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Visit below restaurant in Harahan for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Harahan for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Joey B.

    We went there for the first time light night and it was amazing! The food was fresh, great service, friendly staff, and great atmosphere. I would recommend this place to anyone who truly enjoys good food and dining. We will be back!

  • Nicole C.

    First time visit to Oak Oven. We were in the area on a Saturday night so we called and were able to get a reservation. Being the night before Mother's Day (apparently some celebrated early), I'm glad we called. The place was full. Looked like they had a nice outside area with a few tables, we were seated inside. Our server (Chloe?) was great; super personable, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu! As far as service goes, Oak Oven upheld the hospitality standard set by this New Orleanian. On to the food. The complimentary bread they serve is very good. Ordered the Margherita Pizza and the small bowl of Fresh Fettucine. The pizza was tasty, but needed more cheese I think. Big problem with the Fettucine....really not much flavor at all. You got the cream, the pasta was nice consistency, but no other flavors. What about the cheese? What about some salt? Pepper? Some fresh cracked pepper would have helped this dish out. Sad to say, just really bland. While we were finishing up, our server came back and said the chef had walked by and didn't like the way our pizza looked when it came out...so they offered us a complimentary dessert. I felt bad about accepting this, although it may not have looked pretty, the pizza was still nice. But, they had homemade gelato, and I would be crazy to pass that up! The chocolate gelato was delightful! Glad I accepted. If in the area, I would try Oak Oven again. Great service, sub par pasta dish. Sidenote: In the parking lot they have a nice garden growing fresh herbs and onions, very cool!

  • Toni R.

    So.. I was a big fan of this place since their opening but then I dined here last week and it tasted totally different. The hibiscus tea was too concentrated, I actually though they gave me sangria when I tasted it, but the waitress confirmed it was the tea. We were not offered the free bread like we always had been in the past, Then I ordered the parmesan chopped salad and it lacked the goodies that made it so yummy, olives, eggs .. We ordered the pepperoni pizza and it barely had any cheese on it and too much pepperoni on it. What happened to the owner? Did you get a new chef? I should have known something was wrong when I only had to wait 5 minutes on a Friday night.

  • Talmadge R.

    Oak oven is an amazing little gem tucked away in Harahan. They offer a decent assortment of wood fire pizzas, pastas, and salads. I recommend making a reservation we had to wait about 40 minutes for a two top but it was worth it. Depending on what the fresh fish special is, you may want to give it a shot. Tonight was fresh redfish offered up with multiple options of pasta, sauce, and other seafood pairings. It was fantastic and our waiter was very knowledgable and friendly. Overall a great place for some up scale Italian without a drive into the city or a heavy bill.

  • Jody B.

    This place is a little hidden gem. It's very much a neighborhood place but with a lot of charm. As many other reviews mention, it used to be a Popeys, but if no one told you that, you'd never know it. I felt like I was in a quaint little hideaway uptown, not on the edge of busy Jefferson Highway in Harahan. The service is very friendly and will go out of their way to help you. I've been twice with my elderly mother and she can no longer tolerate anything spicy or even salty. The staff here altered their dishes to accomodate her wishes, even coming out of the kitchen to make sure her food was as she needed it. That makes it one of her favorite places. As much as she needs to dial down the flavor, I need it dialed up and I found their food both flavorful and filling. My favorite is the veal Parmesan. Its very thinly sliced veal smothered in cheesey goodness and comes with a lot of spaghetti on the side. I can usually make 2 meals out of it with a go box. The hibiscus tea is absolutely delicious and comes in a huge mason jar...huge! I've never finished it, but if you can't finish it don't leave it behind, get a go cup. Apparently they have small mason jars too, but I didn't know about it until I had received mine. It might just be for kids, but unless you specifically ask, you'll get the huge jar. Be sure to leave room for dessert because the homemade gelatos are beyond good. You get 3 small scoops in a cup and they will mix favors for you. My pick: 2 scoops chocolate and 1 scoop mint is a heavenly mix. Prices are very reasonable, atmosphere is charming. It's not exactly a first date place because it is kind of small and can get crowded, but great for families, friends getting together and casual meals. The walls have tons of cool black and white vintage photos and there's even a vintage refrigerator in one of the corners just adding to the charm. Outdoor seating is available (with portable heaters for winter and fans for summer) which adds a decent amount of available seating.

  • Dana P.

