Spectacular Cakes

6608 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, 66202
After our original caterer (and cake maker) fell through, we were left to scramble a bit for a new cake maker. We put together a list of 3 or 4 places and contacted them. Vivian at Spectacular Cakes replied quickly and we met with her soon thereafter. After trying some samples we were pretty much hooked! The cake was delicious and Vivian was super easy to work with. We left the meeting planning to meet with a couple more people but within about 10 minutes of leaving we had decided that we thought she'd do a fantastic cake at a great price and it would be delicious so we booked her as soon as we got home. Vivian took a bunch of notes the day we met with her and she ran with those details and that was about all the direction needed. Day of, she delivered our cake right on time and it was perfect! Exactly what we were hoping for. On top of it, she made us a small sugar-free cake for my mother-in-law who is diabetic AND we got wedding mints because, well duh, they are awesome! Everyone was excited to see mints and thought the cake looked great. When we finally cut it up and served it, everyone LOVED it! We got raves about how good it was. And they were all right, that cake was fantastic! On top of all of that, Vivian's prices are fantastic. Great cake, great service, great price... Can't beat that! We highly recommend you get your cake from Spectacular Cakes. You won't be disappointed!
I too decided to use Vivian for my wedding cake! It was absolutely beautiful and tasted as good as it looked! Her cake is moist, the perfect amount of filling, and the frosting is sweet but not too sweet. We went with both a white cake with banana cream and a lemon cake with lemon curd...my wedding guests loved it!
Vivian's cakes literally melt in your mouth! My mouth is watering as I write this review lol. I enjoyed working with her. She's very nice, patient, and accommodating!

(913) 432-4645

Desserts, Caterers

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Dream Dinners

6517 W. 119th St
Overland Park, 66209
I'm single and I live alone. No, I am not a monster. I'm also not a very efficient cook. It's hard to cook for one person. Produce goes to waste, leftovers don't get eaten, and honestly, taking an hour to prep and cook an entire healthy meal just for myself just isn't fun or satisfying. Most nights I pop a frozen piece of cardboard in the microwave or I throw together a salad. But my neighbor (a fellow mutant single gal) told me about Dream Dinners and suggested we try it out. I've heard of these types of places before but thought it would only be good for someone with a family to cook for. Not so! I love this place and the concept! It's perfect for me and my non-cooking habits and aversion to anything complicated. You just go to their website and pick out the entrees you want, the date and time you want to go in, and pay. We went on a Saturday morning. They have 6 prep stations set up. You get an apron, preparation cards, and Ziplock baggies. Each station has 2-3 entree recipes ready to be prepped and you make your way around to all of the entrees you ordered. The staff was EXTREMELY helpful and friendly and they kept everything sparkly clean! It's so simple. They have all of the ingredients for the entrees already diced/prepped and you assemble the ingredients in baggies. For example, I made Buffalo Ranch Chicken. You add the spices and ingredients to various bags and put it all together to go into your freezer. When the week comes that you want to cook the entree, you take it out and put it in the fridge to thaw, then follow the simple cooking instructions the day you want to cook it. The recipes are healthy and everything I made looks delicious! You can alter the recipes as you're making them. For example, I don't like artichoke hearts so in a couple of entrees that called for them, I skipped them and added more of other ingredients I do like. The minimum order is 36 servings, so my freezer is now full of enough meals for the month plus a few lunches! The cost turned out to be just over $4 per serving. What I've had so far is delicious! It takes about an hour to put together all of your entrees while you're there and they also have lots of sides/soups/desserts that have already been prepared that you can purchase there. And the best part is you don't do any of the cleanup! I can't wait to go back next month!

(913) 491-6733

Do-It-Yourself Food, Specialty Food

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Minskys Pizza

13404 College Blvd
Overland Park, 66210
I ordered the weekday lunch special (a slice of pizza, a side salad with breadstick, and a drink) for $6.49 at my table. The salad and drink were delivered promptly, and the pizza was ready in about 10 minutes. The salad was fairly substantial, and included a good variety of fresh ingredients. The pizza was delicious, with wonderful cheese, plenty of toppings under the cheese, and a very good crust. The service was stellar.

