Jungle Juice Bar

14929 Charlevoix
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
I love this place. Great staff with nutrition knowledge . I even did a shot of wheatgrass. Thanks guys lol. It wasn't to bad. My smoothie was perfect! I love the the way it's designed inside. Fresh, friendly and healthy. I'll be back
What a great place. Cute, lots of space and light. Great selection and delicious juices. I loved the vampire juice and the berry #4
Love this place when I need my San Francisco fix for healthy food & juices. The staff is friendly. My go to when visiting family. They sell Kale chips & other healthy snacks. My juice bomb: Beet, Carrot, Lime, & apple.

(313) 571-3075

Juice Bars & Smoothies, Desserts, Sandwiches

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Cabbage Patch Cafe & Catering

15110 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
Do you like little places with really well-done food and lovely people waiting on you? This is your place. We had a breakfast burrito (yummy, hot and the right amount of spice) and a Maurice Salad (romaine instead of iceberg, huge and every bit on par with my personal fave version at Mt. Chalet, yet $3 cheaper), two giant mugs of terrific coffee and an Elvis cookie (peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and crushed pecans--genius). The staff chatted with us, brought water and a dog biscuit for our pup (we ate at the sidewalk tables) and were completely delightful. Don't go in a hurry, because this isn't that sort of place. Relax, read the paper, take your dog or date. Good things happen here. And make sure you buy a cookie!
Very quaint little cafe. Very well kept, with indoor and outdoor seating. Coffee is delicious. Service is great, but slow. The area is also beautiful, nice to walk around :)
Didn't even know this place existed until I strolled past on the way to the newly reopened Park Grill. For weeks now I've been trying to find an excuse for a visit (you can say I've been scaling back my consumption of indulgent brunches and sweets in preparation for summer), but a friend and I finally decided to go this past Friday and I'm so glad we did. The place looks pretty ordinary from the outside, but they've done so much with the limited space on the inside. It's pretty minimalistic but so cute! I love the chandelier and the chalkboard drinks menu. We chose to sit inside at one of the four tables, but next time I go I will definitely take a seat at one of the tables on the sidewalk. The service was very friendly without being overly attentive. You can tell that they are eager to please and take pride in what they do. My friend and I both ordered the Bird's Nest..my friend ordered the benedict style and I ordered the florentine. OMG it was delicious! An over easy egg nestled in light puff pastry (almost like a square croissant but much airier and lighter), drizzed with a lovely sauce (I think it was béchamel) and your choice of ham or spinach? Absolutely sinful. The bird's nest takes 20 minutes to prepare..but it's oh so worth it. So just order a couple of cappuccinos like we did, and a scone to start (the cranberry apricot scone was AHHHMAZING) and you will be glad you did. Prices are great too. We had two small cappuccinos (which were very LARGE), one large scone, and two birds nest for $21. Great value! So why did I dock a star? They're closed on Sundays!!!!! UGH. I hate that! But that seems to be the norm with many business in the Park. The hubby and I walked from our house just to go to Cabbage Patch Cafe this afternoon for some tea and scones and they were closed. I mean, they would do fantastic trade on weekends..Isn't that when most people have time to have tea and indulge in 1/2 hour long breakfasts? Cabbage place is perfect for those people who just want a casual brunch on the weekends but don't feel like getting dressed up to go to somewhere like Red Crown. It hits that in-between spot, you know? I know they do lunch as well which I will definitely have to try but I really really hope they consider opening up for brunch on Sundays. With the right marketing, I think it would be great for business. Please consider it Cabbage Patch Cafe! In the meantime, I will be back!

(313) 823-8425

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Hungry Howie’s

15316 East Jefferson
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
Excellent customer service. I was dissatisfied with my order, I called and amber took care of it right away and issued another pizza. Businesses that take a bad experience a good one is a business i will keep coming back to.
Best pizza IMO! It rivals my fave JETS pizza (BBQ chicken pizza there is awesome!). I love how they have a variety of crust flavors (do you want butter, butter cheese, garlic butter...?) and super affordable specials (can't beat the $5 lunch deal). Any pizza lover should just stop in and grab a slice. I really love the personal pans. Who knew such a small pizza could give me the itis? :)
Just moved here from out of state so Im new to this pizza place. Not bad! I really like their flavored crust. You can choose from different flavors like garlic or buttered etc.