    First off, I highly recommend you make reservations before attempting to go here. Even then, you might not be able to get a reservation! They are always packed. The place is very small. It was formerly a Popeye's and the size is relatively the same. On our third attempt at trying to go here since December we were finally able to get a table last weekend for a very late lunch. They start you off with a loaf of bread and seasoned oil to dip the bread in. It was yummy. We split a Margherita Pizza. It was very good. I had a hard time narrowing down what to order. So many of the dishes sounded great. I love that they use fresh local ingredients. I ended up choosing the Fresh Frattura with grilled mushrooms. It was melt in your mouth excellent. My boyfriend got the Spaghetti and Meatballs. He enjoyed it. Our friend got the Penne Rosemary Chicken. It looked delicious. The quality of all the ingredients was superb. I would definitely like to come back here again but it would be nice if they had more tables. They did add on a very small outdoor patio in front. But, the sides are not enclosed. They have two heaters out there. It seemed when we tried to go one of the other times, they were reluctant for anyone to sit outside even though they had a very large party taking up half of the inside of the restaurant. So we left. *Note that they are closed on Sundays and the rest of the week they are closed everyday between 3 - 5.

  • Gabe R.

    "I'll have a 2 piece, spicy, white with red beans and a Coke". It's hard to believe that those words would have been spoken in this great little new restaurant not that long ago. Oak Oven looks nothing like a former fast food joing other than the shape of the building. They have given the place a complete renovation from the inside-out including a soon to be front deck that I assume will have additional seating once it's finished. None of that matters of course if the food wasn't unreal good. I hate when people claim "blah blah blah is the best in the city" and probably haven't been to every place that serves that type of food. I have been to EVERY worth while pizza joint in the city(except Domenica) and OAK OVEN HAS THE BEST PIZZA that I have eaten. That was hard for me to say being a Pizza Delicious loyalist for so long. The 1st time I went my daughters and I ordered a Margherita and a Maiale pizza. The Margherita was the classic sliced mozzeralla(not shredded cheese that some places use), olive oil and fresh basil. The Maiale is roast pork, fennel sausage, smoked bacon and sweet onion. It was so good that I tried coming back the next day for another one but they are closed Sundays. So instead I brought my girlfriend back the next week. We split a Maiale pizza and beef and lamb ragu pasta special. The beef and lamb were cooked down in their own juiciness and this was placed on top of broken lasagna pasta noodles. No sauce other than what the meat gave off from itself. This was sooo good and like no other pasta dish I have ever had. The pizzas are never the exact same shape and size so if you need geometrically shaped food this may not be for you. My last pizza came out more amoeba shaped(looked at me using biology terms!) Oak OVen also grows a lot of their own veggies and herbs, I'm doubting that Popeyes ever did that. I honestly can't wait to go back and try more of their menu.

  • Roger B.

    We had quite a few friends ask us if we had eaten at the new restaurant where the old Popeyes used to be next to the bowling alley in Harahan. Everyone was raving about the food and telling us how it was packed for lunch and dinner. Word of mouth is some of the best advertising, so we decided to try them last Saturday. Sure enough, walked in and the place was packed. They told us, maybe a 20 minute wait. OK. We bought some wine and hung around the little bar until a small bench came free. So we sipped on the wine and watched people come and go. Finally we were seated. The menu is not extensive, but had a nice selection of Italian dishes and homemade pizzas. I started off with a slightly zesty Caesar salad while my wife had the soup of the day, a blue cheese and potato soup. Both were good. I ordered the veal parmigiano over a tomato basil spaghetti. Excellent. The veal was easy to cut with just enough spaghetti to compliment the meal. My wife ordered the fresh frattura, which is braised pork in a bay leaf tomato sauce with red chile bits. Again, a right sized meal. She loved the dish. One thing we both noticed about the menu, was many of the pasta based dishes were offered in little plate portions. Which is great when you want a meal, but not be stuffed from way too much pasta. Because of the smaller size of the portions, we both had room for a dessert. We were talked into the homemade pine nut caramel gelato which was just awesome. The staff was friendly and efficient. We talked with one of the owners after the meal and learned that most of what they serve is homemade. My wife was impressed enough with the restaurant that she went back this week with a girlfriend and they shared a shrimp and crab meat pizza. She raved about it as I was served leftovers from the night before for dinner. A nice restaurant. It pays to listen to friends.

  • Faith A.

    I just had to check out the new spot in the hood. I love what they did with the space. It's very rustic and has a vintage vibe. They grow their herbs and they also double as part of the decor as they line the entire window sill in the dining room. I tried their pizzas and one of their homemade pasta dishes. You can taste the freshness in their ingredients. Everything tasted so light so even though I was eating pizza it was not soggy with grease. The server was really sweet and apologized for the pizza not coming out right away after we finished with our appetizer even though it was more than ok. I went on a weekday so they were steady, but not at full capacity. I would like to go back on the weekend and check out their wine list. This type of restaurant is exactly what this area needs so I hope the Harahan peeps don't let this gem slip away to yuptown.

