Spruce Head Pizza

20 Island Rd
South Thomaston, 04859
Wow!! Best pizza ever! I grew up eating NY style and this is it, who knew?! Will definitely go back! Very homey & simple with huge portions, paper plates, and cozy seating. A general store converted into a mini NY pizza shop...YUMMY!
Ok so this place opens late closes early so i guess the catch is limited mind you this is in a Lobster Man town. I showed up at 4 no pizza for 30 minutes okay i said all the drive for squat i don't think so.. In the meantime salad and two pastas shrimp n scallops garlic oil. Zuppa de pesce lobster calamari clams shrimp n marinara bread sticks.. White pizza came last but the Grande cheese made the difference on this ny/nj style pie.. And on top of the delay a half order of zuppa with a half lobster well who does that??? The sauces and the crust on this pie were great . Well boys and girls my seafood pilgrimage to new England ended here. I am fascinated by the amount and quality of crustaceans on hand here in Maine.
Wife and I went to check out John Conte 1894. His food his awesome. I actually would've liked to try the pizza here too, but I just didn't have enough room left in my belly! Only thing they really should consider if they keep Conte in here is to get the full sink they need for cleaning dishes and take care of the few flies I saw wandering about the place. The flies are actually the only reason I dropped a star off here - they really BUG me. haha

(207) 593-7703

Pizza, Italian, Seafood

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