The Islander Bar

134 S Pickford Ave
Hessel, 49745
Since we came over to Hessel by boat from Lasalle Island, I guess I am an Islander. For 26 years now even. Having said that, this bar is a solid little joint appropriate to its name. We haven't ordered food there but they always look like good solid burgers and bar fare being served. The atmosphere is warm with old outboards, chochkies and boating decor on the walls. Plenty of cedar and light wood decor and furniture probably harvested from trees down the road. The beer signs and mirrors even are backed with pictures of The Edmund Fitzgerald and other classic huge Ore boats. And the drinks are served with a very local know , like that you are nothing special but yet they make you feel kind of special.. *sigh* I love the U.P. A great Les Cheneaux establishment
I've only been once, but I know that I'll be back. Walking in, it is a warm and cozy bar. Lots of bottles behind the bar, a decent menu and a pool table. The one thing that I could have lived without was the lots of flies. Unfortunately, someone working earlier decided to leave the front door open and lots of tiny visitors made their way in. The server/bartender apologized quickly though so likely just a freak occurrence. In regards to beer and spirits, it did seem like an effort is made to have some local favorites available like Bell's and at least one feature from New Holland's Artisan Spirits line. The menu consists of sandwiches and bar food. I chose the pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. The sandwich was fine, but one thing I did learn about Hessel is that sweet potato fries are not the area's signature dish and it shows. For my first drink I ordered a draft beer, but for the second I went with a wild berry vodka infusion they concocted. The bartender told me they normally serve it with Red Bull, but she was more than happy to accommodate my request to order it on the rocks. It was good, but the infusion was a little too fresh - hopefully it will have a chance to age further and improve the overall flavor. Another negative was they had Fox News on the tvs which isn't my particular cup of tea...although it was on mute and became an almost surreal experience as Nirvana, Led Zepelin and Flobots played over the speakers. I decided to pretend it was just some elaborate display of irony. Not the best bar I've ever been to, but definitely a fun time!
The best bar in the area. IMO. Food was ok. The atmosphere was fun and the servers were too. Save yourself the hassle and go here if you need a drink and or food. The Cedarville bars can't compete.

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