Cabo’s Ice Cream Shop

731 Washington St
Michigan City, 46360
Absolutely delicious and VERY inexpensive. Must try!!
First of all, best ice cream I have had in my life! It seems to be family run, and they make things from scratch. If you are friendly they may let you sample experimental flavors. I freaking love ice cream so not only did i get a coconut and coffee popsicle, i also got a scoop of cotton candy. I then smeared the ice cream onto the popsicle and ate it. I recognize this sounds really weird, but trust me I enjoyed it. I'm not promising YOU will, but *I* did and that is what is important. I asked her about horchata ie cream and she let me sample a small taste of RUMchata ice cream, as well as a baby popsicle that was patron with strawberries. My friends both got chocolate covered bananas and seemed quite pleased. All in all an amazing shop, definitely going to become a must-visit whenever I am in the area. If you dont go you are missing out. If you go and hate it you probably should re-evaluate your life and find out what is wrong with you.
The best torta I've ever had was in Mexico (Hermosillo). But today a friend suggested we head over to Cabo's Ice Cream Shop for lunch and I would have to say this is the second best torta I've had. The bun is not the usual bolillo. Instead they use telera which turns out to be similar to bolillo but a bit softer in texture. The bread is grilled which means the inside face of the bread is crunchy while the rest of the sandwich is soft. We both ordered steak tortas and they were outstanding. The steak was seasoned perfect, not too much, not too little. The only thing it could have used was sliced avocado but the torta itself was close to perfection already. Afterwards, we tasted some of the helados - the butter, the mexican carmel, and the cheese (seriously... it's delicious goat cheese turned into ice cream) were incredibly good. Can't wait to head back on a hot day to indulge in ice cream!

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Cafes

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Bubbles Ice Cream Parlor

115 W Coolspring Ave
Michigan City, 46360
Great ice cream and pies at a decent price. If you are in a hurry you could use their drive-thru. Been here multiple times and the kids love it! They also sell pints and quarts of their ice-cream.
Great ice cream and very friendly staff. What more to say? They're open late in summer and they have a wide variety of flavors to please the whole family. There's a drive thru if you can't be bothered to leave your car, but the lines always move quickly. The staff has always been helpful when I wanted something extra, like a hand packed pint, etc. We'll be back.
First time here and loved it. It was nice to have a yummy dessert place to go to after dinner. They have outside seating so it was nice to sit outside and chat.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Miller Pizza By The Beach

1012 N Karwick Rd
Michigan City, 46360
We work up the street and eat here regularly. Miller's offers the best deep dish pizza in the region. The only place that comes close is Stuc's in Appleton, WI. So, that said, I could live off of Miller's deep dish pizza. They use quality materials and the crust is the absolute best! The other food is great too, like the Italian Beef and home made soups (in winter), and just about everything else. The counter staff, servers, and cook staff are all very friendly and make you feel welcome. It is easy to decide on Miller's for any given day.
This place was really good- italian beef was amazing.. Deep dish pizza amazing- the workers inside nice and helpful as anyone ive met... I recommend Millers to anyone.
Had the deep dish. .. sausage mushroom and spinach. Was not impressed. A j s is much better

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Scartozzi’s Trattoria

882 Karwick Rd
Michigan City, 46360
Amazing food. Amazing caterers! Scartozzi's catered my daughter's wedding. They thought of everything and I relaxed!
So I get that this place is carryout and delivery only. Seriously I do. I get it. What I do not get, however, is the extremely rude response to our query of possibly dining in. You know what? You may not need or want our business. Fine. You're a business owner, I'm sure you can find a polite way to tell me you're too busy and not drown me in your extremely negative emotional wake.
Primarily carry out, but they do have few tables. Food was fresh, hot and tasty. We had Joe's Special and Chicken Parmesan. Delicious for take out but we also ate in their 2 table dining area and enjoyed the staff and customers as they came in for pick up.

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The Pickle & Turnip

827 Franklin St
Michigan City, 46360
My husband, our toddler and I stopped here for lunch the other day and it was beyond our expectations. We were on vacation and unfortunately we didn't eat there until our last meal before we left town. The lunch special is a crazy good price for the amount of food and the high quality. We are way too into falafel, and were skeptical given the locale, but it. Was. So. Good. The only negative is that it didn't reheat well. So, just eat it all while you're there. Go. You won't be disappointed.
Nice try but decor seriously lacking and service was a little better than terrible. We were in Michigan City to shop at Lighthouse Point and used Yelp to find a restaurant for dinner. Not sure what happened here but we were very disappointed. The gyro platter was the best thing and we could have gotten that at any fast food gyro place. I did like the bacon covered date app though.
My boyfriend and I came here for lunch and the food was very good. We ordered the baba ganouj appetizer and it was the best baba ganouj I have ever tasted. We could tell that it had been made fresh that morning. My boyfriend ordered a chicken pita, which he really enjoyed, and I ordered a falafel bowl with rice, hummus, red pepper, and feta. It was delicious. Everything tasted so fresh. Each of our lunch orders cost $9, which seemed a little overpriced before we received our food, but seemed perfectly fair once we tasted the deliciousness.

