Passport Pizza

16636 24 Mile Road
Macomb Township, 48042
Look at the picture I posted, ordered gluten free pizza, told them it was burnt, the staff told me that is how they make it. It was definitely over done and cardboard like. Shame on the staff that they didn't fix this problem. Will not be returning.
This is my new favorite pizza place! It is like Jets, Green Lantern and Hungry Howie's had a baby! You can order the old school pepperoni, flavored crust and lots of different pie options. The gluten free pizza is excellent as well! I have never had an issue with ordering. I only have had take out from the 24 and Romeo Plank location and would definitely recommend it. Enjoy!
Love the Big Ben for parties with kids. My favorite round pizza in the neighborhood. Best part is the Old fashion grease cupping spicy pepperoni.

(586) 781-0000

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Leo’s Coney Island

20257 Hall Rd
Macomb Township, 48044
I love it. Yummy and great service.
We both ordered nacho Supremes looks really good in the picture. But once received both ordered had over a cup of nasty ass grease in the bottom if the bowls! Only thing good was the waitress. I would rather go to white castle than go back to this place.
What can I say, it's a coney. We all know what kind of food they serve. Leo's is one of the better ones though. They do serve some different options that others don't, and they certainly are better than National. Their chili is not as greasy as other places, they have daily soup specials, breakfast is great!

(586) 286-2300

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