(913) 339-6999

Gluten-Free, Pizza, Italian

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Nothing Bundt Cakes

13420 Metcalf
Overland Park, 66213
To be to the point: these cakes are nothing bundt amazing!
The only downside is that they're closed on Sundays. This place has the most delicious bundt cakes ever! I think the cupcake trend could easily disappear as long as this place stays around to take it's place. The cakes are incredibly moist and they are not as overly frosted as cupcakes tend to be. The tiny ones are so great, but so are the large ones. Red Velvet is the best one I've tried, but the double chocolate is very tasty too. Definitely stop by this place if you're in the area (on any day except for Sunday).
Buntinis! The perfect sweet treat. 1) Smaller than a cupcake 2) Moister than a cupcake 3) Denser than a cupcakes 4) 9 different flavors + flavor of the month 5) Perfect size for little hands 6) Perfect size for large manly mouths 7) Less expensive than a cupcake 8) Silky, delicious cream cheese frosting 9) Gift wrapped for you 10) And because you have to buy them by the dozen...you can have more than one!

(913) 239-0252

Desserts, Bakeries, Cupcakes

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The Keg & Barrel Grill and Spirits

14893 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, 66223
Good food, good prices, and excellent drink specials! The Volcano Burger was outstanding!
I ordered the Monday special pulled pork sandwich with one side ($6.99) and a drink ($2.00) at my table. My order was delivered in 14 minutes. The pulled pork was moist and tasty, the bun was perfectly toasted, the BBQ sauce was delicious, and the fries were nice and meaty. The service was friendly and attentive. There were several TVs, and music was playing.
Awesome patio perfect on a sunny day Fabulous food love the beer battered fries Fish and chips the wing are some of the best I've ever had

(913) 257-5454

American (Traditional), Pubs

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Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats

8154 W 135th St
Overland Park, 66223
This is such a great place. Fresh juices and friendly staff! Love it here. We will definitely come back. And again after that.
I was craving juice today, so I found this place online and made plans to stop by. Unfortunately, when I showed up 15 minutes before their posted closing time they were completely shut down. Lights off, empty parking lot. If I'm in that area of town again I'd like to try them, but I'm more than a little annoyed that I wasted my time and gas driving across town.
I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality from a chain smoothie place, so I was impressed when I first stepped inside and saw the wall behind the counter filled with fresh fruit, and even more impressed when I tasted my smoothie! I got the emperor acai which had a nice tart taste from the Greek yogurt, and a rich fruity flavor from all the berries. They also sell the classic health food fare, i.e. Larabars, vegan/gluten free protein cookies, etc. The employees were very friendly! I will be coming back here!

(913) 851-4844

Juice Bars & Smoothies

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7500 W 135th St
Overland Park, 66213
I think all Chick-Fil-A restaurants are pretty much the same so I am just writing this because this is the one I go to. The place is well maintained and the owner is usually on-site. This location has a play area for kids and on Tuesday evenings kids eat free. The chocolate shakes there are surprisingly good for a fast-food place.
Great food, great atmosphere (very family friendly), and the price is worth every penny. I received my food within 30 seconds of being handed my change. The service is fantastic here. The manager on duty treated me like I was at a sit-down restaurant. He refilled my drink for me and took my tray and garbage when I was finished. This is the only Chick-fil-A within a 45 mile radius from me, and it's worth the drive any time I'm in Overland Park. It's extremely clean and organized. To the parents: there is a nice little playground for your children. Highly recommended!
Outstanding service, even for a Chick Fil A. Always very busy but line moves very fast and have never had any issues with the quality of the food.