  • Ashley P.

    For a casual italian place in a remodeled Popeyes, Ill give it three stars. Paige was wonderful. Bread barely edible. Average caesar salad, u guys can improve. **Excellent Fettuccine Alfredo, absolutely melt in you mouth fabulous. A perfect alfredo. I will come back for more pastas. The real disappointment was the pizza. Both the Lamb meatball and vegetarian pizzas' completely lacked any semblance of cheese. Is it pizza without the cheese? May come again, may get take out, but please take better care of your pizza pies boys. And cheese please, cheese!

  • Rachel X.

    Oh yes--eat yourself stupid Italian food hidden in Harahan. It's worth the drive. We got very lucky when they converted the Popeyes that used to occupy the space! Calamari, frattura & especially the gulf fish are excellent! Staff is every bit as good as the food, too.

  • Hank M.

    Very good reviews so thought we'd take a chance, didn't get the chance to find out! We were refused service. Even though there were available tables inside we were only offered a table outside in 49 degree weather. Very disapointed, they should have left the place a Popeyes.

  • Josh M.

    Would have given 5 stars but one rude hostess and an impolite server later and 3 stars is what you get. Excellent food. Fresh pasta and fresh ingredients. Some really great dishes coming out of the kitchen. But if you are to busy to take togo orders you might want to hire more help and maybe work on a more polite way of saying "no to go orders" ( really rude girl on the phone). So no to go no prob we decide to dine in. Boom right off the bat greeted by a far from nice and uninviting waiter/hostess. But hey your busy I get it stress never looks good. We are sat and that was all we did. Sat there & sat there & sat there till we gave up and left. The food is good the tricky part is procuring it;)

  • Vincent N.

    Everyone was pleasant and attentive. Had the shrimp/crab pizza. Very good. Intimate room. Open kitchen was nice. My server could not have been more friendly and pleasant. Previous reviewers must have been having a bad day!! Good place!!

  • LaVina D.

    Such a disappointment. If it wasn't for the peach sangria, which was great, this would a one star. I ordered a pizza with feta and veggies, which turned out to be flatbread with sprinkles of the toppings. Definitely nothing like what I had earlier this week at Katy's, but I was surprised at the ratio between bread and toppings. My husband ordered the veal. The veal was good, but the fettuccine was all cream. Nothing special, and definitely not special for the price. Over all, the worst part was the service. Our waiter came once to order drinks and a second time to deliver and take our food order. The time in between was lengthy, no bread or silverware like other tables, and the food was average. Not sure if it was a bad night or a true testament.

  • Billy F.

    One of the best lunches that I've had. The breaded veal is phenomenal, as well as the fresh made pasta Alfredo - WOW is all I can say. Love the food. Love the service. Love the atmosphere. The free hot seasoned garlic bread is also delicious. One of my new favorites. I'll be back!

  • Jen L.

    Wow! Since Harahan is part of my old stomping grounds, I kidnapped Lindsay and we stopped in for dinner to celebrate St. Joseph's day. And I ordered all the foods because the menu looked so amazing. I started with the caesar salad which was yummy and very garlicy, in a good way. Then had a seafood antipasto dish which was also delicious but small for the $11...but I get it because the seafood was amazing. THEN the verdure pizza and after the first bite I was all "this olive oil is amazing" and Lindsay thought I had lost my mind until she took a bite and said the same thing. THEN I had the pasta parpardelle (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong) which was also delicious and now I need to learn to make homemade past because...oh so good. Yep, it's an old Popeye's where one of my HS besties worked. And the space is small but they've done a good job making it clean and elegant. The night I was there it wasn't too noisy but I could see how it could get loud. Our service was fine...attentive to distracted depending on the tables around us. I'll definitely be trekking out here again and am recommending it to all my friends in the area.

  • Pompo B.

