Wades Point Inn On The Bay

10090 Wades Point Rd
St Michaels, 21663
Just as an FYI - I have also left this review on Tripadvisor, but I wanted to spread the word because our experience was so very amazing. Our wedding was in June, but I have been thinking about this review for a while because it is hard to put in words just how incredible this place, and the people that run it, are. We had about 85 guests at our wedding, and most of them were able to stay on the property, which was pretty much the most amazing experience of all time, to have everyone you love in one place. I think every guest came up to me to tell me a) how gorgeous Wades Point Inn is and b) that this was a completely unique wedding. You won't find a wedding factory here, so you can completely personalize it and feel completely at ease knowing that no one else will have been to a wedding like this, it isn't just another country club. Now, since not everyone is planning a wedding, let me just say that this is a magical place to come just because, and would be perfect for couples, families, a friends reunion, pretty much anything, The breakfast is out of this world - made from scratch and different every day. The view is nothing but impeccable. We had thunderstorms the few days we were there and it was majestic watching the lightning streak across the sky - our incredible photographers (Jos Studios) even managed to capture an amazing picture of us with lightning in the background. The owners, Betsy and Beth, were beyond words. So warm and welcoming and we felt like they were a part of the family after it was all over, and the rest of the staff were just as wonderful and helpful. They even let me use (and helped my mother-in-law pick) magnolias from their own tree after I ran out of time to put together the bridesmaid bouquets (seriously DIY brides - don't attempt this. It's a terrible idea). Each bridesmaid wound up carrying a single magnolia and it looked beautiful. For any bride considering this, here is the link to some of the pictures - it can be helpful to see more of the grounds/rooms and get ideas for places to take photographs (and trust me, there are a ton). josstudios.com/portfolio… Most of the guests actually wound up staying an extra day and we meant to explore St. Michaels, but we actually just wound up staying on the property, swimming and lounging, and then went for a sunset boat cruise around the area. It was a perfect weekend, and we absolutely can't wait to go back to Wades Point for an anniversary. The entire experience was the best weekend of our lives and we couldn't have done it without Wades Point Inn.
I visited here for a wedding two weeks ago and I already want to go back. There is just something magical about this place! The staff made my entire family feel like we were at home and took care of all of our needs. The location offers everything you could want and there is really no need to leave once you get here. Simply sit back and relax. The breakfasts were great and the house clean and beautiful. It was like something out of a novel or your dreams of where you envision total bliss. I would not hesitate to recommend Wades Point to anyone looking for an amazing getaway.
Perfect weekend getaway at Wades Point Inn on the Bay. ~10 min drive to St. Michaels town center where the Maritime Museum and restaurants are. Surprisingly, I found myself staying at the Inn for most of the time, lying on the several hammocks located around the property, lying on the lawn chairs watching the bay, going to the dock at night to watch the sunset or others fish, kayaking around the bay with the free kayaks they provide (just put your name on the list), attempting to take a bike ride, taking a short trail walk around the property to find some live chickens, and eating the AMAZING breakfast at Wades Point Inn (we had amazing crab quiches one morning, and they were so generous with the real crab filling--definitely best b&b breakfast I've ever had). Beth was super sweet and helpful. Definitely a fan, but need major improvements in the cleaning department. I paid $259 per night for the Blue Room, but there were cobwebs everywhere. I dropped my cup in the bathroom, and went to reach for it, but cobwebs got all over my hand. Super sticky and difficult to wash off. One of the towels they provided hanging in the bathroom was clearly yellow and gross. The mirror in the bedroom needed to be windexed, looked like it was never clean and blotchy. Found a spider on one of the beds, Lamp was tilted, and I tried to put it back in place, but it didn't really work. Our private balcony was not swept upon arrival, and when I put my yoga mat down on the balcony, the staff had swept around the mat the next day rather than picking it up, which put dust all over my mat. Also, the water was very hard on the skin, I'm not sure if it was the pipes or just the water in the area, but it made by skin extremely dry and it smelled very funny/metallic. There is no lotion or shower cap provided in the amenities. Also, the weirdest thing about the Blue Room was that there were NO LOCKS ON THE DOOR TO THE BLUE ROOM so anyone can come into your room when you are not in the room, it was my first time staying at a place with no private locks to secure your room when you leave (there is an old fashioned hook lock from the inside to use when you are in the room sleeping). So we decided not to take any chances and locked up our valuables in the car every time we left the room, which was not very convenient.Also, most of the bikes were super old and uncomfortable, only 2 adult upright mountain/hybrid bikes. Also wifi is only available in the main check-in room that has a few seats, and spotty connection in the front balcony. Overall, I would come here for a relaxing time outdoors hanging out in the property and their delicious breakfast. If you're not concerned with wifi connection, cleaniness, and locking your room, then this is the perfect relaxing weekend vacation spot. I also checked out the Perry Inn at St Michaels which is way more expensive than Wades Inn, but I simply liked the relationship with the outdoor environment at Wades Inn (hammocks, great view of the water, etc) more than Perry Inn.

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Mike and Eric’s Front Street Restaurant and Bar

200 S Talbot St
St Michaels, 21663
After a long morning of walking in the hot sun, our main criteria for lunch was some place close and dog friendly with vegetarian options. Front Street met all of those criteria, the nice atmosphere and yummy food made it a good call! The back porch area where dogs are welcome was really nice with ceiling fans keeping it cool and wooden fence giving a nice secluded feeling (otherwise it would have been parking lot view). We had the Tilghman's Chips as an appetizer. I'm usually ambivalent about chips, but these were awesome. The horseradish aioli was light and not overwhelming like horseradish so often is. The main course was an arugula, feta flatbread. It was good, but the flatbread was inconsistent. The crust was crispy, but it was so thin that the rest was soggy and floppy. The taste was good, and the sogginess was actually a good thing because it was easy for the baby to eat. The waitress and manager (owner?) were very nice and accommodating. We are glad we stopped in and definitely recommend it!
Cozy, casual and intimate with outstanding service. We enjoyed some Great acoustic live music on a weekend summer evening with yummy desserts and drinks. Easy to miss (no sign), just look for the blank blue awning
We arrived with great expectations for Friday night dinner, especially since the menu had some interesting choices. However, execution was not up to par. For instance, the roasted veggie salad had a few pieces of roasted squash and just a bunch of corn dumped on top, while the flatbread was bland and toppings were sparse.

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