Sammy’s Cucina

23953 West Rd
Brownstown, 48134
Okay..this has been weighing on my mind to update. My last review was kind. I gave a solid three stars. I must say however, Sammy's deserves a solid four, in reality more like four and half. Since I've been more actively Yelping and it being summer and all, cooking stovetop and in oven not so much. I tend to think I am a Italian snob whose not really italian because I do have some kitchen skills, However this summer, I have took advantage of the glorious weather and home scratch cooking has took a much needed reprieve. I like to cook, but italian in summer not fun although, I do love my meatballs and homemade meat sauce all year round. This is where Sammy's comes in: A quart of meatsauce, OMG divine and a large order order of meatballs on carryout is 15 bucks. It almost cost that much to make at home. I boil some noodles feeds 6 I really appreciate Sammy's it is very good, this buisness does as much carryouts as dine in as well as catering. Props to Sammy's job well done!
Very nice place to eat. If you want to dine in, you have to wait for a table. I think they encourage take-out. Great food, good service.
I went with the wife to this place as I read the reviews on Yelp and everything looked good. We ordered the calamari to start and the pasta for 2 with the meat sauce along with a side of meatballs. The breading on the calamari was thick and it didn't taste fresh to us. The pasta comes out and and it was a really big portion for two. I thought that the meatballs for the price were very small. The pasta already had the sauce on it and it seemed like the pasta was still wet when the greasey sauce was added. The meatballs lacked flavor we left over half of the pasta dish there when the waitress asked if we needed a box I just said no thank you. We paid and left I will not be going back.

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Pizza, Italian

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El Dorado Restaurant

21509 Telegraph Rd
Brownstown, 48183
If you want a made from scratch authentic Mexican dinner then come here! Even the chips and salsa are made right here! Friendly service with a quaint Mexican setting. This is our new home for Mexican dinner!
Well, you gotta try things to know, right? There was nothing wrong with the food per se, but it was just so bland. I expect some spice in my Mexican food, and there was none. The waitress insisted on bringing both mild and "spicy" salsa, which turned out to be a good laugh. I think the mild was just watered down tomato paste. One thing that did shine was their use of some wonderful cheeses!
We stopped in for a quick dinner after reading some of the reviews on here. This place wasn't nearly the hidden gem that it was mentioned to be in my opinion. The food itself was decent, and the hostess made us feel at home. I ordered the combination #1 which was a taco, cheese enchilada, tostada, and tamale. Enchilada was good, but the taco shell was a little chewy, and the tostada was mediocre. My tamale turned out very mushy as well. This place was very tiny, and had maybe a total of 20-25 seats available for patrons. You can easily hear all the conversations going on around you, and I wasn't a huge fan of that. The best part was the chips and salsa, as those were solid. Overall I wouldn't recommend this place if you are looking for great mexican food, but I also wouldn't say its the worst I have been to.

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Pete’s Place Restaurant

20155 Telegraph Rd
Brownstown, 48174
Went to Pete's Place Brownstown today after bad experience last week at Taylor location. Lunch was perfect!!! I posted pix of my house salad with a burger and grilled onions on top (instead of steak from menu) and they prepared it with no problem. Hubby had omelet that was just right. Many coffee refills, spot on service and just a relaxing, no stress lunch.
My family and I love this place. The breakfasts are great and the servers are friendly... they even make my toddler's pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Highly recommend.
We visited Pete's on a Saturday at lunch and I had heard good things about it. Unfortunately my experience was not so. Our service was VERY slow, we were with a group of 12 people. The food came out in a very random fashion, my cheeseburger was 1/2 gone before my sons kids pizza even showed up. Then our checks came before all of our food was even served (probably because it was so sloooooow). The food was average, the service average, the pace was horrible, so for that I am giving them 2 stars. They were not crowded and there wasn't even a wait. Hopefully our experience was not the norm. The atmosphere was good, plenty of TV's on the bar side if there is a game you want to see while you wait and wait and wait for your food. Lunch took almost 2 hours.

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Sandwiches, American (New), Greek

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21980 Sibley Rd
Brownstown, 48193
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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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