51 North Brewing

51 N Broadway
Lake Orion Township, 48362
Visited this brewer for the first time yesterday. It has been open for around a month. The decor is unique. The building used to be a gas station / garage so it has that kind of feel. It did seem like some of the tables were just thrown in to create more spaces to sit. However, it wasn't overly crowded so that you could not move through the restaurant. The brewery only serves beer and wine (no liquor). We sampled a couple of the beers and the shiraz. The beer was good. The wine was good, but friutier than I would expect from a shiraz. I did enjoy the IPA. We also tried the beer cheese soup and the sausage and cheese platter. The soup was good and flavorful, but more like a french onion soup than a beer cheese soup. The sausage and cheese platter was large, but it did only have 1 type of sausage. Still - the portion was plenty for my husband and I to share. Actually - it was probably big enough for 4 people to have as an appetizer. The place was crowded since it was a Saturday night. It appears that they have bands appear later at night. The service was a little slow at first, but the bartenders were very friendly and knowledgeable about the beer and the food. All in all, I think this will be a nice addition to Lake Orion. I'm sure that they are still experiencing some issues because they are newly opened. We will go back, next time during the week, to experience this place again.
I can't figure out what keeps bringing me back... It's either the beer or the food. Both can stand on their own merits quite well! I simply have not had anything here that has left me wanting or disappointed. Great collaboration on using fresh bread from the local Great Harvest Bread Company in the sandwiches!! Well played 51! The favorites: any of their browns or porters. The chorizo poppers. The thanksgiving turkey sandwich. Every one of the soups.
Where do I start? We've been here before and the food is ok... Definitely pricey for what you get, but ok. The beers are good - but nothing amazing, but as another reviewer said, they're not cheap either. However, we enjoy supporting local business and are happy to have a "hip" spot to frequent in LO so we looked past those things... We've had pleasant experiences in the past with the owner, Don, but recently things have changed. Maybe he has something going on at home, who am I to judge? But the way he treated our friends and family recently has virtually assured we will not be back. He jumped to conclusions, called them greedy and selfish, and verbally put down two of the nicest people I know - they would literally do anything to help someone out. We've turned a lot of people on to this brewery lately, but unfortunately next time 51N comes up in conversation, we'll be telling the detailed version of the above story instead. It's unfortunate, cuz we were happy to have something new and different here in LO. We will not be back. The owner, Don, needs to come off his pedestal and apologize, admit that he is not the beer god he thinks he is... And make some changes or I don't see this place lasting. Oh, and the staff is constantly changing - shouldn't that tell us all something?

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