Domino’s Pizza

9509 Livingston Rd
Ft Washington, 20744
Theee worst pizza delivery experience ever. I dont even live far from this place and it would be faster for me to go there (about 3 minutes) but I couldn't leave the party I was hosting. The pizza came 1 hour late and cold and when I called about getting the pizza like that they hung up the phone on me without even replying. They need to get rid of the rude ghetto workers they have there, until they get people who act professional my business will stay with the least worst of the pizza places in this area.
This place is actually the worst location I've ever encountered. 1. Hung up on me several times while I was trying to call them to order, since, you know, their website wasn't working. 2. Never actually delivered my pizzas. 3. Were extremely rude when I called back. Glad I am only visiting this area and not a resident around here. They're not worth the money or effort. They also will tell you it takes over an hour to deliver pizza to you no matter what time it is.
Save your money! Terrible. Ordered my pizza at 4:40. Received part of my order at 6:20, and the second half at 7:10. Both orders were cold. I'm pretty sure they delivered the sandwich that was made with the original order that they accidentally forgot to bring. It was not worth eating!!! What a waste of time and money. NEVER again!!!!

(301) 248-3030

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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