Tubby’s Ice Cream

176 Main St
Wayne, 04284
Tubby's is awesome. We detoured to Wayne (on the way from Boston to Bar Harbor) based on a RoadFood.com listing. They have a mess of great ice cream, along with lobster rolls and hot dogs. Hot dogs! Foot long beauties hanging off the ends of grilled buttered buns. While we were waiting for our food, they offered "tastes" of ice cream - each "taste" was two or three bites of ice cream in miniature wafer cones. This meant I got to taste licorice ice cream, and peanut butter, thereby saving the ginger for my post-hot dog delight. It's totally worth a detour.
What's the question? Whatever it is, the answer is yes. Is this the best ice cream in the world? Yes. Is it worth driving from Baltimore to middle of nowhere Maine for? Yes. Have I ever considered buying a 20 gallon jug of the chocoreo? Yes. Have I gone more than once in a day? Yes. Have I gone for lunch and dinner and gotten ice cream both times? I'm not super proud of it, but YES. The ice cream is amazing, obviously. Chocoreo is my favorite all time ice cream / frozen yogurt / gelato / anything dessert. It would be part of my last meal. The lobster rolls are also phenomenal. Get the melted butter on the side and go to town (there's no city for hundreds of miles, you'll have to settle with going to town). Not in the mood to spend the big bucks on the lobster roll? The cheesesteak, grilled cheese, and footlong hotdogs are also all great for different appetites. Basically, try it once and you'll agree: the answer is yes.
A solid lobster roll. Buttered New England hot dog roll packed with delicious, fresh lobster with large chunks mixed with smaller pieces. The person at the window was friendly and helpful. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars to me is the price. At nearly $18 for a lobster roll that's no bargain and only for the person who really wants one. Otherwise, excellent and recommended.

(207) 685-8181

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