken wings instead. When the delivery got here, to my surprise.. the manager Jenny, out of the kindness of her heart, made them a couple pizza rollers. My two and four year old boys were so excited!!! Pizza was fresh, wings were great. Honestly, wish I could get this service from where I live in Chicago... It's things like this that make visitors LOVE THIS CITY AND PEOPLE! THANKS JENNY!!

(269) 469-6900

Pizza, Italian, Chicken Wings

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Villa Nova Pizzeria

134 E Buffalo St
New Buffalo, 49117
We dined in and had a sausage and onion pizza with a sprinkling of anchovies on part of it. The pizza and the sausage were amazing - nice crispy crust. Service was solid, and I loved having the lawn games out front and watching kids having fun. The place was a bit noisy, but if you're going out to a casual dining pizza place, that should be expected.
Great food and service. The thin crust is tasty and crisp, especially when eaten at the restaurant. The beef sandwich was a surprise, recommended by another patron, and very tasty - peppers made there a welcome addition.
After trying to get in to THREE other places on a Saturday night in late August downtown - we gave up and came here for pizza. I lived in NY for over 10 years and I am a pizza snob. They were very busy - but had room for us and wine - all we wanted at that point. The pizza is thin and I love the way they cut it into small pieces for easy eating - wine was a generous portion (not that we needed it at that point in the evening). Solid choice.

(269) 469-0200

Pizza, Gluten-Free

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The Stray Dog Bar & Grill

245 N Whittaker St
New Buffalo, 49117
What an awesome atmosphere! The Stray Dog is located very close to Lake Michigan and certainly has a beachy vibe. We stopped in right around sunset and really enjoyed the view from the rooftop patio. We sampled some cocktails, which were unique and refreshing. We also had the nachos, which were a very big portion and were quite tasty. I had the buffalo chicken flatbread and the sauce was just spicy enough. Our service wasn't great and we felt like we had to get the waitress' attention several times, but I still feel that based on food and atmosphere this was a 4 star experience. Definitely a spot to check out if you are in the New Buffalo area!
I've been coming to the New Buffalo area at least once a year for the past 16 years. I always wondered what the hype was about the Stray Dog. For the past three years, my family and I have attempted to eat at The Stray Dog. We opted out of waiting the hour plus wait until this year. We finally gave in and put our name in for the hour wait. First off, we have always had a sour experience with the hostesses. They have always been rude and inconsiderate. I'm guessing they need some better training on customer service. Second, they only take phone cell phone numbers to text you when your table is ready. Although I applaud them for being technologically savvy, we choose to not carry our phones when I vacation. They offer no alternative method to notify customers of their tables. A pager would be nice. Third, the food is nothing exceptional. With all the raves, I was expecting some extraordinarily excellent food. I got the steak salad, which was good, but not to die for. Lastly, our server and the other wait staff seemed to be bothered when we asked them any question or wanted to order anything additional. This is a sign to me that they might be over worked and under staffed. UPDATE: tried to call in a take out order and they won't take take out orders on the weekends. I called on a Friday. Last I checked, Friday is a WEEKDAY! We are homebound with sick kids on vacation... Ugh! They lost our business.
Not impressed. Place was well reviewed but underwhelmed. Was getting 2 stars until manager came and offered to comp the cold fish tacos. Waitstaff and manager were nice and atmosphere okay. Nice outdoor dining. Signature hot dog was really no more than a bacon wrapped dog. Prices on most of food was reasonable, $6 for hot dog and fries. Seemed to have good choices on menu, but would rate everything we sampled as mediocre. Margaritas WAY overpriced ($10 for 8oz). Chips and salsa was $6 with no refills. Service was extremely slow (2 hours overall) in addition to 30 minute wait. Not sure what all the fuss was about but won't be headed back and recommend you find another joint. One last redeeming quality. My son forgot his electronic device and waitress was nice enough to bring it back. Still nowhere near good enough to garner it a 4.

(269) 469-2727

American (Traditional)

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Brewster’s Italian Cafe

11 W Merchant St
New Buffalo, 49117
I love this place and have been going for about 5 years now. Love the dinner for two! It's perfect for 2 parents and a 3 year old..and we still have left overs. The gazpacho s amazing. I look forward to t every summer. I would love to know who makes the cookie dough for their fresh baked cookies, they are delicious. Service is always great. One time my pasta was a little too al Dente for me and no problem fixed it right away.
What wonderful dishes they create. Their roasted tomato soup is the BEST! Make sure you have a coconut chocolate chip cookie for dessert! I've never had a disappointing meal here......
NB is my hometown, and I've been eating at Brewsters for years. For lunch, I love a big salad (Queen Margherita) and the tomato bisque. I also enjoy their frittata and the lunch portion pastas are great portions. For me, the highlight is the salad dressing - a delicious creamy balsamic vinaigrette that is just totally excellent. The way to do Brewsters for dinner is to do the dinner for two; you get salads or soup, a pizza to share, and an entree. The salad itself is pretty great, soup usually good also. The pizzas are not super large, but they are wood-fired and delicious with premium ingredients. The tri-colored tortellini is edible but nothing special; there's a ton of garlic which makes it imbalanced in my opinion. However, I enjoy the chicken in cream sauce and the marinara sauce is good, too; the entrees vary from time to time, . Anyway, the dinner for two also comes with tasty cookies and coffee, which is a nice way to finish a meal. This is not a quick place generally speaking - it's a more leisurely meal. They also have really good coffee, bloody marys, and a nice creme brulee.

(269) 469-3005

Italian, Pizza

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Redamak’s Tavern

616 E Buffalo St
New Buffalo, 49117
I could care less that they greatly overcooked the bison burger - what upset me was that I asked to substitute fries for the chips that came with it. My server said "Sure!" Then, when the food was brought out she brought both, explaining that it only came with chips but she wanted to bring both since i asked for the fries. I thought that was a nice gesture until there was an extra $4.25 on my bill. I even inquired about it and she did nothing. VERY unprofessional.
Do youself a favor and get the double velveta cheeseburger! YUM! The food was served at a rapid rate which was great because we were definitely hungry. I would also recommend the sweet potato fries but the tots looked great too. Was it the best burger In the U.S? No, but it was still really good. I would say they are slightly overrated. This place is super crowded. If you go with a group be prepared to WAIT. It was just my husband and I so we sat right away but larger groups really hate to sit around for a while. This place takes Cash only which is good for them but bad for everyone else. The prices are great though. You definitely get more than what you pay for! Service was okay. Nothing spectacular. They kind of just want to get you in and out.
Who would have thought velveta cheese on a burger could be sooooo good?!!! This place makes an outstanding burger!!!! The atmosphere feels like a summer camp... It is big and crowded at times. Worth the wait or get it to go. It's is must when in town!!!

(269) 469-4522


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