Hurricane’s Cafe & Deli

682 Rt 202
Greene, 04236
I ate here recently... such an awesome spot! I'd never have noticed it on my own -- it's a fairly nondescript building on 202 in Greene, definitely wasn't calling my name, but I trusted the reviews on here. It's very casual -- order at one spot and wait for your name to be called when your food is ready. They had a TON of sandwich options -- both hot and cold -- and some delicious sides (cole slaw, potato salad, etc) and desserts (lemon squares, chocolate chip bars, brownies) as well. My food was way better than I expected -- a delicious, gooey grilled cheese on hearty wheat with an amazing side of potato salad (a side comes standard with the sammies) and one of the best dill pickles I've ever had. Nom!
Outstanding food! Ate there for Saturday breakfast. We had egg sandwiches which were as good as an egg sandwich can be in every detail. The bacon was wonderful and both the croissant and gourmet English muffin were very fresh - the gourmet English muffin was very special. We had a side order of home fries for about $1.50 that were to perfection. The atmosphere was friendly and happy, but the aesthetics were very plain. We felt like the kitchen and wait staff REALLY cared about our happiness and we left very happy and well fed. Please splurge and pave your back parking lot...;-) I will recommend this place to everyone - it is one of the best breakfast places in the greater region. We will try lunch next time - the lunch menu looked intriguing!
By far, this is my wife and my favorite place to eat... we go at LEAST once or twice a week. the soup is to DIE for, the sandwiches are great, and the service is top notch. The entire staff makes you feel like family... they truly are special. If you're ever in Lewiston Maine, it's WELL worth taking the extra 15 minute drive to Greene and stopping by Hurricanes, if only for the soup. They have the best clam chowder I've had in my life. And you can't go wrong with Cajun Chicken Sweet Potato, or Tomato Sweet Sausage Lentil. Honestly, if you leave Hurricane's dissatisfied... I'd be amazed. My wife and I find that other restaurants in our city are a let down now, because we're always comparing them to Hurricanes. This is a tiny gem, a diamond of a place that's quickly becoming my "home away from home"

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The Sedgley Place

54 Sedgley Rd
Greene, 04236
My husband and I decided to take his father out to dinner. I made reservations after reviewing on yelp and recommendations from locals. The food was AMAZING and the price was even more appealing. Living in Austin, TX we have some great restaurants and this would measure up to the best of them-- even bypass some due to the amount of food for the price. Everything from start to finish was delicious.
I think the easiest way for me to review The Sedgley Place is to just say, "What Robbie R. said." I don't give out rave reviews all willy nilly, but this place is a true gem. It is certainly worth a drive from Lewiston-Auburn or even the Augusta area. Just make sure that you have a reservation and understand that it is a five course, prix fixe menu at $31.95.
Honestly, I'm amazed by the other reviews. Maybe it's that I'm lucky and spend a lot of time traveling so get to experience a greater variety of dining optons. We've lived in Mane now for a while and the Mecca of food it seemed was Sedgley place. Reading the reviews, one would think it was over the top gourmet. We finally decided that we'd experience Sedgley place for Easter dinner. Eh - it was okay. First off, my expectation was that it was in some wonderful colonial structure, ala the fine dining at Colonial Williamsburg, full of fine furniture. While the house was clean, the ambiance reminded more of restaurant supply than history. Basic tables and chairs, something you'd see out of any restaurant supply store rather and rather thin, albeit white (at our sitting anyway) table cloths. Plates that looked well worn and industrial rather than fine china. Mismatched flatware from an institution more in line with cafeteria than gourmet. Where to begin--- let's see. A basket 1/2 full of plastic wrapped crackers awaits on the table along with a scoop of some pimento cheese-like spread. Really? Bulk crackers (most of which were broken in the pack by the way) from a fine dining experience? Harken's back to the heady days of the 1970's, so maybe it's a tradition there. Don't know exactly but I would expect a basket of fresh baked goodies not something from a Sysco truck as a starter. Oh, by the way, when did crackers become a course in a five course dinner anyway? Next up, the appetizer course. We all ordered soups. My wife and daughter getting the "home made" seafood chowder and my mother and I getting the French onion soup. The chowder was teppid at best. I would say it was slightly warmer than room temperature-maybe. And typically when something says seafood chowder, you would expect it to contain seafood. It was more bisque than chowder but so be it. The onion soup was so salty that I must have gone through 3 glasses of water in this course alone. I'm guessing made with a commercial concentrate verse making a stock from scratch. Melting cheese in a crock doesn't salvage it. The salad course came with a few leaves of greens and "home made" dressing. I picked the blue cheese, my go to and favorite. There may at one time been a piece of blue cheese that was near the dressing but it certainly didn't make it to my plate. Not that that was a bad thing because the size of the salad wasn't enough to keep my daughter's hampster alive for a day. Maybe they didn't want to crowd the greens with a chunk of blue cheese. Who knows. For the main course, I went with the prime rib, one of the waitress' favorites apparently. I could have it however I wanted. I guess we need to define rare then. My meat was closer to a grey pink than the red of a rare piece. The meat wasn't bad but wasn't great. There was no seasoning on the meat and it was lacking in those deep rich levels of flavour a chef can instill into a wonderful cut of meat like that. Perhaps the most bizarro part of the meal was the vegetables. Two waitresses came to the table, with large serving bowls huddled under thier arms (and armpits) like a running back holds a ball close to his body going through the line. Balancing two bread plates between them they shoveled beets and carrots (enough for the hampster) onto each other's plates in a rather unappealing manner. If the goal was to project a family style serving, four slices of beets and four slices of carrots are not "family" anything. If it's to do a tableside service, the presentation of them carrying the bowls under their arms and the two of them hurriedly putting the vegetables on each other's plates had all charm of an elementary school cafeteria lady dolling out lunches. The meal came to a close with dessert. My wife and daughter picked the hot fudge sundaes and said the fudge was pretty good. I had the peach melba. Sorry, but for fine dining, using obviously canned peaches (and I suspect pre-made raspberry sauce) stuffed into a wine glass over vanilla ice cream is pretty weak. Hire a dessert chef, go to any of the area bakeries that make tasty treats but don't dole out something that you can find at Dairy Queen as quality. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. To justify a prix fixe menu of over $30.00 per head with the food that was served is an insult. With the reviews and volume of people that go trough Sedgley Place (a mystery to me by the way), some talented folks should be creating meals to remember, not shoveling out food that is on the same par as the Old Country buffet. As my wife said, we tried it, we won't be back.

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