West Winds

56629 Mayflower Rd
South Bend, 46619
Its a divey, its dark and a little shady (especially at night). Its filled with locals on any given time of the day. West Winds Bar is a hole in the wall on the West side but they have the best lunch specials this side of the city of SB. I hate to give away this treasure but I also know that patrionizing a local bar can only help it prosper. Skip the taco bell and order the made to order tacos on tuesday. Russel the guy behind the bar always make me feel like Im transported into the set of Cheers!

(574) 233-5168


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Garden Wok

919 N Bendix Dr
South Bend, 46628
Great Chinese for the price I paid. I will definitely be back here. The owner seems to know the regulars here. Nice touch.
Great food. Very reasonably priced. Ok atmosphere. Most people get their food to go. Usually there on Tuesday's for lunch.
Best Chinese food to go in the area!! Owners are very friendly and remember you from one visit to the next!

(574) 287-6633


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61045 US 31 S
South Bend, 46614
This is one of the cleanest Subways in the Michiana area. It's the only Subway my wife and I will frequently visit. It has the full Subway menu and is located behind the Phillips 66 gas station. Please visit it if you're on the South Side of South Bend.

(574) 299-1698

Fast Food, Sandwiches

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Jj Fish

3622 Edison Rd Ste 400
South Bend, 46615
I rarely eat fish at a restaurant because of most people's inability to do it right. JJ's does it right! I have yet to have a bad meal from them. Everything has been cooked to perfection! Nothing overcooked or under cooked. Their catfish is wonderful, and their smelt dinner is fantastic! All the fish I've had there is golden brown on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The side items are great as well. I would get fish there any day of the week!

(574) 288-4221


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Victory Bar

907 S Michigan St
South Bend, 46601
Without a doubt, this is the best dive bar in the City. Unparalleled vintage atmosphere, cheap beer, fantastic burgers, and excellent service. Opens at 4:30 PM, and closes early, but most definitely worth a gander.

(574) 289-5212

Sports Bars, Burgers

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Oh Mamma’s On The Avenue

1212 Beyer Ave
South Bend, 46615
So fantastic! I found Mamma's because of the SB 150. We bought some goat gouda and some seasoned chevre. Fantastic. I went back this past weekend and bought some fantastic Apricot Wensleydale. I mean, amazing. They also had some lovely little pies. I tried the lemon and the strawberry. Both delicious, but the strawberry had a delightfully fresh flavor. I plan on coming back many, many times.
Family owned and operated. Try the feta, chevre, and house made giardiniera. Super affordable paninis for lunch. Some of their cheeses are featured on the menu @ The Crooked Ewe Brewery across the river.
My first visit. Had a ham and cheese sandwich with an olive spread. Delicious. The sandwich seemed very reasonably priced (I think it was just $6). This beats eating at Subway. I also got some crackers and goat cheeses to go. The place looks small from the outside but it does have five or so tables for dining in.

(574) 276-6918

Delis, Gelato, Cheese Shops

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Rein Juicery

2036 S Bend Ave
South Bend, 46637
Very high level juice bar, something new and direly needed in South Bend. Each bottle that I've tried is delicious and feels like a blood transfusion. The smoothies look very intriguing. The staff is very helpful...it feels like a trip to the west coast. Must try! And before you complain about the prices, think of how much people spend on mixed drinks in this region! If the many upscale bars on Eddy Street are any indication...
I was really impressed by their juices and especially the cold coffee that they blend in house. Their coldpressed coffee is just the right amount of sweet and caffeinated, and was cheaper than Starbucks. Definitely a place to check out if you haven't been here.
I got a delicious smoothie from some very nice, knowledgeable people! The prices put it in the "occasional treat" category, otherwise I'd be there all the time.