    I have update my review and rating because the pizza this time was "barely ok" or should I say "barely Italian". It did taste good, dot get me wrong but I have noticed the crust wasn't as light, crispy and flaky like it used to be, no burned bubbles on the outer part of the crust either and it was overall bit more spongy all together. I noticed a new pizza maker so I wonder if he is inexperienced or they simply changed their dough! Suddenly Domenica and Ancora are way higher in my list. Earlier on Domenica and Oaks Oven where really a close tie. A Also, the staff does't smile or even pretend to smile, they must not enjoying their jobs, they are all very cold and serious all the times...Bad vibes are not a code companion for a great dining experience! Where is the management at? ==================================================­============== Previous 5 star review: Wood fired oven Pizza is very good! I tried very few other dishes but pizza is what I always end up having. It would be nice if its size were larger and cost a few extra bucks since eating two is too much and when eating one I'm not completely satisfied with it. Make a reservation or expect to be waiting a bit! Staff is just cold.

  • Tiff D.

    Second trip was even better! I'm a fan. A bit more on the ambiance and its 5 stars. Shrimp and Crab pizza was delicious. The crust was perfect. Thin and crispy, lightly charred. The center was not at all soggy like you sometimes get with thin crust pizzas. The unique toppings were plentiful. You get something in every bite. The artichoke was the only thing that wasn't distributed well. I ended up taking the quartered chunks off, giving them a few chops, and tossing them back on the pizza. Yes-I'm that anal with my food. But THEN, it was a perfect pizza. So tasty considering there was only a lemon butter sauce and no cheese. Just flavorful toppings. Second dish was lamb meatballs. The large dish has three large meatballs. Unlike most places, there was more meat than pasta - not going to complain. The right amount of sauce - more than the last time so maybe it was just a fluke before. A pizza and a large pasta was the perfect amount for 2 to share. Portions and prices on these dishes were just right. $15 each. Add a bottle of wine and 2 people ate a fab meal for $75. The blackboard lists whats growing in the garden but I didn't see any seasonal specials on the menu. Maybe the garden isnt ready yet... looking forward to fresh seasonal dishes on the menu. This is my new favorite restaurant. Worth the drive!

  • Dee m.

    Great place for New Years Eve dinner. Started with their hot bread & pickled veggies from their garden. Entrees were spaghetti & lamb meatballs & eggplant parmigiana which both were truly delicious. Also got the yummy bourbon pecan gelato. Our waitress, Daniel was very sweet. So happy this place is close to home we will return.

  • Jennifer B.

    Eggplant appitizer. Is. Amazing! So is the sweet hostess (Reagan)!!! Will definitely be back.

  • Lauren L.

    Drove from uptown to try this place out because I love Italian food, and I was not disappointed. Fantastic. Everything was fresh and cooked to perfection, and the service was great. We started with a pizza margherita. It was amazing- perfect thin crust, perfect amount of sauce/cheese. For my entree I had eggplant parmesan. Eggplant was lightly breaded and perfectly fried-The perfect thin slices. Pasta was fresh and cooked al dente. My boyfriend had the shrimp and artichoke pappardelle pasta. The shrimp were large and in a delicious lemon butter sauce. Again, pasta was perfectly cooked. Kudos to the chef. We will be back.

  • Shannon S.

    The pizza and pasta are good and the service was generally attentive. The pine nut caramel gelato is very good. They have done a nice job vastly improving this former Popeye's and they seem to be building a patio addition on the front. This is probably one of the better Italian restaurants in Harahan but I wouldn't make a special trip out of New Orleans just to eat here on a regular basis. If I were in the area this would be a good choice but I think there are equivalent or better options in the city limits of NOLA proper. The only real negative is that I find the fish options to be significantly overpriced. Overall this is a nice addition to the area and gives the neighborhood another great dining option.

  • Joshua L.

    Frequenting the area for office visits in Harahan, I'm always looking for a new place to visit. I discovered this place on yelp, less than a mile from our office, and am glad I did. This is a great place for lunch for well made Neapolitan style pizza. I tried the margarita (as I always do at new pizza restaurants to get a baseline), and it was perfect. Slightly charred crust with a nice chew to it, great red sauce, and an overall nice well rounded bite. Yes, I've had better, but this quickly became a solid go to for regular lunch trips.

  • Zaphod B.

    Phenomenal food. Best ossobuco my father or I have ever tasted. Everything I've had here is pure perfection. Service is attentive and above par. If you're within five miles of this place, it's your best choice for lunch or dinner. Mangia bella!

  • Bonnie R.

    While the food was delicious, the atmosphere didn't match the pricetag! A casual, off the beaten path, converted fast food place (very small) where 1/3 of the menu was pizza shouldn't have produced a $90 bill for 2 - 3 course meals. We had 2 side salads, a small spaghetti & meatballs, osso bucco, 1 glass of wine (half full) and 2 gelato desserts. Should I be in the area again & looking for a restaurant, I might return. Expecting the pricetag in advance MIGHT take the sting out of the experience!

