Tilghman Island Country Store

5949 Tilghman Island Rd
Tilghman Island, 21671
We were on Tilghman by boat the heat wave after 4th of July and needed some supplies, water(lots), food, ect. This was basically the only game in town so we went over. They have a good selection and some neat local things and knicknacks. We waited a little extra for the grill to open because it was early Sunday and totally worth it! Had breakfast burritos, delicious, and the owners were super nice, can't stress it enough. She said they had a bunch of fresh veg and really hooked the food up. We had so much stuff and it was such a long walk back to the marina they even offered to drive us back over. Great people, great place, this is how all stores should operate, if you are on Tilghman stop in!
"If we don't have it, you don't need it" was told to us by one of the store employees and he was right! Yep, we definitely need luscious mini-cupcakes, hearty homemade take away dinners, and locally made Scottish Highland Creamery ice cream... we love the atmosphere and the staff is always welcome and helpful. Great spot if you are staying on Tilghman for the day, the week, or the season.
So cute! They have everything you could need if you're staying in the area, plus the BEST selection of wine and wine tastings on weekends. They also have delicious fresh baked goods displayed at the checkout area like cupcakes, giant cookies, etc. We stopped in for some wine and cheese and crackers and it was the perfect stop.

(410) 886-2777

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Characters Bridge Restaurant

6136 Tilghman Island Rd
Tilghman Island, 21671
Picturesque Setting, Delicious Food and Outstanding Service! Our waitress, Danette(?) was amazing. Unfortunately, a severe summer storm blew in an hour or so earlier than forecast, but she quickly accommodated our request to package up our dinners to go and we rushed back to our boat that was docked at the Tilghman Island Marina. We made it back just in the nick of time and enjoyed the Short Ribs and the Chicken Picatta as the storm raged on. We really appreciate the great service and plan to return when the weather is more conducive to an extended evening at the restaurant. Before the storm, we had already enjoyed the delectable Portobello Mushrooms with Crab Imperial - fresh shrooms and jumbo lump crab and not too much of anything else. If the same Crab Imperial is used in other items on the menu, they will all be great.
The view is what this seafood destination is all about, although the fresh fish is also a draw. Rockfish is what you want most of the year, and if course know that any crab special in spring or early summer is coming from Asia, not the Chesapeake. On the other hand, the place needs a serious makeover, not to lose the local charm as this is a go to destination for locals from TI to Easton. More to get rid of the beat up furniture and tired decor. Service is very spotty and the salad that accompanies an entrée looks like it was born in the 80s. Sometimes it can be downright raucous for an Eastern Shore spot, and the bar area is definitely not for families-- maybe why it's sectioned off. Know what to expect and you'll be happier when you get it.
My new favorite train wreck of a place. I had an interesting time watching that train head on downhill real fast. After seated I inquired about the specials and the waitress seemed most unfamiliar with them. In fact, I told them to her. She seemed impressed. I read them off of the sign in the parking lot. She forgot my corn, forgot my beer seemed stressed about her less than 10 tables between 2 servers and a bartender server. The crabs were small reheats, but for 1$ each I thought they were ok. My wife got fried oysters which were good, but nothing special. I saw numerous unprofessional things with the staff and kitchen help. I felt sorry for the table of 8 enjoying shifts of their meals delivered in odd different lengthy time intervals. I'd say skip this place, but if you like odd servers and funny, almost unbelievable dining comments and antics, then by all means go in expecting a show.

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