Food For All Seasons

124 W Summit St
Ann Arbor, 48103
Andrew and his crew created and served up an amazing evening for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. The meal was amazing and had all our guests raving -- winter root vegetable soup was amazing, though the duck confit gave it some definite competition. Every detail was handled seamlessly and efficiently. But beyond just the food, his service staff were fantastic! Setup and tear-down were quick and discrete, and dinner service was impeccable. I must really commend Andrew -- as a chef he is without parallel. This guy knows his food incredibly well. And our guests found him personable and completely fun to interact with. If you're interested in seasonal and farm-to-table menus, this is a particular specialty. Highly recommended! Eager to take one of his cooking classes which we will also be doing soon!
Andrew and his chef team saved my group's management offsite! I had to find a new activity for a group of 19 people since the rainy weather prohibited us from going to a pumpkin patch as planned. I got in touch with Andrew on Monday and thankfully, they had nothing scheduled for Tuesday evening. I decided our group would enjoy an Iron Chef type competition, and Andrew went to work coming up with a menu for us. He and his team were also nice enough to deal with my belatedness in putting down a deposit and giving my input on the menu (thank you!) I divided our group into teams and we were each given a basket of produce, a few types of meat, and were all directed to choose a carb to pair with our meals. Then it was 1 1/2 hours of cooking as we pleased! It was great since the group had a range of cooking experience, so some people could cook on their own direction, and others could ask for help from the chef team and get advice on techniques and timing. At then end Andrew and his team tasted each dish, picked a few different winners, and then we sat down to eat everything, all which turned out delicious! I can't thank the staff at Food For All Seasons enough! Our evening far surpassed everyone's expectations, and if anyone else in Ann Arbor is looking for a cooking event I would definitely recommend this! Two notes: our price per person was $50, and alcohol isn't provided on site, so you just need to bring some yourself!

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Babo: Real Food Fast

12 Nickels Arcade
Ann Arbor, 48104
WOW !! I could not be more excited about the opening of Babo: Real Food Fast inside the Nickles Arcade! PERFECT FOR LUNCH OR SNACK ; GRAB & GO of FRESH HEALTHY food. It has everything I have ever dreamed of & knowing Sava it will just keep getting better and better with time! Today I stopped in and was struck by the numerous options of her raw cold-pressed fresh bottle juice! One of my Favorites that I bought is the Red Lipstick - which has beets in it and a few other great items. COLD PRESS COFFEE $5 COLD PRESS JUICE $7 They have FRESH SALADS - grab and go $10 - my eyes were on the korean bbq steak salad that had loads of yummy veggies Grab & Go SOUPS - $6 a variety that changes up every day - today was asparagus soup, butternut squash, and beef barley YUM!!!! come in the cutest jar ! easy and safe to heat up at home or at the library! WRAPS & Sandwiches - grab and go ! variety of veggie and meat/poultry/ fish options Basics like Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Chips, Cliff Bars, Salad Dressings, Snack Packs, APPLES ($1.50) , Avocados, bananas THIS PLACE ROCKS !! the decor is on point with the AstroTurf and Wood you kinda feel like you are grabbing these items straight from the farm ! MONDAY THRU FRIDAY - 8AM to 8PM SAT & SUNDAY 9AM to 8PM also there is bench seating and tables right outside the shop to enjoy your delicious purchases

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Fast Food

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1251 N Maple,Ste 2
Ann Arbor, 48103
I like their sandwiches because they taste great. A store should be Added next to it.

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Fast Food, Burgers

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The Baxter House Bed & Breakfast

