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  • Candice H.

    If you're looking for Cold Stone, go to the one in Elmwood. The staff is always really nice and efficient - you're in and out in no time. It's clean, and of course, the ice cream is super yummy! They have good variety and always have new flavors. They also have great ice cream cakes! And they'll do catering too. I would definitely come back here, as I'm a huge fan of ice cream and of this Cold Stone!

  • Daniel T.

    I'd definitely recommend this Cold Stone to my friends. Clean, yummy, and good service. The ice cream is so delicious. It's some of my favorite ice cream ever. I've always had good experiences at this particular Cold Stone. The workers are nice and they are quick. I appreciate how efficient the service is. Anyway, love the ice cream, love the place. I'd definitely come back and bring my friends.

  • Vicky L.

    As compared to other Cold Stone Creamery's, this is an overwhelming store. There are posters, hangers, table cards, practically every surface available is covered in some sort of thing they're trying to advertise to you. They suggest ice cream combos, ice cream cakes for your next party, other ice cream desserts, etc. The best thing to do is to get tunnel vision before you go in. Know the size you want, the flavor of ice cream and your add ins. But be careful with your add in, they do add up quickly. There is limited indoor seating. It was pretty crowded, even on a cold night. But the line moves fast, and people leave fairly quickly, so you'll get a seat pretty soon.

  • Faith A.

    I have not been to Cold Stone since I was in high school and was pleasantly surprised when I decided to go with my niece and nephew who love ice cream. I knew their gimmick was taking ice cream and whatever toppings you like and mixing it on top of a frozen stone to keep from melting during the mixing process. Smart idea. I saw several signs that this location was a locally owned and operated franchise and welcomed comments or suggestions. One thing that was confusing was there was a menu on the wall when you walked in and then another menu behind the counter. Some of the ice cream creations on the wall were different from the ones behind the menu. Once you were in line to order you can't see the other sign and would have to get out of line to read it again. For someone that doesn't already know what they want when you walk in one concise sign would be more useful! Choosing an ice cream flavor is hard! What I did end up going with was chocolate with brownie and fudge...can you tell I am a chocoholic? I thought it was fantastic. The brownie stole the show as it tasted super fresh. All that chocolate took its toll on me as I couldn't even finish the "like it" (small) size. It was a very generous small cup and for something so rich it would be hard to eat any more than that. The staff was plentiful and working hard on this busy summer night. One guy would flip the ice cream in the air and catch it with his spoon as he was mixing in the toppings. The kids in the store were bedazzled by this man's talents. They certainly were having fun and had great attitudes.

  • Mazie D.

    The ice cream choices here are great. Within the last two week I've came twice. However service was very different both times which made me realize how far a hello goes. My family and my boyfriends family both enjoy the tubs I bring home so there is no doubt I will be back. Soon.

  • Katie S.

    Worst Ice cream ever! I have been twice and both times I've taken 1 bite and thrown it away. It's that bad. Not sure how you can mess up Vanilla but they have managed to do so. Won't ever be back.

  • Kelli B.

    I love Cold Stone ice cream but the staff at this location are miserable and made this visit downright unpleasant. They are rude and make you feel like you're really bothering them. It also doesn't help that they have "don't do this" , "don't do that" signs posted all over the place. Better be careful when you grab your ice cream because if the transfer results in a fallen ice cream, it will be blamed on the customer (so the sign says). There are signs and stuff everywhere, it's not clean and I have a feeling that if corporate were to visit this location, the owner would be in trouble since they are such a far cry from what the Cold Stone experience is suppose to be. At other locations the employees are happy. Going for ice cream is suppose to be a fun, happy occasion but unfortunately not here.

  • Jeff O.

    Cold Stone is delicious! But what really makes THIS location so special is Mr. Brandon! He is ALWAYS here, ALWAYS has a smile, ALWAYS has a great attitude. My kids love him! He's the kind of person I love to be around!

  • Heather T.

    If I could rate this place a negative star, I would. The manager "Brandon" is always very rude and I work in the food service business, so I understand trying to hurry people up, but rushing us was unnecessary. As a returning customer I would like a friendly greeting or a smile and I simply did not receive that from him. He looked as if he hated his job and could not wait to leave, as if he'd rather have no one in the place. He was also accusing me of not paying for my ice cream when my boyfriend had paid for it, so he was asking his coworker about it to make sure I did, and All I said was he has his receipt and paid for both and he shut me up so quick and told me that he was asking the person he works with, but I'm sorry I believe we were the people who PAID for it. So I called to follow up with a complaint and the lady on the phone had given me the owners number and so I called Ms Vicky to simply ask about an email or some type of way to not take from her busy schedule, to leave a review for her to look over and got into small detail about what was going on and she was very rude as well and simply had better things to do then worry about her business. I'm sure this isn't the first complaint either since they have it written and listed in the store that she's the owner and no one is above her. I will NOT be back, this place should reevaluate the priority of their customers opinions.

  • Brian O.

    Good ice cream with happy service. Full range of flavors and mix-ins. Inside andboutdor seating or take away.

  • Jackie M.