  • Dangerous D.

    Pleasant surprise in what used to be an old Popeyes in Harahan. The wait staff was attentive and atmosphere is comfortable and well lit from indirect sunlight (outside seating is available with covered patio. Went for lunch and had parmigano salad, eggplant sticks, shrimp and crab pizza, and mint gelato. Menu was well priced and portion size was ample, I brought a lot of leftovers home. I tried the lamb and fennel meatballs and spaghetti off someone else's plate. Definitely getting that next time.

  • Katie L.

    Really delicious pizza! We got the shrimp and crabmeat pizza and ate the whole thing. They put a good amount of shrimp and crabmeat on there with artichoke hearts. Thin, crispy crust pizza too. Cool atmosphere and looks like they are adding a patio with TVs.

  • Pejman P.

    Beyond Amazing!!! Oyster artichoke soup is to die for. Frutti Di Golfo? Yes please. If you haven't been here, you should!

  • Rose M.

    Amazing place! I had the paneed veal with fetuccine and cream sauce. Extremely fresh and delicious! Also had a taste of the crabmeat and artichoke appetizer, and the fried eggplant, which were good. The gelati was to die for! The chocolate one beat La Divina's version and the cafe au lait one was scrumptious. I need to go back NOW.

  • Kareem P.

    This place was impressive from the start. I always pass it on the way to other lunch places and last week I decided to give a try. I was shocked to hear the words " Do you have a reservation" when walking in the door. it was lunch time and it was packed. The food was so good. Great atmosphere and I can see this place branching out and adding more locations. This will be the place I take family and friends when the come in town. Drum fish with crab meat and shrimp in red sauce over thin pasta. It was great. All was needed was some garlic bread. I'll ask next time.

  • Robyn D.

    We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Oak Oven tonight. The penne with rosemary chicken was delicious, as was my husband"s fettuccine. There is just some unidentified thing about this restaurant that I really love. The staff is friendly and attentive. The food is great. I love that they offer many items in 1/2 and full-size portions. And then there is the gelato..... Pine but caramel - a bite of heaven. Ready to go back.

  • Justin H.

    Too good for customers so im too good for Oak Oven. You guys make pizza; get over yourselves.

  • Paul C.

    Everything is homemade. Pasta from scratch, pizza is great and they make their own crust. Caesar salad had white anchovies but they don't normally put them on. Food is excellent. You can't go wrong. And I'm from New York where we take our pizza seriously.

  • Abby R.

    Spinach salad was delicious, gulf fish with mushrooms and tomatoes was wonderful, and the pine nut gelato was fantastic! And the fried eggplant appetizer is a can't-miss. Service was great as well; the only critique is the accoustics. It's a small restaurant, which makes it cozy, but it gets very loud. Hang a tapestry and on to the next course! Will come back!

  • Megan C.

    Great little place, ambience could use some work because it's a bit small, the noise level is very loud (concrete floors) and they could use some blinds for the windows, sun was way too bright. We had a good server, although he was a bit slow on checking on us and we had to wait awhile to get our check. You definitely will be waiting for your food for awhile cause they cook everything to order but that's ok in my book. The food was good, very fresh especially the pasta. You can tell that it is homemade. I had the Alfredo dish with shrimp ($6 for 4 pieces of shrimp, that's ridiculous!) the sauce was nothing to rave about but it was good. I thought the pizza was delicious, we ordered the Americano. The Caesar salad was a little heavy on the cheese but I still liked it. I'd like to go back and try a different dish and a different pizza. Pretty good experience overall.

  • Jason C.

    Second time around was even better then the first. The small issue I had with slightly doughy crust is gone. This time the crust had a nice crisp bite. I hope they can get their to-go orders working. It could help ease the mad, lunch rush they're having.

  • Brittany C.

    Great food and friendly workers! My sister and I shared the mushroom pasta that was absolutely delicious!!! A must!! We also got the frommagia pizza which was out of this world!! I am definitely going to be back!!

  • Suze W.

    We are visiting from California and wanted something local, not commercialized or touristy and italian. We found this restaurant on Yelp and were pleasantly surprised. We found the restaurant very busy with many reservations made but outdoor patio dining was fortunately available. We ordered Cesar salad, lasagna (takes 20 mins) and eggplant parm. The salad was tasty and the croutons were amazing!! The garlic bread was good, too. The lasagna was worth the wait and the eggplant parm was one of the best I've tasted. Food was fresh! So why do I give only 4 stars, well......being in the patio you feel a little forgotten and the plates didn't come out as hot as they should've. One of my real disappointments is when I asked if I could sub the pasta for veggies and the waitress said, oh sure with no mention that it was $4 extra! I feel that was something that should've been revealed. We also ordered the pine nut/ caramel gelato, very delish! I had a glass of prosecco as they served my fav (la marca) but because it comes in its own personal bottle I think it would be a good idea to chill the glass...special treat! All in all friendly service, cute atmosphere and great food. Just a couple of mishaps that are sure to be rectified. A must if you're in the area and want Italian.