719 N 4th Ave
Ann Arbor, 48104
What else can I say perfect lighting, ambiance, breakfast, and the owner Kathleen is fantastic! Ideally located next to downtown! The house is located just blocks from Zingerman's, the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, and the Huron River trail and cascades, but just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the University of Michigan craziness. Very good wifi. The breakfasts prepared by Kathleen are fantastic and she is extremely receptive to vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike. I strongly encourage anyone who stays here to engage Kathleen in conversation because she has quite a bit of insight into a variety of topics nationally and in Michigan having worked in early childhood education for many years.
I had a WONDERFUL stay at Kathleen's Bed and Breakfast! I was there for 2 weeks while visiting the University of Michigan and she definitely made me feel right at home. The house is newly-rennovated and spacious with a peaceful feel. Between Kathleen's delicious meals (made mostly from nutritious, local foods) and sleeping on the most comfortable mattress ever, I didn't want to leave. The house is a convenient 10-15 minute walk from the University, just down the street from the Kerrytown shops and farmers' market, and in walking distance from several parks and running trails. I'm glad I found this gem and would recommend it to anyone!
Five stars PLUS! Kathleen is an excellent host - intelligent, articulate and charming. Her home is lovely. Light, bright, clean, spacious. Much more like visiting the home of a dear friend. Not gingerbread "bed and breakfast" at all -- clean modern lines, lots of hot water, very modern and uncluttered. YAY! Great location walking distance from everything yet tucked away in a residential district. Clearly a home in which a lot of love and thought and care has been invested. We called Kathleen with very short notice and she was gracious about accommodating, flexible with our schedule, and a joy to deal with. Bedroom was clean, light, bright, very comfortable. Bathroom was sparkling, lovely modern fixtures, plenty of hot water. Kathleen's Hippie Hash (breakfast) was great, she is able to accommodate any breakfast needs/wants and her recommendations for local activities were spot on. Expresso with steamed 1/2 and 1/2 made breakfast complete. Wish we could have stayed longer, we will definitely be back again, and sure hope Kathleen will come visit us on the Left Coast as promised.

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Bed & Breakfast

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Zingerman’s Coffee Co.

3723 Plaza Dr
Ann Arbor, 48108
Love the board that makes choosing a coffee and brewing style less intimidating. The staff are super friendly and helpful so don't be afraid to ask questions. Sit at the high top tables for a great view into the roast house!
We were at the culture club event here at Zingerman's Coffee Co. These people are really into it and know their stuff. We enjoyed the learning experience and being with fellow Yelpers today. I think they do this kind of thing on a scheduled basis, so you might want to give them a call to find out when they are next going to do it. First we took a tour of the roasting facility and they explained how they process coffees. Then we sampled three different kinds of varietal coffees and tried pairings with other foods such as prosciutto, chocolate, coffee cake, cheese and fruit. It was a very nice experience because at home you don't usually make three kinds of coffee to try side by side, not do you have the opportunity to try the pairing combinations. We bought some nice fresh beans while were there. The other cool thing is that along the same street is the Zingerman's bake house and the Zingerman's Creamery. So we stopped in and bought a nice Detroit Street Round (my favorite) at the Bakehouse. Thanks to Annette for setting this up.
Love everything about zingermans a little expensive but tasty! Stop there every time I'm in the downtown area