(913) 814-0222

Fast Food

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Paciugo Gelato Overland Park

11433 W 95th St,Oak Park Mall
Overland Park, 66214
Moan worthy... Orgasmic... mmm... maybe it was just the PMS that inspired such thoughts... but my god, that's some good stuff! I was torn looking at all the flavors, and the gal working said I could sample as many as I wanted.... So I asked for the Peanut Butter chocolate... and went no further. I may have fallen in love... If you don't like peanut butter... fear not... they have many many many more flavors... kinda wish I'd counted... but do yourself a flavor and at least TRY the peanut butter chocolate....
This place is fantastic on all accounts. I walked in on a busy Saturday night and was quickly greeted by the ladies behind the counter. This was my first time here and they were so ready to assist me and offer me as many samples as needed to make an informed decision. There are many flavors available and every one I tasted was creamy and delicious. They offer some specialty artisanal flavors and I chose a couple of those. The coconut has actually coconut shavings in it and is incredible is you like coconut. Although the gelato was fantastic, the real stand our factor to me was the exceptional customer service. Everyone seemed happy to be there and eager to help. The lady at the register was extremely friendly and chipper even though they were slammed. I will definitely return to this place soon to get my gelato fix but also because I felt so welcomed and enjoyed! It's also located in the heart of a beautiful and vibrant area. Definitely try it out!
Came here after receiving a free frontflip coupon for my birthday and got the piccolo size, which can accommodate up three flavors! Lavender vanilla: perfect, not too sweet and just a bit flowery! Soy peanut butter: amazing for a soy based gelato! I enjoyed the harder consistency, which was reminiscent of crunch peanut butter. Coffee flavor: a bit bland and too sugary for my liking. I like for my coffee desserts to be more bitter. Pricey as all gelato places are, at $5 for the piccolo, but great selection with light and soy/water based options for those who are lactose intolerant. Just wish there was a bit more seating around in the middle of the mall.

(913) 599-3865

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Little Caesars Pizza

8930 W 95th St
Overland Park, 66212
Sometimes I have an INTENSE craving for Little Caesars. They have a specific flavor that I adore. It's the pizza that I ate all through my college years, so eating a slice is very reminisce. As soon as we walked in the door, the cashier was charming and adorable. They get you in and out of that door FAST. Faster than fast, if that's a thing. I even had to tell the guy to slow down. He also made me smile. I'd call that a class act. Little Caesars holds a special place in my heart. Mmmmm mmmm.
Surprisingly fresh and really good. We got pizza, hot wings, and Pepsi to go. We had to wait a few minutes but only because of the wings. The girl there said if she kept wings ready to go they just wouldn't taste right and I could not agree more! I was wanting something else, but the girls wanted pizza. It was tasty, filling and saved me some money. Thumbs up.
Bumpin it up. Why? Because they do whatever I need and they do it with a smile! A few times year, I host events for hundreds of teenagers where I need cheap pizza. Not just ten or twenty cheap pizzas. . . but like 120 cheap pizzas. This location is always awesome about making sure everything is ready when I get there! They have opened an hour early to make sure my pizzas are ready. They value my business, so I like giving it to them.

(913) 381-2020


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Irina’s Gourmet Bakery

11902 W 119th St
Overland Park, 66210
Found this one out of the blue. I have driven past this little corner bakery for as long as I can remember so I don't know how recent they went into business. I stopped in to grab some little pastry and a cup of coffee just to try the place out. Well as I seem to do often I picked several things out of their front case. My first target was a Chocolate Croissant which was buttery and flaky while filled with the bittersweet dark chocolate. Then off to a key lime tart filled with creamy flavour. Finishing the visit with a well made cappuccino. Since my initial visit. I have been back twice. Once to custom order a cake that the staff worked extra hard on and delivered not only a delicious cake but one that looked too good to eat. Although is was eaten! My latest involved a Peroki - Meat, Potato, & Mushroom stuffed pastry which was fantastic! I also picked up a chocolate and peanut butter macroon cookie.
Cute little bakery. They also serve lunch and breakfast, but only have a couple of tables to sit at. I buy there desserts to take home to my lover. He loves the brownies and the honey cake. I would give it 5 stars if the people that worked their weren't so awkward. I can't explain it...either way, I would recommend visiting and trying a sweet treat. They also do cakes that look pretty cool.
If your looking for a wonderful bakery, this is it. Good selection and overall its a nice little joint to enjoy fresh baked goodies!

(913) 498-8864


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