Woody’s Oasis Mediterranean Deli

169 International Ctr
East Lansing, 48824
I went to school at MSU and adore Middle Eastern Food. But I have had a lot of bad hummus. There is a delicate balance between tahini, lemon, chickpea and oil that I haven't quite mastered. Woody's has it down pat. My business trips have me passing through East Lansing and I will often bring a giant tub home for the week. To top that off, their sandwiches and entrees are really well executed and well spiced. Great memories of the place and thoroughly enjoy eating there or carry-out.

(517) 332-3332

Delis, Sandwiches

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Hong’s Cafe

3030 E Lake Lansing Rd
East Lansing, 48823
Foods good service is good atmosphere is clean large menu eaton here a few times and have never been disappointed they also do karaoke its quite normally and friendly ... I guess I like this place more then I thought think I will go here more often.
Asian bar food at its finest! Cool beats and delicious eats! We ordered the Strawberry & Mango Bubble drinks, Spring Roll, Fried Sesame Rice Balls, Zhajiang Mein, and Fried Porkchop Rice. Staff was friendly; everything was very tasty! **Toddler Approved! Can't wait to go back to try their Taro Bubble drink, Braised Porkbelly, and Congee...
It's a really nice place to play the pool! Very good condition equipment and also, delicious food!

(517) 332-6688

Bubble Tea, Chinese

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Wild Goose Inn

512 Albert Ave
East Lansing, 48823
This was the second time we've stayed here and both times have been perfect. The rooms are great and well themed. The breakfast the next morning is super yummy (especially the French Toast!) Best of all is the owner. Super accommodating and friendly. We will be staying here many more times and will continue to recommend it to our friends.
Wild Goose Inn is simply lovely. If you have visitors from out of town who enjoy a more boutique hotel or artsy experience, point them toward this hotel. I had the opportunity of visiting most of the guest rooms and they are all very different but equally clean and kept well. I felt that each room had a story and something extra special within (one room has access to a huge outdoor space, another has a castle-like bathtub area, etc). My favorite room is the Autumn Arbor located in the newer Gosling portion of Wild Goose. The shower area is huge and romantic, and the bed is out of this world - it's like sleeping in a tree! I've never seen a bed like that one before.
This is and has been one of the greatest places one can stay when you're on campus. This particular Bed and breakfast is nothing that i've been able to compare to. The owner of the bed and breakfast does a great job taking care of this property. Despite all the college partying this is a unique place to visit when you're on campus at Michigan State University. The one room we booked was the Winter eden. The winter eden has to be the best room. It features a jacuzzi (as other rooms do) room that has a little fireplace and probably the most privacy. It's one of the rooms on the second floor. Breakfast and service is first class here. The blueberry muffins are so delicious and fresh. The owner bakes them daily. The rooms are very clean as well. Be sure to book online and check out the virtual tour. It helps to figure out which room suits your tastes.

