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Visit below restaurant in Lake Charles for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Lake Charles for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Cheri G.

    I really like the chicken Schwarma plate Food is always fresh and tasty. When they first came I was addicted to them Going there to three times a week!

  • Lori J.

    Excellent food and atmosphere. But could've had different music. Try the app sampler.

  • David B.

    The shwarma combo plate was barely warm. The cute waitress didn't get her job for being extra attentive. What Mediterranean cafe doesn't serve oil and vinegar with the pita? Not impressed.

  • Leticia G.

    Not sure why this place is over priced. The restaurant is very nice but you can order the same food in Lafayette for half the price, from a drive thru at that!

  • Darrell M.

    A coworker and myself went in for lunch one day during the week. The atmosphere was fitting, but the service was not. I've had more polite servers at fast-food joints. I ordered a chicken shawarma and my coworker ordered a gyros. When they finally arrived the gyros were good, but were very skimpy on the portion. When my shawarma arrived it was more like a taco. Maybe I should have went to Taco Bell instead. At least the server would have been nicer at this point. I was not well pleased with my chicken taco and will not be returning, unless it's for the gyros, and only if I have a fist full of money, because I'd have to order to portions to get be filled. If you're looking for authentic food from the region, this is not the place to go. Skip this, unless you want a snack that has been over-Americanized.

  • John D.

    Zeus is a little out of the ordinary, but a great Check In if your feeling bored with the usual restaurants around town. PRICE - Be warned that Zeus is a little pricey. $17 for a small serving of Chicken Shawarma, a Feta Salad and some boiled rice. Don't get me wrong, it was very good, but not $17 good. THE FOOD - If you've never had Greek, it can be a confusing or intimidating menu, but its all rather simple. The Chicken Shawarma was excellent with a great spicy kick to it. The salads with feta and olive oil were great as well. Didn't care too much for their Hummus. ENVIRONMENT- Very well decorated, it even made us feel underdressed. Despite being a casual place to eat. Also the nice tables were covered with paper that you can color on (colors included). Not something I particularly cared for but it did make waiting rather fun. Overall a great experience that somewhat lives up to the prices on the menu. There is room for improvement but there is not many things I could say negatively. We will come back for seconds... SOON!

  • Brent L.

    Always good. My kids love the gyro kids plate and the humus. Everything I have tried on the menu has been good

  • Catherine V.

    I had the vegetarian plate with moussaka, Grecian dip, hummus and mujaddara. My fiancée had the falafel plate. Both were excellent and love the decor! It was worth the detour off of I-10 !

  • Brett V.

    Good atmosphere and good service. Menu has a lot of options for both lunch and dinner.

  • Phillip W.

    Rediculous prices, skimpy portions, and poor quality. What more do you need to know? Okay, they have VERY slow Wi-Fi too.

  • D M.

    We generally like the food there although it's somewhat hit and miss and over-priced for certain, but the main complaint was that the service has always been slow. Last visit was absolute worst though. We were seated and that was it. Literally sat there for 30 minutes while every one ignored us. We were given menus, but no water, no drinks -- nothing. Not busy so that wasn't it. We weren't rude so that wasn't it. We were dressed nice so that wasn't it. Wasn't just before closing time so that wasn't it. Nope, they just ignored us. It was the most awkward uncomfortable experience. We finally got up and left and the girl who seated us -- young blonde in a blue dress -- told us to have a nice night with a huge fake smile. Really? Wow. Needless to say we won't ever be back.

  • Alexa S.

    Food was good, atmosphere was great, service was good, but customer service was bad. We ordered a gyro sandwich and a gyro sandwich plate but when we got the bill it was $6 more then expected, our waitress explain she was confused and thought we had ordered a platter (mind you it 1pm so lunch time ). She should have clarified with us if she was unsure, I thought the prices were a but high as well.

  • Christopher R.

    Great place for lunch or dinner. I aways revert to the Gyro plate after scanning the menu. Grape leaves are also very good.

  • Casey C.

    Zeus is now open in Lake Charles.... Let it be said that I'm not exactly an expert on Greek and Lebanese food, but I suspect this is about the same as expecting true Italian food at Olive Garden...it just isn't going to happen anywhere in America. Having never been to Greece or Lebanon, the Americanized version of their food is all I have to pass judgment on. Anywhoo.....The hummus was on par with what I've had everywhere else that does it right....the pita were slightly better than average. The feta salad was what you would expect, feta cheese on a salad, but was still excellent although the amount of feta added a bit too much salt for me. The Chicken Shawerma was spiced properly but was a tad dry for my taste and seemed as if the chicken wasn't skinned during prep as I had a little bit of skin and fat adhered to some of the meat. The gyro meat was certainly good and was my favorite thing on the plate. Overall, I'm a fan....the food is excellent and reasonably priced for the quality and portions you get....can't wait to try more of what they have. I see a lot of similarities between Cedar's on Ryan Street and Zeus, so if you like one you're sure to like both. Service was good, if only a bit inattentive at times. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday starting at 10:30am. Open Saturday from 11:00am to 10pm. Closed on Sundays.

