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  • Matthew M.

    I just like to say, I have eaten here plenty of times the service got worse but now they have a new store manager! I believe her name is Jem are her nickname it was on her name tag. Totally a better place to dine! The people that she now has their are very pleasant and always smiling! Keep up the good work! By the way the first time I've ever seen that store that clean!

  • Nina N.

    If i can give this place a negative star I WILL. I love Waffle house and eating at so many other Waffle House but I WILL NOT COMING BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN. I saw roaches, dirty tables, and LOUD dish chattering i even have to get up to ask the employees to take my order (they all gathering at one corner chatting . Im sorry but i will not come back even though the girl that serve us (that i have to get up and called for) was nice.

  • Alexander C.

    My first experience with a Waffle House was here, while I was stuck in Houma cause our truck broke down, even though I live less than a block from one in Houston. Breakfast for breakfast isn't my cup of tea but breakfast for dinner is... I sat down, gave my drink/food order and my order was made and in front of me within 2-3 minutes...pretty damn cool, even got to watch them cook it in front of me. I had 2 eggs over-easy, bacon, raisin toast, hash-browns, and a waffle. Quite the meal! The whole meal was good, averaged priced, and fast. I would definitely pick this place over IHOP, even though their menu isn't as big as IHOP's.

  • Kevin S.

    FLYING COCKROACH ALERT! Went here on the weekend and got a bad vibe right away. Sat at dirty tables and there was an unsavory bleach smell hanging in the air. I suggested we walk out, but my party wanted to stay. The food we got was standard issue Waffle House fare - which I enjoy - but they forgot my Waffle. By the time it came out, my friend noticed a flying cockroach in our immediate vicinity. Tables started clearing out ASAP. It landed right above our table, and one of the in-house rocket surgeons emerged with a can of bug spray and proceeded to spray all above the area where everyone was eating. Needless to say, we were no longer hungry. We left, but with no condolences from management (if there was any) and had to pay the bill in full even though we were interrupted mid-way by a cock roach and bug spray. They did offer to box up our uneaten bug-spray covered food. Thanks! Until management starts acting responsibly in regards to cleaning, sanitation, and customer service, I would never ever go back to this Waffle House. Remember: There's never just one roach in the kitchen.

  • Gerald T.

    5 stars!!!!!!!


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    Attire : Casual
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Waffle House

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