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Mediterranean, Greek

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Schoop’s Hamburgers

4105 Franklin St
Michigan City, 46360
Food was great, and the service was simply wonderful. We came in with a group of 35, and they were very willing to do separate checks. We had car trouble and had no problem with us using the lot to take care of things. Visit this place!
Good eats! Don't pass this place up. Irish Nachos are delicious. Try the Green River milk shake too.
Such a great little diner! Great food and wonderful staff. Will definitely stop here again.

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White Castle

101 E US Hwy 20
Michigan City, 46360
What makes for a better White Castle than being able to fill up your gas tank and breath in the Michigan City air around you? This White Castle location is 24 hours and serves up piping-hot sliders at any time of day. The sweet potato fries aren't that good, wouldn't recommend, but if you're hungry at any time of night - be sure to pop in for a 10 sack!
So delicious! The perfect location to pick up the Crave Case to take back home. Great service and great employees. I will go here every time I leave Michigan. I love you guys!
I've treked here numerous times within a 2 year span and love it. It's always nice and warm, so soft and cheap. I have gotten the crave case on a late night run with a friend. It's worth the 40 min. drive and going on the toll road. YUM. I'm not a fan of the fries though, they're hard and crispy for crinkle cut fries. I enjoyed the onion rings. Usually I can only handle a sack of 4 or 6. I miss you... I wonder if the frozen micowable ones will do you any justice? I'm going to give it a try.

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Fast Food, Burgers

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Top Dog Restaurant

701 Washington St
Michigan City, 46360
If you want a Chicago dog, this is the place to go! It is the best hot dog stand in the region. The crinkle-cut fries are delicious, and the dogs are sooooo much better here than even in Chicago. Service is fast and friendly, and celebrity photos and autographs make the place fun. The only drawback is the small space for indoor seating. At least you can sit outside in the summer! If you're just here to shop at the outlet mall, try Top Dog for lunch. It's just a block away. You won't be disappointed.
As the quality at Carlson's takes a dive, Top Dog still impresses. Cheese fries, hot dogs, and polish sausages were all top quality. We ordered a side of baked beans which were tasty too. All you have to do is take your dog, cozy up in a booth with your friends and have the celebs on the wall watch you eat-- that's a great lunch.
This is a great place to get a Chicago style hotdog in Indiana. I have had almost everything on the menu and most recently had the beef, hotdog and cheese fries (was very hungry). It's super cheap and quick service. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good hotdog.One thing is they don't ask if you'd like sweet peppers only hot and on the side, I'm sure you could ask, but interesting none the less. Go to Top Dog.

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4037 Franklin St
Michigan City, 46360
Waited in line for 20 minutes and when we got to the menu to make our order nobody answered or welcomed us. I assumed since we have a lifted truck the sensor didn't pick up our vehicle. We continued to wait in line not thinking it would be a big deal for the cashier to add in our one coffee order. We got to the window and was told that we needed to park or go back thru the long line to make our order and that he couldn't do anything about it. We did not park we left. Being a loyal everyday starbucks customer I was not happy with their customer service. We reside in Arizona and have never had a problem. This smaller town Michigan City, Indiana only location obviously needs some assistance with customer service.
Thank goodness for this location. It was like a beacon of light when I came upon it. Drive-thru and outside seating in Michigan city? No way. A stand alone location which happens to be next door to an awesome staple of the area Schoop's Hamburgers. It wasn't too hard to decide between the two, although it was a hard decision... my treasured Chai tea latte or a hand made burger at Schoop's. With a drive ahead of me, the Chai one. I just like to also point out the difference in tax, a grande chai for $3.91! Yes, it's only a difference of about fifteen cents, but it's fifteen cents! Unlike the Starbuck's I'm used to there's a midwestern charm of the employees.
The baristas are always so friendly and quick to get my order to me. Love my usual turkey bacon breakfast sandwich and a grande bold. I've been to many Sbux and this one is by far my fav.

(219) 879-5592

Coffee & Tea

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Holly’s Restaurant & Pub

3705 Franklin St
Michigan City, 46360
Went here with a friend to give it a try. We liked the bowls of all you can eat free popcorn. The meals were so-so. I had a steak and fries. More fat than meat. Our server was very nice and attentive. Unfortunately a large group came in and was seated at a round table right next to us. They were so loud we couldn't hear each other talking. The cost was reasonable.
The food was seriously bland. My husband and I went to this place with our two boys and I ordered the buffalo chicken wrap while my husband ordered the beach burger with seasoned fries. The waitress was nice, it wasn't great service but it wasn't terrible either. I swear I feel like the food is for senior citizens because nothing had any flavor at all.
Promptly greeted, seated, and given popcorn, which was a nice treat as we were already hungry. I asked about the seasonal beers as nothing on the list caught my eye... Much to my surprise and delight she mentioned Gumballhead! Do not pass up the chance to have this on draft! (Use caution when ordering the 34oz, though.. it's HUGE.) So many things looked/sounded so good on the menu that we decided to order the nachos while we continued to decide on our main courses. I'm glad we didn't pass those up! The very generous portion of tortilla chips with barbecue pulled pork, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos was easily enough for four of us to share. Finally, our main courses were amazing. Quesadillas that were more than enough for one person. A sandwich on a pretty awesome pretzel bun. Some of the tastiest chicken tacos I've had in a long time. A French dip full of meat. Prices were fair. Nothing here disappointed. We'll be sure to come back on our next trip.

(219) 879-5124

Pubs, American (Traditional), Mexican

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