13780 S Dixie Hwy
La Salle, 48145
We continue to be impressed with all aspects of this eatery. Food, drink, price point, cleanliness, friendliness, customer demographics, rewards program. A cheers type establishment with really good food. We are nearing the point where we've traversed the entire menu in about 7 or 8 more selections. Just 5 minutes south of Monroe in Lasalle. Some places struggle to get customers on a Monday evening, because some say it's the food and drink industry's slowest day. No problems here. Heck they even expanded thier parking lot to accommodate the growing customer base. Pork loins, alligator, calamari, cat fish, scallops, lobster, turtle soup, hamburgers, steaks, tacos, and wings. Yea, it's all good. Even the deserts rock the house. It's just cool here.
I would like to rate this bar higher as the food is decent, however the thievery known to take place at this establishment has left a very bad taste in my mouth. The best advice I have to offer for one who insists on giving Trapper's a try: pay with cash. Otherwise you can expect staff to take to themselves of your hard earned money. Happens everywhere and it's forgivable, but I can't respect a business whose management shows little concern of this behavior, let alone compensation for what was blatantly taken. I for one, will not tolerate it and therefore will take my business elsewhere.
From the first time we went in in September 2014 the food especially the BLT and the turtle soup ( my go to dishes) are consistently perfect. What a great local place with friendly staff!!!

(734) 241-2222

Burgers, American (Traditional), American (New)

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