Mad Dogz

3916 W River Dr
Comstock Park, 49321
Great place to get some Dawgs! Tried the peanut butter dog and it's sweet and meaty taste really is worth trying. I loved it! Also tried the wild hog dog and the BBQ / spicy flavor was also really good. I will come back.
So many dogs! So many good dogs! I love the classic Yesterdog, but Maddogz has so much more to offer. If you are wanting a new great experience away from the good ol' fashion taste of yesterdog, Mad Dogz is the place!!! I was super happy.
Very good dogs and fries. I'm originally from Chicago so I'm very, very picky about hot dogs but this place is one of the best in the GR area.

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Hot Dogs

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Firehouse Subs

3850 Alpine Ave.,Ste. B
Comstock Park, 49321
Fantastic food, My family loves this place. Just a tad expensive. We will be back.
Wanted to try the new neighborhood sub shop and finally had the chance today. Nice variety of sub sandwiches. Subs arrive at your table warm but not overly toasted (like Quiznos) or microwaved (like Subway). Food was quickly prepared and delivered to our table after we placed the order at the counter. They have about 15 different sub options available. I had the medium Italian sub without cheese and it had Genoa salami, pepperoni, Virginia Honey Ham, provolone, Italian dressing and seasonings, served Fully Involved and Shane ordered the hook and ladder which was smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, Monterey Jack cheese, served Fully Involved (not sure what that last statement means unless it has to do with the fact that the sub was warm). We both enjoyed our subs quite a bit. Both were tasty and were fresh. Bread was soft and not dry and hard. It's nice that the menus in the store and in the take home menu include the prices for the medium sub, but they also sell a large and not a price to be found for a large sub anywhere in the building or on the take home menu. For the diet conscious, each sandwich has the calorie count showing on the in-store and take home menus. After looking at the Take Home menu, I see large subs are $2 more than the medium. So the price does appear somewhere. :) Overall, not a bad experience. It's a place that we both agreed we'd like to try again in the future. And for the real curious, they serve Coke products and use the fancy drink dispenser that lets you add flavored syrups to the drinks inside. You potentially have the option of creating over 190 different drinks. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. They all seem to like what they are doing there.
It initially feels friendly, but repeatedly yelling "Welcome to Firehouse!!" (for people walking thru the door) quickly becomes disturbing * Unfitting music

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Fast Food, Delis, Sandwiches

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Filling Station

4750 Alpine Ave NW
Comstock Park, 49321
If you're talking all American hotdogs here in Grand Rapids, another great place is on Alpine Ave between 5 mile and 6 mile. The restaurant is called The Filling Station. Yes it fills you up. The nostalgic atmosphere brings me back to my childhood when my parents would take us to eat at Mr Fables. But at the Filling Station they have even more choices . But, my all time favorite is the Kraut Dog ; they even do a footlong kraut dog. Yum yum. This restaurant is a great family friendly place and the food is delicious , and if you don't want to try a kraut dog the burritos are super too . I could eat there at least once a week and not get tired of it.
Very very close to the old Mr Fabulous, great onion rings. Their pie is fantastic. If you miss Mr Fables go straight to The Filling Station on Alpine.
Not quite what I expected. The food is served cafeteria / fast food style. Place your order, carry a try, pay at the cashier and eat at your table. For some reason, the menu on Google shows many more choices than is actually served in the restaurant. The Google menu has a variety of soups, salads, and seafood. The restaurant instead focuses on burgers and grilled food on a bun with a side of potato chips. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich - OK but not great, loaded with mayonnaise (or tartar sauce). Left the restaurant feeling not too healthy.

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Fricano’s Pizza

5808 Alpine Ave
Comstock Park, 49321
I have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying Fricano's Pizza for over 30 years. My wife's family took me to Grand Haven in the early 80's and have been hooked ever since. The Alpine location is convenient and serves the identical piping hot, crispy, tangy pizza as they have done for decades. I live in Chicago and consider myself an expert on thick and thin crust pizza and have to tell you, Fricano's is in my top two. It's a great value and the staff are wonderful people to dine with and provide great service. Highly recommend.
I had to laugh at the little glass that my wine came in but other than that I so much more enjoyed this location other than the one in Holland Michigan. This place is light and airy and lots of room and they even have other items on the menu besides pizza can you believe it? They have lasagna and salad and spaghetti and even more selections for pizza. The pizza we got was really delicious and I would return to this location in no time
Fantastic pizza!!! Service is always good, with plenty of parking and seating inside.