(574) 520-1874

Juice Bars & Smoothies

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560 W Ireland Rd
South Bend, 46614
So, I prefer to start at 5 stars and work my way down. There's nothing mind-blowingly good about this place, but it's a nice fro-yo shop with no real negatives. First of all, the staff is always very friendly. They greet you with a smile and ketchup buckets for sampling. They generally keep all of the machines up and running, so there's always at least 20-ish(?) flavors to choose from. I always get a sane amount of yogurt. While it's a healthier option than ice cream, it's not health food (see Seinfeld S5:E7). My wife and I are always rung up for about $5-7, so it's a pretty affordable treat. As for the environment, it's pretty much the same as most fro-yo shops. It's almost like a Hello Kitty backpack exploded in there, coating the walls with bright, girly colors. The windows allow the place to heat up and all the hard surfaces can make things pretty noisy, but it's generally not a problem. There's a nice elevated patio to enjoy some nice weather on. Definitely a nice, family-treat-time location!
It's a proven fact that serve yourself frozen yogurt places that charge by weight are sort of a scam. I mean, it probably costs them about 14 cents in ingredients no matter what you put in there. But frozen yogurt is still trendy right now so haters gonna hate I guess. Or you could go to SweetFrog on Wednesday when they have the fixed price special on the small size. It's either that or pay like $9585 for a cup for yogurt. They have lots of flavors and you can sample any of them. Mad props because they have tons of fruit toppings and I've never seen stuff in the toppings bar get all gross and dried out either.
Delicious!!! Everything was absolutely amazing! I had the new York cheese cake mixed with the peanut butter! Topped with raspberry sauce, Carmel sauce, hot fudge and hot Carmel... peanuts, Twix, peanut butter cups, heath, strawberries and raspberries Aaaaaaannnnnnnd those awesome cheesecake bites! #Deliciousness #ThisPhatGirlLovesFood My love had so much stuff in his, I can't remember everything but it was awesome, he did indulge in the Gummi Sweet Frogs, Gummi Worms and bears... Allllll the fruit, strawberries, pineapples, raspberries, mango.... believe his yogurt was a mixture of the raspberry pomegranate and the wild berry tart! we were visiting his mom, she brought us here, but we immediately began to research the location of one near us!!! Week be back, a lot! Lbvs

(574) 323-1970

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Oliver Inn

630 W Washington St
South Bend, 46601
Stayed here on a weekend getaway. Tom and Alice were excellent hosts and made us feel right at home. Alice's breakfast cuisine was amazing and the Oliver House had such great character and a rich history. From the claw foot tub to the impeccable gardens and amazingly comfortable bed, this place was perfect for our couple's getaway!
As we drove up the drive of this enchanting home we were greeted by the Innkeeper, Alice. She is very personable and will go out of her way to make you comfortable and make sure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The house is amazing on the inside and makes you feel like you are actually in the time when this was an active family home. Alice and Tom are the most gracious hosts you'll ever meet. The breakfast Alice makes is unforgettable and Tom makes sure that your coffee cup is never empty. If you're coming to the area don't pass up a chance to go back to the Victorian era and stay here. Check their internet site as they also run some very reasonable specials.
My wife & I took a "stay-cation" during our break from teaching and found this place online. When we stayed the night we were the only guests in the inn! Our experience was awesome. Tom and Alice (owners) were great. They are very welcoming, the rooms were very clean, the jacuzzi bathtub was great. The inn was also decorated since it was right after Christmas, and looked beautiful. Breakfast the next morning was banana coffee cake, baked apple pancake, bacon seasoned with pepper and brown sugar, and fresh fruit. The food and service were awesome. If you are looking for somewhere to spend a romantic night and just relax, I highly recommend the Oliver Inn. If you're going to be in the South Bend area and want some place to stay that is as good as a chain hotel but with tons more charm and character, I also recommend the Oliver Inn.

(574) 232-4545

Hotels, Bed & Breakfast

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Purple Porch Co-op

123 N Hill St
South Bend, 46617
This place has a huge selection, which surprised me. From the produce and even canned items you can tell they have real relationships with local farmers and businesses. The selection is way fresher and more unique (think heirloom) than Whole Foods and the prices are comparable or better. When I went in today they had all these plants and seeds out, which I promptly bought for my garden. They also had the most gorgeous pears I've ever seen and a heap of breakfast burritos ranging from chorizo to vegan. You can tell people here know what they're doing and take a lot of pride in it. One of my favorite this is the cute community free coffee pass board which I always visit when I go in because it makes me feel a little better about the world. In general that's how I feel whenever I walk in here.
The salad bar is really good. The soups and other hot prepared foods are mediocre, but at least it's all healthy. Low marks for being such a cultish, douchey environment. A distinct air of elitist, sanctimonious self-satisfaction, which is exactly what one would expect at the nexus between ND, faux progressivism, and hypochondria. If you want a laugh, just have a seat in "Cafe Max" and eavesdrop. The level of vapid, hyperfrontal self-actualization is breathtaking.
This is the only place in south bend in which you can get a meal that is 100% local and organic. Great for vegans!

(574) 287-6724

Fruits & Veggies, Cafes, Grocery

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