(517) 333-3334

Hotels, Bed & Breakfast

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Conrad’s Corner

101 E Grand River Ave
East Lansing, 48823
Conrad's is awesome! It came in late into my college years, but it is amazing! Great food, drunk or sober, whatever time of day. The sandwiches and burgers are legit while the tots and fries make you go mmmmm. It has that diner-style setting and it's close to the whole bar scene, which is convenient. The prices are solid, too. This place knows what it's doing and I try to stop by on my trips to EL. And for people comparing it to Menna's, the food is pretty different in my opinion.
Conrad's is THE place to go for a a grilled wrap in EL. I order the spicy chicken wrap. This wrap comes with chicken, cheddar, tots, jalapeños, banana peppers, onions, sour cream, and hot sauce. I replace the sour cream with bleu cheese to turn it into an awesome buffalo styled wrap. And, yes you did read that correctly, there are tater tots on this, and all of their wraps. When I first heard that I was a little hesitant, but after eating a wrap (and a few more since then) I can say that the tater tots are a perfect addition. At the least they give you a little more bang for your buck and ensure that you will be full after one wrap. I think they also add to the flavor of the wrap and its one of the reasons that I enjoy Conrad's much more than Menna's. If you are planning to go to Conrad's after a night out be prepared to wait in line. Conrad's is a popular place and sometimes that popularity can exceed their output capabilities. That being said I never been disappointed and it has always been well worth the wait. Delivery is also an option that has never failed me. The seating in there is mostly booths and is a fine place to enjoy your wrap before calling it a night. I would recommend Conrad's to anyone visiting East Lansing. In my opinion it is a better option then the more popular Menna's.
Awesome place for wraps! I gotta say I had my doubts when walking into this place, it's just a li'l hole in the wall at the corner of its building, & I only came here because Five Guys wasn't open past eleven before my midnight movie....a friend had recommended Menna's Joint, but Conrad's rates higher on Yelp. After placing my order for the number one (cuz it's #1!!!), I was pleasantly surprised to find all prices include tax....the number one with onion rings and a large (32 oz.) drink was exactly $10...I was worried that I wouldn't be full as I was STARVING when I walked in and must be enough of a concern among their customers that they also have "Giant Con-Wraps"....anyway, five minutes after ordering, my food is brought to my table. The onion rings were excellent, very fresh, hot, and crisp. I didn't see any ketchup dispensers but they thoughtfully included a good-sized container with my order. And the main entree: YUMMAY! I've never had a wrap anything quite like this before. Crispy on the outside, warm, and chewy inside. And the unique combo of chicken, tots, and gooey melty cheese was very satisfying. I'm not a huge fan of sour cream, but they didn't slather so much on that it was overpowering. Excellent value, and large enough to satiate my hunger....and my worries about not getting filled up. Only 4/5 because.....well no place is perfect. The bathroom could have used a little attention.....there was no hand dryer OR paper towel dispenser! Oh, well. Overall highly recommended!

(517) 337-2723

American (Traditional), Burgers, Sandwiches

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Key West Pizza Wraps Grinders

1500 W Lake Lansing Rd
East Lansing, 48823
My new favorite lunch spot! Key West is, first and foremost, a sandwich shop. A delicious sandwich shop, for sure. Prices are decent and there's a huge selection of veggies and/or meat on a hoagie roll, which is about the bare minimum you'd expect from a sandwich shop. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Somehow, this place also does pizzas. And espresso drinks. And the best smoothies in town. There's a different type of menu on every wall and some of the windows. There's probably five or six other hidden menus I haven't found yet. It shouldn't be possible for one tiny family-run shop in a strip mall to serve this many kinds of food. But whatever time/space portal they're using in the kitchen to make it work, it's not having any negative impact on the sandwiches, which remain delicious. Recommended: a smoothie (blended while you wait!) and the #202 Key West wrap (slightly spicy chicken salad with cashews). This is what happy people eat for lunch.
This place is inexpensive there food is good and there friendly. Kind of just happened apon this place and have only been there one time but it was a pleasent experience.
Great little lunch spot with tons of fresh and healthy options! The prices are very affordable, and they have different specials every day. Key West is mostly all about sandwiches and wraps, but they are also one of the only places in town with a legitimate smoothie menu.

(517) 203-0712

Pizza, Sandwiches

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Saffron Grill

235 Albert Ave
East Lansing, 48823
The hummus and falefel were excellent. I just would've loved more variety offered on the plate. They also didn't have any tea which I was craving at the time. Overall, a good decision to stop in for a healthy lunch or a cheap dinner. Good service too.
WHY DID THIS CLOSE :( Delicious food and they had awesome daily specials!
The sandwiches are very good for the price. The combos are also very good and come with a salad or lentil soup. Both are delicious. All ingredients are pretty fresh. I would definitely come back if I were going to school here. I came with a group of 12 and they were very accommodating, even opening up a new line for us.

