Autumn’s By The Lake

10630 Dwight St
Chippewa Lake, 49320
A nice getaway from Summertime shenanigans at Chippewa Lake, at least for the amount of time it takes to finish your breakfast. It's a great townie breakfast spot that I'd recommend checking out if you're in the area. The atmosphere: looks like walking into someone's living room space, cozy with interesting wall mounted items. Seems more of a spot for locals than tourists. The food: omelettes come in huge tasty portions, and usually hit the mark after a long lakeside weekend bender. Downside: the water tastes a little rusty, and their breakfast burrito is meh. Service: attentive, friendly and accommodating. The turnaround can get slower when larger groups are in the restaurant, though. Overall, a great spot I like to come back to whenever I'm in the area for the weekend.

(231) 867-2500

American (Traditional)

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