Galley Gourmet

4181 Main St
Bay Harbor, 49770
Stopped here on our way back from Mackinac Island. AMAZING QUESADILLA! And with the rest of market there, you can customize your meal! Worked great for 6 peoples with varying tastes and dietary restrictions!
We ate here twice while in the area last weekend, and while the sandwiches were good, the prices were high, and the service is pretty awful. The shop is split level, with the restaurant/kitchen on the lower level and the grocery on the upper deck. You need to place your order at the kitchen counter, get your slip, and pay at the grocery counter, then return to the kitchen counter to retrieve your food. Very handicapped inaccessible layout. Additionally, when we were there for lunch, there was a young blonde woman working the kitchen counter who got the soup orders mixed up, and did not tell us that they were out of chorizo chicken rice soup.
The food here so really good for the most part. The customer service however is absolutely terrible. No one greets you as you walk in, nor has a smile on their face ever! I've complained about a grilled cheese I had got that was horrible and I never even got a sorry nor was there any remorse on the food they made. Another time I went in to get something to drink in the cafe. 3 employees were standing around, 2 of them being the owners, while one other girl was working hard. I stood there for a while, again no greeting or can I help you, before walking out with nothing. You'd think the other 3 people there would at least be taking orders of the people standing in line instead of just drinking their coffee. I have been to this establishment many times and have contemplated writing this but I've been nothing but disappointed time after time for the last few months.

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