(517) 333-8444

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Cafes

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A Piece O Cake

4966 Northwind Dr
East Lansing, 48823
Such an adorable cake shop, though you'd never know it from the outside. It isn't much too look at from the parking lot but they've done a beautiful job decorating the small interior for tastings and to showcase their custom order designs. The vibe was only what I can describe to be "pretty" or "girly" and it seems like a great choice if you were in need of a wedding cake. I, however, was not and came to search only for some treats to surprise my husband with after work. APOC has a very small but elegant selection of cupcakes and a vibrant variety of macaroons (spelled macarons at this location which I thought was strange) that really caught my eye. There were staple flavor options and a handful of unique/exotic choices to pick from. I went for a half dozen mix, which came to $12 or $2 a piece. The macaroons are pretty much the size of an Oreo so the price seemed a bit extreme to me. I could tell that these were quality and looked adorable but for the price and size, I would not be likely to make this a routine sweet spot. I'd rather spend half the price on local tiramisu or a build your own froyo. My husband loved the macaroons, particularly the cinnamon flavor and salted caramel type. He wasn't a fan of the curious Violet flavor, so I was able to have the other half bite of it. It tasted like a jelly bean which I loved! For presentation and taste, these really were great (albeit slightly expensive). My big beef with APOC was the customer service. Granted you can kind of tell this place is centered around "big" custom orders for special occasions, but the girl who helped me was noticeably rushing me, did not sound sincere when thanking me,and cut me off when I began to ask "what flavors do the macaro-" (ons come in?) which is a big no no in my opinion. In my line of work, I hear the same question all day long and I just couldn't imagine dismissing my clients by interrupting them or assuming I know what they're going to ask. I kind of felt like I was inconveniencing the girl.
Not a sit down bakery, geared towards events. Very nice, standard bakery. Could use a bit more lighting. Not much of a selection for cupcakes but very cool cakes.
Gorgeous cakes in all shapes, sizes and colors... And gluten-free if you want it! I cannot resist their cupcakes, which are always fresh and available in ever-changing flavors. Nearly every time I drive by, I stop in for a whiff and a treat. The bakers do a great job and it's a business I'm happy to support!

(517) 333-6881


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Spencer’s Kitchen & Bar

313 E Grand River
East Lansing, 48823
Went to Spencers (aka state side deli) on a Friday evening and they had $2 drinks from 6-11pm. Me & my friend ordered a few and chopped it up with the owner for a while. He was a really nice, outgoing guy and made us feel like we were his old friends. Aside from the drinks I ordered a cheesecake that was pretty high quality. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a bar with great service and decent priced drinks.
I order from and visit here quite often and I have never had a bad experience. Stateside (formerly known as Spencer's) has the best food around and Spencer is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If you've never been in, you need to go. Whether you're looking to watch the game or casually rolling in for a drink, you will never regret it.
Came here on a Wednesday when crafts were half off and it was happy hour (6pm-11pm). Cocktails were $2 and I got soft parade for $2.50(regular $5). Spencer was working and he made my friends and I feel very welcomed. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Had the bacon avocado heaven burger and I really enjoyed it. It came on a pretzel bun! Only thing I'd say that was bad was the menu; however, it wasn't terrible. There was a lot to look at and it was a bit overwhelming. I would've been happy with a one sided menu, it's a bar after all. However, I did like all of their options! My friends got The Famous, N.Y. style, fries and The Philly. They enjoyed the food as well, no problems. I'd definitely come back to this place! There are deals everyday and you get really good value for your money.

(517) 853-3033

Burgers, American (Traditional)

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401 E Grand River Ave
East Lansing, 48823
Really cozy atmosphere. Really friendly staff.
Pros: This Starbucks is the best on campus, it's also the largest sized Starbucks in town. There are well over 60 places to sit and study. The baristas seem to care about their work and it shows. The service is good, fast, and friendly (all I need it to be). People complain of parking, but it's free after 6pm on the street anyways. Cons: This location has aged and needs a facelift badly. The place could be a step up if it were newer.
Best Starbucks I've ever worked at. From an employee perspective its nice to work somewhere where human relationships and customer satisfaction are valued more than profits. I can confirm most of the baristas at my store give 110% when it comes to making you a good drink and connecting with you, even for a few seconds.

(517) 332-0398

Coffee & Tea

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Jimmy John’s

143 N Harrison Rd
East Lansing, 48823
Dear Jimmy John's on Harrison Road, Where do I begin? I'll say it...I miss you. You are not near me here in California and that makes me sad. Nothing can compare to your sandwiches and how close you were to my place of residence. What do I miss about you? - your yummy sandwiches that were great morning, noon, night and LATE night - your cookies and drinks that were a great addition to a sandwich - how close you were to where I lived - great service and how quickly food was made - the memories of late night Jimmy John runs As you can tell you are great. Please send a Jimmy John's to the Bay Area! People here need to experience a good sandwich! Love, Jackie
The fastest JJ's around! These people are super quick. Love it. Don't love the small parking lot.
The workers here are well-trained. They are friendly and quick! Online ordering and delivery was awesome--I think we received our sandwiches in less than 10 minutes from when we ordered them, and the order was correct. My go-to sandwich is the #5 Vito, basically an Italian sub that I order with delicious hot peppers. The parking lot is small and not the best (watch out for traffic on Harrison).

(517) 664-2900


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