Basil’s Pizza

9113 Riggs Rd
Adelphi, 20783
It's hilarious that the word pizza is included in the name of this place. I wouldn't get anything but the burger. It's a cheap meal. For fries, drink and a huge bacon cheeseburger it's like five or six dollars. I tried the Pizza and it's like a frozen pizza from the supermarket or maybe seven-eleven. They have Ice Cream there and I tried it once. Nothing special. Remember - Burgers, Onion Rings, Fries, Subs - It's a cheap hangover treatment method and solution. That's why it gets four stars.
Never ordered the pizza here but we could come here from the firehouse often. the cheeseburger special was a favorite along with the chicken sandwiches. In a ghetto rating I'd give it a 5. it was probably one of my top 2 places from the firehouse in the area, but on a real scale it's a 2, maybe a 2.5. Stick with the burger special and you'll be alright!
Many of college nights were eaten from this place.

(301) 434-4666


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