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Coffee & Tea

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Burnt Toast Inn

415 W William St
Ann Arbor, 48113
The Burnt Toast Inn is a lovely place to stay, especially if you're visiting University of Michigan. It's close to downtown Ann Arbor's shops and restaurants and walking distance to the University, but it's at the quiet end of town. No noise issues at all, even with the room fronting the street. Sarah, the host, was warm and welcoming without being solicitous. The inn was spotlessly clean and charming in its decor. My room, though small (with an associated smaller cost) was comfortable and despite my concerns about the shared bathroom (with one other room), there was never an inconvenience. The large bathroom was spotlessly clean and aesthetically pleasing. Clean even to my very picky standards. Sarah was extremely accommodating when I mentioned I had to depart early in the morning before breakfast was served. She made sure there was delicious granola, fresh fruit, soy milk (for the lactose intolerant amongst us), and coffee available for me to help myself. I wish I'd had the opportunity to stay for the breakfast -- from the other reviews, it sounds like I missed out on some extra deliciousness. Buddy the sweet St. Bernard is *huge*. Two hundred lbs of slow-moving mellow :) I'd stay here again in a heartbeat.
Sarah is a very nice host. I stayed in the Green room which was very comfortable. It probably has the best location of all the B&Bs currently in Ann Arbor with respect to downtown, and it's also an easy walk to campus (about 10-15 minutes to the Diag).
no no no! Not sure why everyone loved this place. The decor was totally mish mash (country, earthy, indian prints, stuffed animals and kitsch that don't mesh) but the real issue was the customer service or lack thereof. Owner's son in law greeted us, showed us around. Issue 1) Owner's son in law told us to help ourselves to the alcohol but then finished by saying "well-don't take too much." Issue 2) Owner's son in law asked what time we wanted breakfast. We said is 9am ok as we are on West Coast time and could not imagine eating earlier than 6am our bodies' times. He said ok but in the next breath mentioned that there were some really good brunch recommendations he could make. (made us feel as if he did not want us to eat there. Cost of lodging was not cheap and I feel they should have gone out of their way to feed us somehow (even saying " we will leave out a plate of muffins or whatever...) Issue 3) I arrived back after dinner and wanted a nightcap. I was trying like hell to get the liquor cabinet opened and meanwhile a man (owner's husband?) sat there nearby not offering help. What????? Issue 4) When asked the next day if we wanted breakfast (not what time do you want breakfast but do you want it) I mentioned that we hoped to eat a bit later but it seemed as if the owner's son in law was discouraging that practice. His wife (owner's daughter) said "oh that is because he knew I had to get somewhere at 9am" Don't say it is ok to serve us breakfast at 9am and then be irritated about it. Please. Issue 5) When asked by owner what time we would be heading home I said we would probably sleep in due to time difference and could we have an extra half hour if needed. She said "well the cleaners want to get in and get out as they are going to a Piston's game." what????? Issue 5) Our bathroom shower drain was full of hair upon arrival. . Isn't that part of cleaning a shower? YUK I am not easily bothered but the sum of these things felt like these folks really did not want to feed us, nor did they want us to have a glass of wine, nor did they want to accommodate us in any way. So I don't recommend this place and I would never ever return.

(734) 662-6685

Bed & Breakfast, Hotels

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Mezes Greek Grill

715 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, 48104
Mezes is as good as it gets. They really go the extra mile. First off, the food is great. The fries -- especially the Greek fries -- are amazing, as is the yogurt sauce they put on their gyros. But my favorite thing about Mezes is the ownership and employees. Every time I go in, they find a new way to make my day. From asking how my meal is to spontaneously dropping fresh-off-the-spit gyro meat onto my plate for me to taste, despite the fact that I'm already halfway through a gyro. One time, they even served me dinner when my credit card was declined, saying that they trusted I would come back to pay another day.
Whoohoo Mezes! Delicious, fresh, fast, casual. My favorite part is Aphrodite greeting me when I walk in :) Place is always sparkling clean, or someone is working away at making it that way! The food presents really beautifully, actually-- one of the best looking gyros I've ever seen. Love that open face style. Yummy fries, and the bowls are great. This place is on its way to becoming an Ann Arbor staple!
For the price its the best gyro in town, and fast service adds to the value. For such a small restaurant, Mezes packs a punch with food for the whole family. Even if you don't like gyros you can still go there with friends and get a burger or a salad. I went there and found the service good and the food better. 10/10 would recommend

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The Lunch Room - Bakery & Cafe

2200 Fuller Ct,Ste 8B
Ann Arbor, 48105
Yay for the new location!!! I'm a huge fan of the kerrytown Lunch Room, it's so nice to have another more accessible option. Service is wonderful and it's nice to have parking and more seating. I ordered the hangover bagel and the loaded hash towns and both were amazing!
Went there for the first time saturday at noon- the ambience can't be beat- two giant walls of window facing greens; the place has a few booths, some lunch room benches/tables and a few tables for twos. Kudos for not playing obnoxious music. I had the bim-bam-bop. The sauce that went with was a bit much, so I would recommend using only half of the amount supplied. The tofu was savory and the greens were great. Not sure about the purple cabbage; it was raw, just didn't go with the dish. the amount was just enough to satisfy; the only down side is being a vegan place, it's missing a sunny-side-up. Beau had the chick-pea tuna sandwich; tasted like regular tuna sandwich. Good snack place for vegan lover.
The Lunch Room Bakery & Cafe is the newly-opened "branch" of the original vegan sensation in Kerrytown. This is where all their baked goods are now produced, although they also serve a number of grilled sandwiches, soups, salads, and grab-and-go items. The menu includes some popular items from the Kerrytown restaurant (bagel sandwiches, tempeh reuben) adapted to panini press instead of flat-top grill, but there are some new concoctions unique to this location. From the breakfast menu (served all day), the "tower toast" was very good (thick slice of bread, buttered and grilled, with a light sugar/cinnamon coating). However, not sure it was worth the extra buck to get a tiny dollop of agave syrup on the side. Beet bagel sandwich was flavorful, but either undersized or overpriced. As one would expect of a bakery, there's a diverse rotating variety of vegan sweets, as well as a few savory options like focaccia. For lunch (starting 11am), the "tuna" (chickpea) melt was superb, and I look forward to trying some other selections. Chickpea salad and lentil soup were fine, but for Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern fare, I think I'll stick to the plethora of "authentic" options in the area. Their menu is still expanding/evolving, so I'm sure things will improve as they become more established. The space is very charming, and the big windows make it feel very airy and bright. Mix of small tables and long, as well as some booths. Free wifi. Very friendly staff (familiar faces from Kerrytown, plus some new ones). Been pretty quiet during my visits thus far, which is not too surprising given that it's been open for less than a month and is in a rather tucked-away spot. Undoubtedly business will pick up as word spreads about this hidden gem.