    I know its me...but I do not like this place at all. I have been there twice and did care for their ice cream on both occasions. In fact, I scooped my ice cream out in the trash and ate the stale cone instead ... that bad .... Will not return

  • Sharon S.

    1st time @ Cold Stone in NOLA. My 1st visit was Houston about 6 yrs ago so I forgot how it worked. Girl explained the special items & my options on how I can have it my way. Service here was great & quick. Ice cream was good & when we decided to take what we didn't finish home the guy was quick to grab us lids. We'll definitely go back

  • Kay M.

    The suburbs in the summer on a steamy Sunday night=ice cream. Duh. Crowded. I have been in here a number of times and everyone is always friendly and helpful-- Can I taste this? Can you put extra this? What is this? What flavor is that? I've always preferred Cold Stone to Marble Slab because Marble Slab does not have mint ice cream and who doesn't have mint??? They have tons of toppings here and lots of flavors from which you can choose. There's something new that looks delish which is a hot cookie topped with ice cream- yum! They are no longer giving out those punch cards (I hadn't been here for a while so maybe they haven't been for a while) but they are honoring the ones that you currently have. The one downfall was that the place was ridiculously crowded, but like I said a hot summer night in the suburbs is, of course, going to lead to a crowd in an ice cream shop.

  • Steven S.

    Fancy ice cream shop. Reasons to go: 1) High-quality ice cream and great shakes! (especially the peanut-butter chocolate one) 2) It is conveniently located near Saki Cafe. Reasons to avoid: 1) Pricey 2) Cleanliness is not a priority 3) Friendliness of the staff is inconsistent; if I were a Yelp! Friendliness forecaster, I would predict a 33% chance of friendliness from the staff... from experience.

  • Jennifer B.

    Cold Stone is pretty awesome for ice cream. Pricey, yes, but it's like Dairy Queen for people with taste buds. You get actual ice cream, not soft-serve goo, with your choice of mix-ins - like a Blizzard, but done by hand. Genius. I've gone there with the family for ice cream in the past. This was my first time ordering a cake, though, and it definitely deserves 5 stars. They have a super easy online ordering system where you can design your own cake. Knowing the boyfriend is a mint oreo fan, I got devil's food cake with mint ice cream mixed with fudge, oreo, and brownies. It was topped with a nice minty green frosting, and even more chocolate. The ordering process was easy, and I even paid online. All I had to do was stop in and pick it up! And, of course, the cake was absolutely delicious. I've had ice cream cakes in the past, but this is a whole new level of yum. We will be eating leftover cake for a while, but once that is gone, I'm sure we'll find ourselves back at Cold Stone once every few weeks for a yummy treat.

  • Cathleya F.

    I went here the other night with my boyfriend to get some ice cream. I haven't had Cold Stone since freshman year of high school so I was pretty excited. Back in the day I usually ordered the Birthday Cake Remix ice cream. I decided to give it a try again because I couldn't remember what it tasted like. I was so glad I ordered it. It was freaking delicious. It wasn't too too sweet for me and I usually don't like sweet things so I was surprised that I ate all of it! The employees were very friendly. The only downsides about this place is how small it is and how pricey the ice cream can be! Oh well. But that was the best darn ice cream I've had in a while.

  • Bryan S.

    Nice place to drop by before or after seeing a movie at the Palace, or just to take a break from shopping. Love their Coffee Ice Cream! My only issue was last time there was only one employee and it was a HOT summer day, he could barely keep up with the orders, hopefully they will have more people working there throughout our always hot summer.

  • Megan H.

    I love this place! Plenty of ice creams to choose from. The mix ins make it so much better!!! This time I got the butter pecan with cake batter ice cream and gummy bears and a brownie. You honestly can mix anything you are craving. They also have shakes. And for all you health freaks they have a menu for you as well!!

  • Veronica S.

    Attention: I have a gigantic sweet tooth. Thus, any place that serves good desserts is automatically a favorite of mine. I love you, Cold Stone. Yes, it may cost more, but the ice cream is just so good! And the mix-ins are fantastic. The signature creations menu has so many choices that I always have a hard time deciding what to get. I haven't had any of their cakes yet, but they look fantastic.

  • Dennis G.

    Oh, Cold Stone, how much I love you. Yes, you may cost a little more than, say, Baskin Robbins, but that cost is clearly reflected in the quality of the ice cream and the toppings. Oh, the toppings. And the flavors! Even just plain ice cream is a delightful dance of tastiness on my tongue. But throw in the signature combinations and now we're talking. BTW, go for the waffle bowl.

  • Ned W.

    Great ice cream with the standard "I wish you weren't bothering us" customer service. I'm actually pretty sure that the guy who waited on us actually never spoke, he just pointed with his scoop.

  • Cass C.

    wouldn't accept our gift certificate, which is the only reason I went it there for a $8 icecream with my son, lame

  • Kimberly R.

    service wise- blah. taste wise and worth the extra few dollars- great. i personally will not be giving any business to this location from 2 separate occaions of employees providing low quality customer service. i did however receive a prompt and well explained response to the complaints i made( kudos to the owner!) but i'll take my money and business elsewhere.


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  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free

Cold Stone Creamery

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