Chef’s Table Restaurant

3496 Indian Lake Rd
National City, 48748
Wow Wow Wow!! My family rented a house on nearby Round Lake, and the 2nd day I went out scouting for eating establishments... passed it right by. Saw it on the way back from Tawas, and never gave it a second look. I mean, just look at the picture below. I think a 12 year old made their signage, and the parking lot is a mixture of old pickup trucks (no offense). The ice cream shop next door was great, but I was turned off by the exterior of Chef's Table. I live and die by Yelp and Trip Advisor, so I looked around. This place rated among the highest!! No way...must be some mistake! Well... I called, and asked if they could accomodate a large group (11) for dinner (was a Saturday night). The woman was such a sweetheart on the phone, we had to go. OMG OMG OMG... My 8-ounce sirloin (Chef's special of the night-$11.99) was like a filet. Perfect char on the outside, pink in the middle. ZERO fat. Came with candied carrots (YUM) and sweet potato fluff complete with marshmallow and crumb topping. Out of this world! My Man-Child had a burger ($6.99) that was as big as his head, and declared it the best bacon and cheddar burger on the face of the planet. My brother had the same, plus jalapenos, and raved about it. Both had fries left over...never happens! Little Sis had a gorgeous looking salad she loved ($7), and the 4 kiddies (ages 7-13) were content with grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chicken fingers ($4), etc... Mom and Pop had meatloaf ($8) and chicken fried steak ($9). Both are STILL talking about their meals, 3 weeks later!! You get the idea... everything we tried, we loved. Small staff (Meg, our waitress, was a little dynamo...probably had 6 other tables besides our large group, and did fabulously. Even put up with my humor...If she's single, I WILL marry her someday :) ). We kept hearing about the homemade pies, so I was a little disappointed that you have to put in your pie order (I wanted whole pies to go, not slices) 24 hours in advance, but we were so stuffed we couldn't eat it that night anyway! Every other table had slices of pie for dessert ($4.99) and there were more than 20 to choose from... more than 4" high, some of them. Definitely coming back, and definitely having PIE!! BTW, our group of 11 people ate (very well) for $89 plus tip... how do you beat that??? Spent half that much for 3 people eating lunch in Tawas!
After reading the reviews .. We thought we would try this place. But when we pulled up we thought that we must be at the wrong place. Went in and had an awesome meal. Perch was awesome and service was great. Don't be fooled by the way it looks!
Simple unpretentious food with massive portions for a pittance. The liver was thin, grilled with a lovely char, and plenty of caramelized onions. Raspberry cream pie was too much. Guilty I am but I ate it all. The salad, however, was tiny and old and sparse.

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Rainbow Gardens

1539 S National City Rd
National City, 48748
Havent been to the Rainbow in 40 years and was pleasantly surprised by the place. Had a fish sandwich that was yummy. Prices we reasonable and the place was clean. May go back the next time I am in Michigan.
Excellent place in the middle of the woods. Had the house specialty, perch,which was prepared perfectly and was incredibly fresh. They even had baked fries! Loved the Michigan made beer and wine choices. Service was terrific. Fun place! Will be back as often as possible.
The drive out here can be an absolute hoot. Actually at night it can be a little creepy. My advice is to take a reliable car because if your car breaks down you may not experience another soul for miles or hours. Plus, because the road is narrow and the forest growth is thick watch out for jumping suicidal deer or what not. I'm told there's a lot of prancing death wishes in this area. The Rainbow Garden is exactly the type of restaurant you'd expect to find feeding hungry people in the middle of nowhere. It's very bright, very open, has a few arcade machines, and it has a separate bar area. There's old B & W photos on the walls of local days gone past. With a name like Rainbow Garden I suppose one might think they specialize in Chinese food, but they don't. They actually serve basic American comfort food. The restaurant is known for their broasted chicken so that's what I ordered. When in Rome, right? It was very good and reasonably priced. We even ordered some deep fried Oreos and they were very good too. Yes it's that type of place. When in Rome, again. Dinners with sides run approximately $9 to $17 each. And yes, they have perch on the menu (it's a up north Michigan thing). So as you might imagine the Rainbow Garden really isn't a good place to take a first date. But if you and your family or buddies are willing to make a road trip off the beaten path and aren't in need of any ambiance or pretentiousness, then this restaurant could very well be for you.

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Sand Lake Sports Bar

1397 Ash St
National City, 48748
Stick to the burgers, wings and pizza. It was ok, the burgers were pretty good and the pizza kept the kids happy. I ordered a blue cheese burger expecting blue cheese on top of meat, what I got was an American cheeseburger with blue cheese salad dressing. My gravy fries were generous but gravy came out of a jar. My Niece won on some prize game but it didn't spit out the toy.
Food is standard bar food and small beer selection. Neither good nor bad but gets the job done. If a game is on I'd come again otherwise I might hold off.
Home away from home, always pleased! Club sandwich exceptional, Taco night really worth waiting for!

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