2424 South Mission St
Mt Pleasant, 48858
Now it probably wasn't the wisest choice to go there while they were having their St. Paddy's Day party. I ordered in a turkey wrap and as I go to pick it up, I am instantly attacked by blinding, colorful strobe lights and an array of terrible dancing drunks. Muscling past them, it takes quite along time to get the waiter's attention. Finally as I do and finally get back to my hotel room, I open up to a nice greasy fried chicken wrap. Not only did I feel my arteries dying but it left me on the toilet for quite some time.
Love their southwest eggrolls! Fast service, nice staff. It is a little on the expensive side, but I would say it is worth it. Heather was our server and she did a great job taking care of us.
A typical chain restaurant with average food. I ordered takeout at the bar, and the service from the bartender was OK. It would have been nice if the bartender offered me a drink (even a glass of water), while I waited for my order. My buffalo wings arrived hot and had a nice size serving of blue cheese on the side. I only wish that they would have included celery on the side, which is standard when you order wings, right? Maybe they forgot the celery since it was a takeout order. The Caesar salad was definitely over-priced. a $7+ container of lettuce with a few crusty croutons and a few dashes of that cardboard stuff that they call Parmesan from the bottle. Kraft needs to take that stuff off of the market or at least call it bottled cardboard instead.

(989) 772-5002

American (Traditional), Irish Pub

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