  • Brandie H.

    Veal was pretty good. I can tell it was made with fresh ingredients. I'll be honest and say I like Vincent's veal better but it was pretty good and very close to work

  • Alan G.

    It was great about a year ago when it first came out. Ever since then we've been two times and it's gone downhill from there. The pizza is delicious though! However the pasta has lacked. I had a friend who ordered the Alfredo and the pasta was completely stuck together and the flavor was bland, tasted like just cream, the cheese flavor didn't come through. He actually got it replaced and this time the pasta was how it should be, nice and loose, but the flavor still lacked. Their tomato sauce is amazing but their pastas am have been bland and tasteless.

  • Aaron J.

    The lamb meatball pizza was outrageously good. I've been to Italy and the freshness, care taken to making, as well as the uniqueness of the food selection is really top notch for a place that has only been open four days. Will definitely positively be back and recommend it to everyone.

  • Laura S.

    I was really disppointed with this place. After reading the reviews I was really excited to try out a new restaurant, especially one with gluten free options. There are no other Italian places that offer gluten free in the New Orleans area. When I asked for the gluten free focaccia they told me it was only available during lunch. They said my only option would be the gluten free pasta. While the regular pasta is all handmade, the gluten free pasta was obviously from a box and the texture was really strange. The tomato sauce was watery and bland. The service was really good but unfortunately that was the only positive thing I can say.

  • Dennis B.

    2nd time my Lady and I have ENJOYED dining here. So many inviting dishes on the menu we will have to come back a dozen times and more!!!

  • Amy D.

    This was my second experience. The first one took FOREVER and during lunch that is not good. We ordered three different pizzas to split between our group and only one was decent. This second experience was worse. My guest ordered the Penne Pasta and I ordered the Mushroom Chibbata. Both were disgusting. The mushrooms seemed slimey. The garlic bread given pre-meal was very hard. The food was not tasty. I returned to work feeling sick to my stomach. I mentioned my experience to a co-worker and she said the only time they went there she went home nauseas too. We will not return again.

  • Anthony L.

    Best pizza ever.. I been living here in New Orleans area all my life, been to New Jersey and New York, ate pizza as an Italian all my life... Salsiccia pizza here rocks, especially the fennel pork on it.. The Parmigiano salad was very impressive... I'm going back to try everything on the menu...

  • Phil W.

    Great food in an unassuming location. I've tried Oak Oven couple of times and while service right after they opened was a little spotty they seem to have worked out the kinks. The food is great and I suffer menu paralysis every time I go in since the pizzas, handmade pasta, and sandwiches all command attention. However the pizza, with its super thin crust, generally gets the nod. It is a pretty restaurant - amazingly a new incarnation of an old Popeye's. However the dining room is small and it is popular so eating at non-standard times can be a real advantage.

  • Heidi F.

    The food is homemade. The pizza was absolutely amazing, it was so fresh and delicious! You can just taste all the herbs in it. Will definitely be coming back.

  • Jeff Q.

    I came here excited after reading plenty of reviews raving about the food and I have to agree that the food was good. However I wasn't expecting to wait as long as we did. Keep in mind that this was also during lunch time, where many patrons do not have the time to eat for an hour and a half. I don't know what the mixup with the staff was about but the short haired waitress with RBF (resting b****h face) who was originally supposed to be helping us ignored us for 20 minutes until the host gave us a different waiter. Our waiter,Phillip, was excellent and he was the saving grace to the experience. Can't go wrong with the pizzas. Caesar salad was delicious. Don't leave without trying the Pine Nut Caramel Gelato!

  • Argeau B.

    stumbled into this place on Christmas eve when the nearby Vietnamese place was closed. when there was a small deliberation upon asking if the place was open I realized this former fast food place was more upscale and took reservations. luckily they let us in and the food ended up being a real treat.

  • elizabeth b.

