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Visit below restaurant in Luling for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Luling for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Tina G.

    I've gone to El Mexicano a few times over the last 6 months or so, since changing jobs, because, let's face it, there aren't that many options in the Luling/Boutte area. The servers are ok. Not overly friendly, not rude. They basically take your order and let you eat/chat in peace...which I like. The food is kinda blah, though. The meat is flavorless, often over-cooked. The salsa has taco seasoning in it, which is weird. The white American cheese they use in their dips and sauces is ok...ironically. They are fast and pretty cheap, so that works out for lunch if you aren't too picky about food. I've had the taquitos which had no flavor at all and the tortillas got soggy from laying on a bed of useless, pointless lettuce. I've had the beef burrito. It was also flavorless, excepting the red sauce they pour all over the top. This last time, I ordered the taco salad, opting to save my carbs/calories for chips and bean dip (which is unusual but one of the more appealing things on the menu)...instead, I had to use my chips to eat the "salad". Instead of being an actual salad, where the bulk of the dish consisted of vegetables and the meat was more like a garnish, this was more like a dip. The large tortilla shell was filled with about 3 cups of soupy ground beef and beans, topped with a handful of shredded lettuce, a sprinkling of tomatoes and a cup of sour cream and guacamole. A fork wasn't useful in eating this, so I had to scoop out the "salad" mixture with chips and eat it that way. I didn't even finish half of it. It was just a strange mess. My suggestion...opt for Taco Bell.

  • Kristi K.

    There are a few things that could be improved on. I dislike the chicken and ground meat here but the steak is pretty decent and so is the refried beans. We've eaten here a good bit and never had a terrible experience. We usually choose this place if El Paso looks too busy. It's really just average.

  • Fares A.

    Not a bad place to grab a bite to eat but by far not the best mexican restaurant in the area. The service has been hit or miss but the food was tasty. It has a very "Look at us, we are a Mexican restaurant" but something is missing.

  • Ava F.

    Love this place, usually get it to go, better than the new place to me, more authentic, love the bean dip n chips n chicken n steak fajitas

  • Blake M.

    Hands down the worst Mexican restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Nothing is good here, you're better off going to Taco Bell, seriously. If I could give it zero stars, I would. Horrible

  • Kayce S.

    So after branching out a bit, I feel compelled to update. Some additional points: I still love this place. It's seriously more about the people than the food, though, so I'll be totally up front about that. TAKE NOTE: The red sauce that they put on the enchiladas and other various stuff? Meh. Not so great. Really bland and blah. I would avoid it, and (therefore) avoid the accompanying disappointment. The ground beef that I've had in a couple of different items isn't super flavorful either. Not bad, but definitely nothing to write home about. This is something I've found at countless Mexican restaurans, though, so maybe it's just the way it is? The chicken fajitas are YUM, although the tortilla to meat / onions / green peppers ratio is always off. As in, a TON of meat and four tortillas. It works out okay for me, though -- I usually end up eating three giantly stuffed fajitas and kiddo snacks on the rest for lunch the next day with the remaining tortilla. None of the meat stays inside for him anyway, so it's a fork kindof meal either way. Also have had the veggie quesadilla, which had an absolute ton of spinach (yay!) (chopped probably frozen), some other veggies (?) (mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper for sure) and a ridiculous amount of cheese. To any normal human being, that would be a good thing. I'm going to ask them to go easy on the cheese next time, because I'm obviously Not Right as compared to the rest of the free world. It's a great option for anyone trying to avoid meat, but I will say that it probably wouldn't qualify as a "light" entree -- this ain't no diet food, ladies (and gents)! It is, however, Good Stuff, and will probably earn a high rank in my regular rotation. They have a big room in the center of this place that's walled off a bit and separate-ish (there are big open window cutout type things on all sides) that we've started calling the "party room" amongst ourselves. We have been part of a couple of larger gatherings in there, and setup for 20-25 is easily accomodated. They are more than willing to bring extra little plates for your birthday cake, and they have the obligatory giant sombrero for the birthday boy / girl on hand. I've never witnessed any awful birthday-song singing, which is a huge plus in my book. :) Again - I love the staff here. WE ARE ALL BFFs NOW (even though I don't know any of their names!) (I'm a horrible friend!). The language barrier is ever-present, but we just roll with it. And, you know, teach our kid Mexican-Restaurant-Spanish every chance we get. As it is with most everything in life, making even the tiniest bit of effort goes a LONG WAY. I can't tell you how many reviews of Mexican restaurants across the country I've read that slam the very aunthentic Mexican waitstaff -- they're not giving you the cold shoulder, they just don't speak the language. Don't mistake the lack of witty banter or random pleasantries for rudeness, by any means! :) Prices are very reasonable, portions are plentiful. Cash register is at the front, take your ticket and pay there on the way out. Restrooms are always clean and well stocked. So in review? DO: stay away from the red sauce. Your mileage may vary on the ground beef. DO: stick to the chicken and grilled meats - you won't be sorry. DO: keep in mind this is Luling and not El Paso, haha DO: check out my original review, there's some more good info there too DO NOT: forget to say hola to our amigos if you stop in!


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  • Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes


Mexican Cuisine

If you enjoy Taco Tuesday, then you have officially fallen in love with the Mexican Food. The main grain of Mexican cuisine is maize. Also known as corn, maize is grown for the past 9000 years after the crop was discovered by the people in Mayan civilization. Mexican empire flourished when they started growing beans, tomatoes, chili pepper, sweet potato and cactus. Till this date these ingredients are used in cooking authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

Great use of spices, fresh chili pepper dishes like fajitas, tortilla chips, corn chips, salsa, chimichangas, burritos, nachos and quesadillas are invented in America. But when you are looking for authentic Mexican food then you must find a restaurant in the city that serves Rajas con Queso, Garbanzo in a Guajillo Chile Sauce, Pork Filled Chiles Rellenos, Chiles en Nogada, Molcajete Salsa, Pico de Gallo and Frijoles de la Olla. An eye-opening fact – Mexican don't like their food hot. They use fresh chili and other spices to create a flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Mexican food is great for those who are Gluten Intolerant as they use Corn instead of wheat in most of their dishes. Also, you can easily find many beans based Mexican dishes. Another dish which didn't get similar glory as tacos or nachos is the Mexican hot chocolate. If you love something hot on a chilly day, then go for Mexican Hot Chocolate. On merry days, you can enjoy the authentic Mexican Drinks like Tequila, Mezcal, Tecuí, Sotol, Bacanora, Charanda, Posh O Pox, Puebla and Pulque. Mexican Cuisine is for people who enjoy strong drinks and hearty meals.

El Mexicano

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