Gonneville Farms

379 New County Rd
Dayton, 04005
It's Giffords ice cream..... It's not homemade and they don't inform the customer. Giffords is sold at hannaford for half the price. . I went into Gonneville farms once and asked if they used fresh strawberries in their ice cream, and verbally she communicated that it was Giffords ice cream and they do use fresh strawberries. There are no signs anywhere to inform the customers. Not to mention that there are no dairy products, unlike their sign states. This is not a farm it's just an overpriced place to buy ice cream that has high fructose corn syrup in it.
Gonneville Farm Ice Cream and Homestyle Cookin was a random stop in a beautiful part of Dayton, ME. The staff was so friendly and the place is vintage without feeling dirty or unkept. The breakfast wrap just missed my attention or I would have gone that route. I was also tempted to skip breakfast and go straight to ice cream... guess I'll just have to go back! Kids will love the ice cream and the goats outside, but it's not a working farm or petting zoo (and does not advertise itself as such but the name might lead a parent astray). It's a roadside stand, and a great one at that. I'm kind of surprised by another review that criticizes the place for not making their own ice cream. Many ice cream stands don't. (Incidentally, I'm an ice cream person and Gifford's and Shane's of Maine are the 2 brands I look for if a stand doesn't serve their own product. These guys serve Gifford's). Additionally, these guys seemed to go the extra mile by adding a diner-type experience from 6am on so that locals can have a place to get a great breakfast or lunch for the same price as Dunkins, but the dollars are staying in a local family. While I was in there, customers stopping in knew the staff my name and were placing their "regular" orders. I loved that . I'm mentally equate cleanliness with quality product and service. In this case. there was a pick up window but also spotless, cool counters and tables inside and outside to eat at.
Gonneville is a little slice of heaven located on rte 5 Dayton maine .The prices for a cheeseburger fries and a drink are very reasonable . They even toast the bun ! Delicious ! The ice cream is even better the only problem you will have is deciding what flavor to have.this is family owned and they are the nicest down to earth people you will meet! Love this place !

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