    We went last night. Boy, was the food good! The BF had house made pasta with tomato sauce and roasted pork. I had their special- grilled gulf fish on top a bed of angel hair (with a very light pesto-like sauce), served with portobellos, roasted tomatoes, and topped with a very generous portion of fresh crab meat. We also split the Parmigiano salad. Chopped romaine, green olives, tomato, served with a creamy dressing. For dessert, we had the caramel pine nut gelato. Delicious. The prices ARE really good, especially for the quality ingredients and the portions were large. Our server- I wish I had her name- young blonde woman- was fantastic! She was friendly and attentive. This had to be one of the best overall dining experiences I've had in Harahan.

  • Nadine M.

    On my first visit to Oak Oven it was hard for me to decide what I wanted to get bc everything sounded delicious. Many of my friends had already dined there & raved about everything they got. After finally making a decision the food started to come out & to say the least I was not disappointed at all!! We got the fruti di golfo as our appetizer & it was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten! We split a shrimp & crabmeat pizza & the chicken parmigiano. The flavors of the pizza were so unique & tasty! The chicken was so fresh & the tomato sauce was so good! All the ingredients used were fresh & some you can even see growing on property. Of course we couldn't leave without trying the gelato. The pine-nut caramel is a must! I can't wait for my next visit! Unfortunately I live out of town but this will for sure be my first stop next time I am in the area!

  • Paula M.

    I have been to Oak Oven and I have no complaints. The food is delicious, I had pasta Alfredo and a ceaser salad and I love how they serve regular beverages in mason jars. It's a good experience, and good atmosphere. The staff there are professional and generous. The inside of the restaurant looks great, good lighting, tables are nice, especially the bench along the window wall, the tall ceilings, a not closed in feeling with the help of the large windows. I've also heard that the restaurant will be adding in extra tables outside, so that's a plus. I have been raving this place to all friends, family and clients. Looks like a good place to enjoy time and eat really good food.

  • Ashley G.

    I had to return to Oak Oven to try something else!!! I ordered the shrimp and crab pizza and a caesar salad. My 3 year old son had the fettucine alfredo with shrimp and chocolate gelato. Absolutely wonderful!!! The salad was perfectly dressed with homemade ciabatta croutons....(I could of ate a whole bowl of just croutons). The pizza had shrimp, crab, and artichokes and a wine and olive oil sauce. Very clean flavors and very light dish....AMAZING!!! I especially love how there are two sizes of every pasta. My son ordered a small and ate the whole bowl of alfredo and shrimp....uh....guess it's safe to say he REALLY enjoyed his dish. The gelato was very good...when he actually let me have a taste!!! Second visit excellent...will be back again.

  • Chris J.

    Best lunch I have had in a long time. The pasta was freshly made. Incredible Italian food. I couldn't stop eating, but I cannot made it a regular thing. I have limited funds for lunch. However, it was worth the treat. Thanks for opening your place in Harahan.

  • Amy E.

    Great new addition to Harahan. We went Friday night and they were packed. Chicken Parmesan was really, really good. Veal Picatta was "okay" but I wasn't blown away with the sauce on the pasta. The veal was very tender though. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the pine nut caramel gelato- have never tasted anything like it before. I could have eaten 3 more bowls of it. We ran into family members there (gotta love Harahan) and they all enjoyed their dishes as well. My main complaint was the service was slow, BUT they just opened last week, so they are still working out the new restaurant kinks. I do have to say the hostess and waiter were both very nice, thanked us for waiting and apologized for the long wait time. Again, they just opened up and the place was crazy busy. I think once they get into their groove, this will be our "go to" place for a nice meal when we don't feel like venturing too far from home.

  • JB O.

    Had the frattura, it was excellent. Great atmosphere and lighting. The menu is clever but space fills up quickly.

  • Lisa C.

    The food is great and the service is exceptional. The fresh pasta is wonderful! We always split a wood fired pizza whenever we eat here. The gelato is an excellent way to finish off a perfect meal.

  • R K.

    I'm updating my review based on a few more recent experiences. I had one good meal followed by a few bland ones, after which I wrote my three-star review. I've since had a few more meals, each better than the last, so maybe this place is hitting its groove. The pizza is not quite up to the level of the Happy Italian a quarter-mile up Jefferson Hwy, but Oak Oven has much better ambiance. It's a shiny new renovation of the old Popeye's, and it's always packed, in the way the shiny new places in Jefferson Parish get packed. We'll have to wait and see if that lasts, or if the SUV crowd disappears once the next shiny new place opens. For now, expect to wait a while for a table. The pasta has been better than the pizza, and even the veal marsala was good -- unexpected in a part of town that thinks everything Italian that's not red sauce needs a gluey sauce with a ton of butter and cheese. The wine list is small but adequate and the wines are pretty good and well-priced. I hope they can keep it up, and be consistently good.

