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Visit below restaurant in Metairie for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Metairie for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Joe R.

    I've enjoyed their main restaurant many times, but this was the first time I've eaten at their mall food court location. It didn't disappoint! Hands down, the best food in the mall!

  • Christy C.

    This was my first time trying Mediterranean food and I have to say it was quite delicious. it's setup like a chipotle-style where you pick and choose your own toppings and they have fresh ingredients. the meat its cut off in front of you. I had a greek salad with lamb, tomatoes, feta, and hummus. pretty simple and good. didn't need any extra dressing and at first I thought for 9 bucks it was expensive but I couldn't even finish it!! Anyway I suggest!!

  • Michelle B.

    Ok, let me start off by saying that it would be really strange to give more than three stars to a food court joint. Hehe... With that being said the gyro sandwich was delicious and the falafel was okay but the falafel sauce was yummy! The two guys working the joint were friendly. I only caught the name of the nice guy who rang us up, Jay. One of my girlfriends and I stopped here for dinner while we were hitting lakeside mall for the after Christmas sale. We sat in the middle of the mall to people watch and to get out of the crowded fray. Although we didn't order it the spanakopita looked good as well! I spoke to Jay about how the Byblos on magazine loved and I hadn't tried out the new spot but how much I love the one in Old Metairie. He said the new space is smaller and they were going to use the bigger space for a Mexican joint. Guess I'll have to try out the Mexican place when it opens since Nacho Mama's is gone from Uptown. Like I said before, the guys were super nice and let my girlfriend and I have a free refill on our cold drinks when we went up separately! Happy Mediterranean eating!

  • Amanda C.

    Pretty forgettable. Everything tasted like nothing and they give you A LOT of it. I got the falafel sandwich which was huge and came with a side and pita bread. That made for at least two very unsatisfying and tasteless meals.

  • Matt R.

    Typical mall food court service... the personnel vary, from helpful and friendly to downright rude and unprofessional. Yesterday, for instance, the guy making my gyro salad was very nice and served larger than normal proportions while answering some basic questions I had about the salad contents and the available dressings... totally different story with the woman at the register... she was yelling (while I was standing there) at the other two workers about how she's "had enough of this place" and hates her job and boss... On a brighter note, the food was good and well proportioned, as always. The gyro salad is my favorite and there is always a lot of meat served. BOTTOM LINE: My personal favorite in the Lakeside food court... good food, good proportions, good price. Service 50/50 depending on which day you go.

  • Danny B.

    Cool deli. Food's always fresh and the service is quick.

  • Christopher W.

    I don't go in to The Parish too often but when I do venture over to the Lakeside area a must stop for food is Byblos. They serve some of the best gyro you can get and the salad is exceptional. The combo at the food court or restaurant can't be beat. What sets it apart is that you can get all the fresh veggies you want wrapped up in your gyro instead of the standard iceberg and tomato. The tzaziki sauce is great too. A must stop.

  • Kurt L.

    This place is the real deal if you like Lebanese. The two guys work in unison like a set of hands. One fixes orders, and the other rings them up. The desserts are fantastic, and they also have a super market in the store. Looks small, but all 30+ tables are usually filled. A great place for pitas, lamb, chicken, or beef. Give it a try.

  • Sidney W.

    (keep in mind this is the Food Court version at Lakeside Mall.) Thanks to the big step-by-step menu board ordering is very easy. The line is always short and it's NOT due to the lack of quality OR poor customer service. I bypassed Byblos many times because I was trained Mall Food is fast and fried. Byblos is a great alternative! The beef and lamb gyros in the wheat wrap are always fresh. The salad that comes with it is tiny but it fills you up without feeling lethargic.

  • Angie T.

    Best mall food court food. EVER. If you're in Lakeside and need to eat, please make a beeline for Byblos. This is the best place to eat, not only in here, but in most of the area. deliciously creamy you're going to lick it from your plate. (I know from experience, trust me) Chicken Schwarma... So yummy and smokey you'll sigh. Greek perfectly seasoned you'll never look at lettuce the same. Everything at Byblos is awesome. They're a little more expensive (it's worth it) and they don't open until 10:45 am, unlike the other restaurants here, who open at 10 am. That hummus is calling my name. Yum.

  • Faith A.

    This will be your best bet if you are in Lakeside. I'm not a fan of fast food so its great to get real food that tastes good in a food court. The chicken and gyro are made fresh on the rotisserie right there. On the weekends they have pasta dishes and they are so good! I worked in Lakeside for 3 years and can honestly say that this is the most consistently good place to eat in the mall.

  • Eileen Z.

    This is BY FAR the best food court meal in Lakeside. In other words its not fried garbage. The salads are cool and fresh and the meat is just as good as the market. They also carry the awesome garlic sauce.

  • David W.

    I have ate here many times..The chicken salad is great, the gyros are great, but I usually get the kabobs over rice with the potatoes and mixed vegetables...only real food in that mall.

  • Ryan W.

    This place actually makes the best Gyros Pita in the metro area. Believe it or not, no one else slices the meat as thin as they do here, puts on the right amount of tzatziki, or will let you have cucumbers. It looses serious points for being in the mall food court though. Incresible hummus also.

  • Michael S.

    I got a Greek Salad from the Byblos in the Lakeside Food Court last night. Not good people. The girl working there was very sweet, she loaded it up with feta, olives, onions & tomatoes but it just wasn't very good at all. The dressing is bland and since the salad is pre-made I don't know if all the dressing runs to the bottom or what. It was sooo bland and just watery tasting. You would think something like a simple Greek salad would be easy...I guess not.


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Byblos Restaurant

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