(313) 823-7000


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Mimi’s Bistro

15318 Jefferson Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
The place is very pretty looking and has the 'bistro' vibe. My wife and I live in the neighborhood and decided to go one Sat. night. I was hoping for a 'bistro' type experience. Varied menu, good quality comfort food options. The menu was very small, (which is fine) but extremely short on protein selections. Just an italian sausage burger, and a pasta sause with italian sausage. The salad selection was fine, but everything else was not worthy of dinner. Not worthy of the 'bistro' designation. Only 4 other people there. Expensive for the quality of dishes: $14-$16 pasta dishes.... much better options around GP.
Breakfast was good today and nice to see lots of people there. German potato pancakes and fried potato sides were excellent. Very attentive on coffee refills and overall good experience until the check came. Apparently half of $6 was too challenging for our waitress as she charged $4. After debating the issue with us and then with another staff person, the issue was resolved. Many thanks to the other staff person who was very nice and with conmon sense who intervened. Likely will not be back. Over a dollar, really?
We've eaten here a few times since my first review. The food is just as good as the first time, and the service improved greatly! Hope they do well.

(313) 922-4085

American (New), Cafes

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Antonio’s in the Park

15117 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
Hands down one the best restaurant in the Pointes. Dimly lit and cozy, a nice Place to relax. Great food, good Service, fair prices, never had a bad experience there. My wife is all over the menu and has loved everything every time. I can't pry myself from the cannelloni, best I've ever had, and best bolognese sauce Around. If you're in the area Grosse Pointe, go here.
2.5 stars... mostly because sitting outside is really nice and it's walking distance from my house. Also they have coupons, nothing says good Italian like coupons. The food is mediocre and with so many good Italian resturants in the area it can't compete.
My mom and sister had my baby shower here yesterday. It was perfect. The ambiance, the food, the service- all wonderful. We decorated, but honestly, we didn't need to! It was so nice and intimate for my 35 person shower. Salad was hearty, and delicious. Pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce, wow!!! We had the chicken piccata, it was so good! All the guests were complimenting and saying how great it was! The servers were on point and everything was served and went perfectly smooth. Thank you for making my baby shower so wonderful! Definitely recommend!! Baby

(313) 821-2433


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Rockefellers Oyster Bar & Grill

15402 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
Came in with my guy Saturday night for some oysters, this was our first visit. Definitely will be back! Fresh large oysters with a tangy horseradish, perfect temp on the shrimp cocktail, frog legs were also meaty (my first time trying them and loved them!), and out of curiosity I tried the flash fried banana peppers with the garlic boursin- they were exactly how our server described them... FOH was extremely inviting from the warm greeting from the bartender as we made our way to the smiling hostess who seated us promptly without any hesitation as she was fully prepared as to where to seat us. The utility greeted us as she filled the water and Helen our dynamic server was on point answering our questions and touching on all points of service. As someone in the service industry, I appreciate staff that works together fluidly. Kudos to the chefs and the gentleman that prepared our oysters. Can't wait to visit again soon! Thank you for leaving a great memory :)
Amazing food and equally amazing staff! Try the smoked salmon pasta!!! Great atmosphere
Delish lobster macaroni and cheese.Good music too.A salute to Billy Holiday. Will return for more.