(734) 224-8872

Vegan, Bakeries, Cafes

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Roos Roast Coffee

1155 Rosewood St,Ste B
Ann Arbor, 48104
Roos Roast is my happy place. Independent coffee roaster with a small shop/cafe out S. Industrial Highway. If Ann Arbor has any counterculture left, Roos Roast wants to be at the heart of it. Clean, but not sanitized. Great art and info about community events on the walls. (This afternoon I learned from their walls that Ann Arbor has a community book arts lab, who knew?) Like everyone else, I love their Lobster Butter Love roast. Also appreciate that they carry local eggs. Music in the coffeeshop is as variable as the baristas' haircuts so you take your chances if you're planning to study, but all comers are welcome.
I seriously love this place! The coffee, the zines, the gluten free muffins. These people really care about the quality of their coffee, but in a really unpretentious way. Buy their coffee in bulk that they just roasted in the back or just get a single cup, either way sit inside and enjoy it. You can tell the staff love being there, & so do I.
Everyone loves the Lobster Butter. It's good stuff, but I like the Cowboy Blend better. Roos is a great quirky little cafe to have in my neighborhood, and I hope they don't get too big and leave!

(734) 222-9202

Coffee & Tea

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Rackham Graduate School

915 E Washington St
Ann Arbor, 48109
The Rackham building is the official University of Michigan graduate school building, and there is a separate entry for the "Rackham Auditorium." I'm writing this place up in order to plug its study space. There are three study halls that unofficially allow varying degrees of noise, but of course, not everyone knows the rules. The East hall is supposed to be more of a social lounge, but there are two separate rooms on either end of the large hall suitable for studying in groups or studying quietly. There are vending machines next door. The West hall is supposed to be a quiet place, but is still set up as a "lounge" with small tables, couches, and other living room furniture. Generally not a problem to find plugs in either the West or East hall, though occasionally I've had issues with the plugs in the rooms adjoining the East hall. The reading room, in between the East and West lounges, is absolutely gorgeous, and is a super-quiet zone. No laptops or cell phones allowed. The main drawback is that this place is closed on weekends. I accidentally broke in one weekend (don't ask) and all the study lounges were locked but I didn't feel like leaving, so I studied in the first floor bathrooms. This sounds more bizarre than it actually was, because there are two gigantic couches in the powder room area of the bathrooms, but even so.
Once again, a beautiful building designed by Albert Kahn. They rehabbed it pretty recently (like within the last 10 years) and kept the 1920s-era authenticity by using replica carpets, curtains---you name it! Absolutely gorgeous with several great, quiet study lounges. Too bad it's not open late at night or on the weekend! Rackham also offers many free classes, movies, and professional development lectures free or pretty close to it for grad students at UM. Don't miss checking this building out!
I love this building - it's probably my favorite on campus. The interiors are expansive and beautiful. Every room is just classic. My favorites, though, are the Graduate Study Rooms on the second floor. No one is ever there - it's quite, light and airy, and doesn't leave with the anxiety of not trying to make a sound like the Law Library does. Unfortunately, it does not have late night hours, otherwise I would have been there every day.

(734) 764-4400

Colleges & Universities

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