El Adobe

8284 N Saginaw St,Ste G
Genesee Township, 48458
Good prices. Shared a platter of pick 3. Had shredded beef burrito, beef taco and a chalupita. Comes with rice and refried beans. They don't offer black beans. Chips and salsa are good! Music in the background makes it festive!
I'm very sad to say, but El Adobe has really gone downhill in the last year. When they first opened, this place was amazing. The last few times I've gone, the wait staff has been inattentive and from time to time, downright rude (we actually had a waitress that had never been our server before refuse to serve us for some reason). The food used to be top notch and reasonably priced. I'm not someone that thinks you should get something for nothing, but if a restaurant raises prices by approximately $2 per item, the portion should remain the same. In El Adobe's case, they raised the prices and cut the portion size in half. This used to be our go to place for Mexican food, now we go to El Cozumel, which is 15 miles further for us to drive.
Ummmm.... I ordered fajitas for a fresh and calories saving dinner. All I can say is HOLY BUTTER@@!!! #1. Since when did butter fall into this cooking equation? #2. Small portions and two tablespoons of rice does not appease a latinos appetite. #3. Stop making guacamole creamy. Its not authentic and it's just wrong. Update....1 hour post dinner experience Sick... our stomachs are miserable and I cant eat enough tums. Lesson: when the first bite isn't right, just say no and send it back. Its time to quit beinh afraid to speak up. And the restaraunts are not vwry willing to correct bad food. I heard the waiter tell some one....but the only thing that came of it was the cook slob standing behind the bar staring at me and a worthless manager who didn't even come over to our table. I would rather gave waited an extra 2 hours to get home and make something.

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Huckleberry Junction

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