(313) 626-5000

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Summer Palace

1211 Beaconsfield Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
I always find myself coming back here since the original owners took over again! I love lo mein and this place makes the best hands down. It has no overly salty gravy that you might find at other places. The vegetables are always fresh and crisp when you dig in and that really makes the dish great and doesn't make you regret it afterward! The egg drop & hot 'n' sour soups are perfect for this terrible winter we're having too! I also recommend the Pad Thai as they are one of the few around here that make it, and they do it great! Overall, you can't go wrong with most everything they have to offer. Definitely 5 stars from me, and you get tons of food for the price!
I had no idea this place existed! One night I was starving and without a car and I found out that this place actually delivers! So far, so good. I ordered the Sesame Chicken, and it was very good but could have used a little bit more sauce on the chicken. The rice and egg roll that came with it were on par with my other favorite Chinese in the area, Moy's.
My first review ever. It was so unappetizing that I felt compelled, particularly since on Google Reviews it got 4 stars somehow. The folks at the counter are nice -- but the food was barely edible. Each of the three dishes -- stir fried vegetables, breaded shrimp and vegetables, and egg foo yung were drenched in a heavy brown sauce of some sort. The shrimp (if there was a shrimp in there) was mostly a battered donut with something like a small lump of texture inside, possibly a shrimp. It was impressive that they managed to make vegetables so incredibly unhealthy, but in order to save them I literally put them in a colander and rinsed off the goop. But the piece de resistance was the egg foo yung, which appeared to be a calf brain covered in ochre-colored liquid that tasted as you might imagine. I am baffled at how this restaurant exists, other than the sheer paucity of decent Chinese restaurants in this city. My girlfriend, a New Yorker by origin, now has cast judgment on the entire city based on its planetary-scale divergence in quality from Brooklyn. Dammit. The egg drop soup was fine ...

(313) 331-8440


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Sierra Station

15110 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
The best Mexican food in the area, fabulous service and first-rate Margaritas. Friendly, hands-on owner and staff. Kid friendly and fun too! If you have not been, a must- especially if you're an east-sider.
Great service, fast food, delicious margaritas ($2 on Thursdays) and a beautiful summer patio!
This restaurant is not in the best of neighborhoods (or at least the way I came in :)). The food was Ok. The servers we ok. The restaurant is a bit dated but for what I paid for my meal I didn't expect much more. I would personally rather go to Mexicantown but this was ok.

(313) 822-1270


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Atwater in the Park

1175 Lakepointe St
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
Food and beer are pretty good. Location is hard to beat being inside a church! Just be wary of when you go - I went on Friday around dinner and I could barely hear the people talking at my table. Even if you are not a beer drinker, they have corn hole out front and even had a live band, Back Track, the other night. Here's to hoping they bring back the 8 mile amber ale the next time I go!
First of all, this brewery has a pretty great location - inside a church! They have creatively used every part of the historic building to brew their delicious beers. Ask your waitress to specify which beers you can only get at this location. Beers start at $4, but a flight is the best way to try a few ounces of a new variety. While I'm not the most educated beer drinker, I can tell you the options here are fantastic. Almost every brewing style (IPA, Stout, Lager, etc) and Hop Level you can imagine
Are my taste buds still unsophisticated?? I thought the charcuterie plate tasted great. Washed it down with a dirty blonde. Then went inside and said a couple of prayers. That should do it for the next twenty years.

(313) 344-5104


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O’flaherty’s Pub

15119 Charlevoix St
Grosse Pointe Park, 48230
So i had been into O'flaherty's many times before, and the only appeal had always been the bar tab at the end of the night. This time we were only there for hour and half (two of us drinking slowly). I assumed at end of night that the shots ordered for a round of friends had also been added to my tab and although it still seemed pricey i just paid. However, my friend when i mentioned it next day said that they had paid cash for all of them. She also said that more recently these types of things had been happening and had thus deterred them from going. I certainly will not be!
The staff in this bar has always been good the handful of times I've been in here. No food, but they let you bring in food of your own....kind of different. Heck, the bartender even pulled out a bunch of local restaurant takeout menus for the group that was in there the last time. I am not certain but I think she even ordered it for them! Good house shot that they call "Orange Whip". Basically a neighborhood place, I wouldn't plan on a lot of people striking up a convo with you unless you're alone, maybe? The patrons seems kind of cliquey so I guess if you didn't go to a Grosse Pointe high school or grow up in the area, you might not meet anyone new to talk to unless you can break in to the thick huddle somehow. Not generally my scene but the service is good and there are beer specials.
I have friends who really enjoy this place, but I just don't see the appeal. It's all the same people from high school, and the smoke in unbearable!

(313) 824-1140


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