Kooper’s Jacksonville

3493 Sweet Air Rd
Jacksonville, 21131
Great burgers and beer selection!!! If you feel like seafood the gumbo and fish tacos are great!
A solid place but not that great. Really nice beer selection. The gumbo is great and super spicy. Burgers are decent. Kinda what you would expect from a place like this.
Kooper's has brought something to Jacksonville that has been much needed in that town; a bar with an AWESOME variety of beer. They have a great mix of Belgian, German, Dutch, English, Irish, and Mexican beers, along with, of course, great American craft-brews such as Allagash White and Fat Tire. If you want to hang out at the bar and watch sports, they have around 6 flat-screen televisions placed nicely along the walls so you can sit in any direction and watch the game comfortably. Having said that, the drinks are very expensive. While you're drinking, you're also worrying about your bill, BUT, like I said, I think Jacksonville needs a good bar with good beer and therefore I'm willing to pay more for it. The food is decent. I like their "BYOB" (Build Your Own Burger) option but I'm not a fan of the prices. When I go out for a burger and a beer, I'm not looking to spend around $20, even if the area is really nice. Plus, I wouldn't say the food is all that great; decent, but not great. Something I really respect, though, is that Kooper's serves the local creamery's ice-cream. The staff is really nice. The bartenders offer friendly conversation and good service, the waiters and waitresses are upbeat and friendly, and the hostesses welcome you with friendly smiles. Ultimately, I recommend it for the beer.

(443) 689-7252

American (Traditional), Burgers, Bars

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