  • Pulled-a M.

    the pizza was good. pasta was bland I recommend go there only for the pizza and pizza only

  • Molly M.

    So glad I ate here! They have the cutest interior and it looks like they are working on a deck which will be a great addition. I had caesar salad and shrimp and crab pizza. Both were very good! The caesar salad had homemade croutons which were great (I normally don't like croutons) and the pizza was a delicious blend of flavors. I was too full to try the gelato but definitely plan to have some on my next visit!

  • Kim D.

    This is by far my favorite restaurant in the area! It's always delicious and the waitstaff is friendly. I recommend making a reservation if you want to go during a peak time as there are few tables.

  • Jamie B.

    The place is small, so make sure to get there early if you have a larger group. We got there and they wanted to seat up outside. Now grantid there is a cover over the from porch area, but there was a monsoon coming and there was no doubt we would get wet. We sat outside, ordered drinks. We could not hear a word of what the waitress was saying bc it is so loud from all the Harahan trucks that zoom down the huighway. (the porch is open and sits on the side facing Jeff Hwy. Then the wind came and we told the waitress this was a horrible idea by the hostess to seat us out here and waited for a table inside. We were seated quickly and had a new overly attentive waitress. That didn't bother me one bit, it's better than a waitress that forgets about you. The best thing was the veal, although not very large. The homemade pasta was not as good as i wanted it to be. Spaghetti comes with the veal and it was very bland. I had the shrimp fettuccini which was very rich and good but not the best sauce I've ever had. The unlimited bread was delicious of course and the pinenut ice cream was very yummy. Overall of it's ok.

  • ME C.

    Very good food. Excellent salad, garlic bread and grilled fish. HOWEVER, noise level is intolerable, one screaming child didn't help and another one kicking the banquette next to us. Concrete floors and lots of glass, too much sun and too much noise. Too bad because food is quite good. Not going back.

  • Amanda C.

    Short story is that the food is amazing; the pasta is handmade, and the pizza is perfectly cooked. On to the full review: I've been to Oak when there's not a huge wait, but those times seem to be long gone on a weekend. The wait wouldn't be an issue if they had a better place to actually wait, but without a good place to actually hang out, I'm not a fan of waiting more than 20 minutes for a table. That said, the food is definitely worth the wait and the service has always been good. The acoustics aren't the best if the place is full, so if you're looking for a quiet place for date night, just go when there's no wait. If you're going with friends, the noise isn't so bad where you can't hear your own table's conversation, so this is a great place for parties of 4 - 6. On to the food: it's amazing! Everything is fresh and well seasoned. Some of the plates do come with less food than you might expect, and vice versa, so if you're concerned about the amount of food just ask your server. Can't wait to see the new outdoor section they've built!

  • Stephen V.

    30 bucks for lunch. Cold side dish. Small portions. What's the big deal. We will not be back.

  • Steven H.

    Excellent meal and service! Second visit.

  • Debbie O.

    The mushroom ciabatta was delicious. The 3 others I dined with got salads. They enjoyed them. However one of them added boiled shrimp to his salad ($6) and got 3 shrimp! That's $2 a shrimp!!! Does Commanders charge that much per shrimp? The place is small and crowded. Parking is difficult. Although the food was good, Harahan doesn't support too many places. Good luck to you

  • Charles C.

    Again, five stars. They didn't have gluten free bread to start so the chef made fresh potato chips with fontina cheese sauce. The meal (GF penne with alfredo) was delicious but the star of the show was the pine but gelato. The meal was worth the 30 minute wait.

  • Roxy H.

    The chicken parmesan and sweet tea was absolute perfection! They were very good about catering to my food allergies. Love it!!

  • T D.

    Fantastic! So happy to have them in the neighborhood. The food is fantastic & the service is alway pleasant.

  • Mike C.

    The food is AMAZING! The only gripe for the kitchen, which is the same one I have for most restaurants......please clean the chicken prior to sending it out. Nobody wants a mouth full of gristle. But again, amazing food. It is obvious money is being spent to improve the space by adding the deck and window treatments. I only hope the front of house/service can soon match the sophistication of the food. I'm a fan and will be back.

  • Carol H.

    Very good neighborhood restaurant in Harahan. Take out review only. Food is light and very flavorful. Recommend the Spinach salad; pepper jelly dressing is the best part! Pizza very good;.light and thin crispy crust. Veal Parmesan is tasty and can share. Caramel Pine Nut Gelato is nice too.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes



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Italian Cuisine

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Oak Oven

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