(616) 785-5800

Pizza, Italian

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El Burrito Mexican Restaurant

4174 Alpine Ave NW
Comstock Park, 49321
We live in Mexico now, My family, enjoys this place from the food to the atmosphere. Food is always Hot and tasty, Salsa is Very Good. My wife is from Mexico City and we tried every place I mean Every Mexican Joint in town, there is not one we have not been too. EL B LOCO is not the best but its very good for the price you pay. Good Quality, Great Taste, and Good Service,
We split the chicken fajitas and it was enough for 2 people and we had enough for one more meal! Everything tasted amazing! They have good daily drink and food specials as well.
I love this place but it can occasionally be hit and miss, especially depending on what you order. I generally try to stay clear of the ground beef meals as they're regularly just ok and sometimes disappointing. Everything else I've had has been great though, including the sopapillas for dessert which are served with whip cream and chocolate drizzled overtop. HUGE menu, so it's hard to imagine you can't find something here. Even the lunch menu is a pretty good size. I like the seating arrangements here as it feels more like you can get comfy and not like you need to eat and get the heck out (or pay and get the heck out) like some cheaper places. Good food and restaurant but you're paying for the atmosphere to a certain extent as you can get cheaper, just as good Mexican at a number of places in the city now. They also seem to have a varied alcohol menu, including Mexican beers, if that's you're thing.

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3851 Alpine Ave NW
Comstock Park, 49321
Met my fiance' here, so I'm biased.
It's an Applebee's; let's not go crazy. My friends and I got into town late and needed food and beer. They had both. Service was friendly and fast. Beer was cold. Food was hot. :)
good friendly staff with fast service but lacking consistency two decent visits and our visit today was very strange, watched a member of their staff play on the railing of the ramp while his coworkers watched then he walked around and then stood in front of our table doing nothing. then had our food come with messed up orders so they do alright when it's really slow an not so great when it's a little busy.

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American (Traditional), Sports Bars, Burgers

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1 Chinese Food

4640 W River Dr NE,Ste G
Comstock Park, 49321
BEST Chinese food, very cheap, but very delicious. Gives you huge servings so you get your moneys worth! Thats for sure. I recommend the sugar donuts, they are SOOO good!!
Super friendly people in here. Stopped in here last minute to grab a bite. I was greeted as soon as I walked in with a "Happy New Year!" Placed my order, waited maybe 10 minutes max & walked out with more than a meal for less than $10. I had the Cashew chicken. Pretty decent. I can be pretty picky about the chicken & can't eat it if it looks "weird" to me but this was good. The egg roll huge - didn't have a lot of flavor to it, might have been better with a sauce. Not a big rice fan but I got the meal deal & gave the rice to someone else. Got another "Happy New Year" as I left! I will go back & try other items. Decent prices, decent food, easy place to stop!
Very friendly people, you don't wait long for takeout. The food is amazing and you get great amount of food. Great location, almost right across from my home and right off the freeway.

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Perrin Brewing

5910 Comstock Park Dr
Comstock Park, 49321
Very nice experience and staff and beer and burgers. I have to first say that I was here with a group of 30 that popped in with 30 min notice so.....keep that in mind as you read this review. We descended on this place during a baseball tournament and I called ahead to see if they could accommodate us and they said they would try their best. And they did. Thanks Brittany and Carissa and staff for getting us in. The space is pretty cool and well laid out with regular seating, high tops, outside seating and nice big bar area and waiting area. Which is important as it seems like this is a hopping place with a younger crowd as one would expect given the craft brew millennial craze. It's a real brewery and not one of those that pretends to be. You can see the vats and loading docks as they must bottle and ship their brews. They have plenty of great tasting beers so you can't go wrong. I tried their grapefruit brew which was good but I have had better. My favorite was the British Pale Ale....which is not as pale as you might think. Overall....the adults in the party had a great time sampling all the brews. Food was solid with a limited menu. I think the burgers were the best so I would go that direction. Great atmosphere, great brewskis, and great burgers. Would definitely come again....maybe with a smaller group! Cheers!
This was a cool place with decent beer. Went in with a group of 4 and we all ordered burgers. One of the burgers came out a good 10-15 minutes before the others. We finally had to ask if the other 3 would be out anytime soon. They magically appeared a short time later. My fellow diners enjoyed their burgers, but nothing really stood out. I ordered the spent grain burger. What a mistake!! There were at least a dozen whole cloves on the burger. I learned this the hard biting into my burger and getting a mouthful of clove. I chose to pick them off and make the best of it. After our meal I pointed out the pile of cloves on my plate to our waitress and asked if the burger was always covered in cloves. I was told those are just one of the grains chosen for the burger. When did cloves become a grain? I know some beers are brewed with cloves, but how common is this in spent grain? The spent grain was in the patty, only cloves were present outside of the patty. I believe the cloves were probably used in the pickling spice for the onions on this burger and not removed. Biting into a whole clove destroyed my tastebuds for the rest of the meal (and any additional beers). The clear lack of knowledge on the waitress's part certainly didn't help matters. With a menu limited to a handful of burgers and reubens you should be doing them right. Perrin isn't.
Ok Perrin, I want to LOVE you really I do but lets face it you are making it difficult. To start off, if you are just looking for beer they get 5 stars, Perrin's beers are excellent no complaints (except the seasonal Kona thing but I digress) Now lets talk food OK? To put it bluntly, Perrin your food needs help. I ordered the bbq chicken panini without onions. (I can't eat onions) it came out with them , so I sent it back. Sandwich # 2 came out no onions but the bread was COLD, not like room temp cold but like "we pre-press all the bread and store it in the fridge cold" I couldn't believe it, Attempt # 3 came so late that the rest of my party was done. So much no. Your menu at face value is fantastic, but if its not executed correctly what's the point??? So here I am reheating last night's dinner satisfied with beer but feeling HANGRY for food! It's unfortunate because I would have liked another beer but hunger won out and we left. Perrin you brew my favorite beer of all time. Help me help you! Seriously. I will be back in the fall when Kona is back, please please use the summer wisely. Get that food truck of yours and get some people in there who actually care about what they are doing. Please?

