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11714 Reisterstown Rd
Reisterstown MD, 21136
My friend Matt summed up my experience at Sabor perfectly, so I'll just cut and paste what he wrote: I've been to Sabor several times, the food is great and so is the atmosphere. The windows to the kitchen are a nice touch and we always take advantage of the BYOB. Last week I had an international visitor and decided to head to Sabor with a very special bottle of wine which I have been cellaring for many years. Well the Wine was well worth the wait and the food was nice but the evening was spoiled by a horribly rude waitress. In hindsight I wish we had walked out before ordering. Some memorable quotes from the evening: Guest: "Can I have some water with no ice please" Waitress starts to pour water into glass avoiding any ice pouring in. Guest: "Oh sorry I mean water that's not cold" Waitress: "Well you just said no ice, THAT'S DIFFERENT" While she was cracking pepper and one guest was glancing back and forth so as not to be rude to the person talking at the time. Waitress: "Ah, She's not even looking" (then storms off) The Waitress rudely re-stated that they have runout of the rockfish while my guest was attempting to ask for a recommendation of something similar as that was her first choice. They are the only quotes I can recall but generally she was just a real bitch. I love Sabor and highly recommend it. Just ask that you not be seated in the area serviced by the bitchy waitress. I sadly suspect that if you make that request the woman at the door will know exactly who you are talking about. I would like to add that the Truffle fries are sooooo good - they're simply the best fries I've ever had - well worth the trip to Baltimore for!
WOW! If you would like to get some fresh made great Guatemalan food, this is it! The most expensive item on the menu is about $14.00. I've eaten there so many times and I will keep coming back! Their shrimp is the best. I've had their Hen soup and I literally exclaimed my love as I ate it, haha! Their Spanish rice is so fresh and full of flavor. Unfortunately I will not be able to eat there as much anymore since I am now vegetarian, however, I will continue to recommend this place and maybe even pop in to have just a plain salad! Every time a friend wants to get together for lunch I say SABOR LATINO ES MUY RICO!!! And my friends have all agreed! I even went with a friend who brought his co-worker who happens to be from Colombia. She said that the food tasted just as good as it does at home. If that doesn't say it I don't know what will!
Sooooo good! The staff is always very polite and friendly and the food is absolutely delicious! Especially the papusas! The prices are great and you get a ton of food. My husband and I always leave very full.

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