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  • Ellen C.

    They dont make bread pudding or banana pudding any more but trust me, you won't miss them. The boudin balls are huge!! Breakfast was tasty and they give you a REAL bowl of grits, not one of those teeny skimpy quarter cup serving things. They have 'gator items on the menu too. Service was great and you can get t shirts and mugs for the folks back home. This is one of my fav stops on I-10. As a female solo driver, I'm picky where I take my 10 hr break. I've never felt unsafe here. The people are super!

  • Steed H.

    Confusing to get to exiting the freeway. This gas station looks old. The exterior is large including a gas stop for trucks and a separate pumps for vehicles. The mini mart is small but include a lot of interesting nick knacks. The store included an assortment of items including: knives, toys, auto parts, magazines, snacks & beverages and state memorabilia. Gas was $2.69 the night we visited which was slightly higher then the average $2.42 in the major city. The rest rooms were dirty (male and female). - toilet paper on floor, no paper towels (air dryer available) very cramped both restrooms. Women's restroom located inside mini mart. Men's restroom was located to the left of the entrance outside. Upon entering, the staff was not very friendly, and they did not acknowledge or greet us. An enjoyable wood carved Indian and tiger statue stood sentinel in front of the building. We did not visit the dinning restaurant adjacent to the mini mart not did we have an opportunity to see the live tiger exhibition. My final analysis, I can't really recommend this establishment due to poor maintenance, high gas prices, and lack of cleanliness in both restrooms. I would visit again only if I had no other options.

  • James T.

    It's nothing fancy , it's just good food , friendly service , and a good location. The portions will surely fill you up.

  • Sam M.

    Cool place. It's different from a regular gas station. It has a dumbass tiger that doesn't do anything, it's kinda a nasty place but it's a very interesting place

  • JCC L.

    Should get no stars... Food is gross and greasy, High fuel prices & dirty restrooms. I only stopped to see the contraversal tiger exhibit. I agree a truck stop is no place for this magnificent beast!

  • Sweet D.

    Scary redneck.... There was a living tiger in the parking lot that looked super depressed and the poop was not cleaned up. The inside of the gas station was okay and clean and sold a few novelty items such as "tiger king" condoms, and stuffed animals, but the bathrooms were once again disgusting. Overall it was okay, but I feel bad for the tiger.

  • Rachel X.

    Food is ok, my impression is that it's dirty...the fries in my hubby's poboy dish was freshly fried but tasted weird, as if the potato was not fresh. In the corn bread I got a mouthful of uncooked flour thingy that tasted like baking powder, and I was not impressed with the rice and red beans even though that's what was recommended.

  • John D.

    OK, they have a live Tiger... That's the only upside to this place. Other than that the restrooms are too small for the average american, the inside is weird and dirty and the staff would make most people uncomfortable. I'm sticking with 3 stars though because where can you get gas, take a piss, buy snacks and pet a Tiger within 15 feet of an interstate?

  • Wil F.

    I was feeling adventurous and wanted to see what this bustling truck stop was like as I drove to New Orleans. Yes, they have a tiger at the truck stop, but lets focus on the cafe and food. Service - horrible. No one even looked at me when I came in and I really couldn't tell the wait staff from the truck drivers. Communication skills were very limited, had a tough time ordering right off the menu. (seems the wait staff have a different menu in their head) Cleanliness - scary. Check out the photo that I uploaded - the spoon that they mixed my lemonade with was completely in my drink! Floors were dirty and again, the staff definitely didn't wash up this morning. Food - very good. I had the cajun fried chicken, which took a long time to come out and I really believe it was because they were making it from scratch - not pre-made/frozen. The chicken was very moist inside and the portion was huge. Unfortunately, I had to shower and change my clothes immediately after leaving the place, as I smelled like I was the one in front of the fryer! The take away - if you're into people watching and can stomach a less than clean environment, the food isn't half bad. Oh, and they have a tiger.

  • Llana T.

    I was instructed by a truck driver to stop here to eat and I wouldnt be disappointed. He was right! It didnt have the atmosphere that I would have normally enjoyed, however, the red beans, rice and sausage I ordered was excellent!!! I was a little taken back by the overwhelming aroma of bleach, but I couldnt complain that the place was filthy! It was a great meal with a colorful staff!

  • Sarah N.

    Love the busy LA atmosphere! The sandwiches were decent...TVs need to be a little bigger. Bathrooms were much cleaner than those of the truck stop. The service was ok...nothing spectacular about the place. Love Tony the Tiger out front! He was the best part of the whole place!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Tiger Truck Stop Cafe

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