(616) 551-1957


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Vitale’s of Comstock Park

3868 W River Dr NE
Comstock Park, 49321
Stopped in on a recent Thursday for lunch, around 2:30pm... Sat at the bar, bartender was busy flirting with the drunks who I figured were regulars. After a few minutes she asks what I wanted, how about a menu? Ordered the spicy roast beef sandwich. Au jus was lukewarm at best and lacked flavor. Hardly any meat at all on the sandwich and some of homemade chips were underdone, soggy and floppy really. Not impressed. Bartender kept trying to get me to do shots and seemed miffed every time I declined. I don't see what the big deal is about this place... Decor was bland, menu was outdated, beer list was mediocre at best. The only positive thing that I can say is that the condition of the bathroom was immaculate. The overall impression that I got from this place was not a favorable one. Do yourself a favor and go to Uccello's instead. Better food, better prices, better service.... Hmm I wonder what kind of passive aggressive BS the owner will write about this one?
Great pizza. Awesome beer list. Summer on the open air patio. Mandy and Courtney are professional bartenders and customer centric. My go-to place on every trip to the area.
The service at this bar was terrible. We went to this bar at 8:00pm after a baseball game to enjoy some beer and pizza and got complaints that our table was loud and that the restaurant refused to service us. At no point did a manager come to speak to us about our "inappropriate" behavior until they cut us off. This "bar" is a sad excuse as such and should not have to liberty of being located next to a ball field. I will never return and will continue to tell people of my awful experience here. Two thumbs down.

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Nick Fink’s Bar

3965 W River Dr NE
Comstock Park, 49321
Sorry, Nick Fink's. Not a fan. We came in with a group of people on a Thursday evening. (3/27/14) Service was slow, server mixed up our food; gave my beau my burrito and gave me his...unfortunately he was half done w/the one he was eating before I started eating mine and realized that it was his shredded beef and black bean burrito and he was devouring my all meat burrito. I hate black beans so you lose points for putting that crap in front of me. The couple we sat next to never even got the food they ordered but it appeared on their bill. Nice, eh? Also, they ran out of ground beef for tacos, nachos, burritos, etc around 6:30. We got their around 8. You lose more points for running out of a menu staple. Once we were done we had to wait forever for the server to bring our bill so we could leave. Once you bring me a to-go box feel free to bring my bill at the same time...I'm obviously done and have no desire to sit around for another 45 minutes. We won't be back.
We went to Nick Fink's on Friday night for the first and last time. The music was way too loud and the sound system sucked. Service was awful! We waited for over a half hour and were never served! We wanted a drink so we left and went to a different bar.
I love old bars with charm and unique decor... This place is one of the oldest in GR. It used to be a stop for Al Capone I am told and his boys back in the day. You have to check this place out inside. Large faux red and black leather booths and chairs. Some sort of velvet gold wall paper and a kick ass troff in the mens room...Sometimes sporting little ice cubes. They have a great happy hour and get live music on the weekends. Plus the female bartenders are hot!!! Alway's a plus when you are saddled up to the bar. Cheers.

(616) 784-9886


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