Leonards Pizza

80 Rochester Rd
Leonard, 48367
I stop frequently for lunch when I'm driving by. I like the mostaciolli with meat sauce and the fried chicken. Very tasty. The pizza is also very good. Fair prices as well.
Leonard's Pizza. We live right around this area and sometimes, my wife and I really don't feel like cooking. Since we live so far from a sit-down food joint, Leonards Pizza gets a lot of our business. We normally order a single Large Pizza, varying toppings and have never felt bad about our choice. When you live around Oakland county, you have to expect to pay a few dollars more then you would if you lived in town, where there is competition. That being said, I've always felt like the price for Pizza is a bit high. Thus is why we don't eat here weekly, but in a pinch (every quarter or so), we place an order and stop by. The pizza is excellent, the folks serving at the counter are excellent and pizza is always ready when they say it will be - hot and really hard not to eat in the car. Great food (star), great service (star), hot pizza(star), more selection than expected(star), price (meh).

(586) 752-9555


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