  • Carla S.

    Great food and good service. Excellent grape leaves, chicken schwerma, hummus, and moussaka. The best greek and Mediterranean food in lake Charles.

  • Jessica B.

    My husband and I just had the shrimp scampi and was wonderful!! We just traveled from San Antonio and saw the Greek food sign and stopped in. We had our two girls one that is two that was loud but everyone was good about it. I would stop here again.

  • Karen P.

    This is as good as it gets! We moved to the area in May and every trip to Lake Charles has us eating at Zeus. We have only eaten at one other restaurant in town and that was before we discovered Zeus. I am sure eventually we will eat at another establishment, but it won't be soon. This is the best restaurant anywhere!

  • Elizabeth E.

    The Greek burger, hummus and believe it or not THE FRENCH FRIES are amazing! I also enjoy the chicken shawarma pizza. Super good! The chicken shawarma PO-boy was a little dry one time but was good another. I'll leave that decision to you!

  • Chris F.

    I have been trying to find an excuse to eat here and finally was close by and a little hungry. The restaurant is located just across from the local mall and quite easy to find. I ordered the gyro. Quality meat and a great homemade tzatziki are wrapped up in a soft pita - just the way I like it. I would have liked to see more meat which is what I am rating a 4 and not a 5.

  • Amy B.

    My newest favorite Mediterranean place! ...best chicken shawarma wraps ever. Big & juicy (wouldn't recommend this wrap for a first date, napkin was much used). Lebanese tea is lovely & a little tangy (mixed lemonade, tea, rosewater, & pine nuts). Chicken Arabi sandwich is good (has a garlic sauce), and the spicy chicken wrap is my fav (olive mix on it, not too spicy). Sandwich plates include feta salad and hummus. The mixed greens sprinkled with feta & a light house dressing made me love salads again! The hummus was a little oily (and tastes a bit of peanuts= I'm not a fan). You get unlimited pita with your meal, which we always get some Grecian dip (Tzatziki =cucumber yogurt dip) to accompany= excellent. Lentil soup was perfect one time, but too spicy for me the next time (my hubby loved it). Rarely make it to dessert...the baklava was pretty good but I've had better. *Affordable sandwiches, burgers, & pita plates...they also offer more expensive gyro platters & such. Quaint decor with the lamps & fancy pillows, a little more dressy than casual. Love when the belly dancers performed (Fri pm)- some of the patrons' kids got a short lesson also. Service was fairly good, a little slow on refills.

  • Ana L.

    Pretty darned good food for a great price! Service was good too! I miss this place... :( open one in the woodlands, tx!!

  • Edna L.

    The atmosphere is nice and they had belly dancers. I agree with the other review that the gyro was dry. I asked for extra tzatziki, when I got the check she charged me for a $3 side of tzatziki. I love falafels but the ones here are pretty dry and tasteless.

  • Jennifer L.

    Little pricey compared to the Lafayette locations. Good food. Love the gyro sandwich.

  • Mary S.

    Had lunch here today and was very pleased with everything we had(except maybe the rice-boring).I started with the Lebanese tea which is basically an Arnold Palmer. They say it had rosewater in it, but I couldn't taste it. It also had pine nuts floating in it, which was interesting. I had the Chicken Arabi sandwich, which is chicken shawarma with a garlic sauce on a toasted panini-yum! I got the plate which included a feta salad and hummus. The hummus and pita were excellent, but I wanted some tomatoes in my salad. My friend had the gyros plate with rice and hummus. We also had a side of the Grecian dip(aka Tzatziki), which I feel should be included on a gyros plate.....Lastly, I had the baklava which was heaven-mmmmmmmm-divine! The decor is very nice-I loved the tiled bar area and the beaded lamps. Everyone was very friendly and the service was attentive.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Greek Cuisine

Greek food is a fine melody of the finest pressed olive oil, fresh fermented bread, colorful vegetables, juicy meat, sea food all cooked in spices and fresh rosemary. The people from Greek were great scholars who aimed to excel in everything they do. The results are quite visible in their food as they are the inventors of olive oil which is beneficial to health. Greeks also made different type of wines from the best quality of grapes fermented in controlled environment.

Today, you can find hundreds of restaurants offering authentic Greek food or popularly termed as Mediterranean cuisine in New York city alone. People wait in line to taste the exotic Greek dishes like saganaki, taramasalata, souvlaki, loukoumades, spanakopita, moussaka, and many more. One thing which most people like about these authentic Greek dishes is abundant use of lemon juice, olive oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt. A smart mix of few ingredients can virtually take you on the pebble streets of beautiful city of Greece.

For those who don't have time to enjoy fine dining should try tasting the famous souvlaki with pita which is type of meat dish, also a trademark Greek fast food. For those who are vegetarian, or vegan can try different versions of Greek Salad. So, if you wish to enjoy a hearty yet healthy meal that tastes divine then try dining at the best Greek restaurant in your city. Greek cuisine not only tastes good but also help maintain your body in a natural way through healthy diet.

Zeus Cafe

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