Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizzeria

500 S El Portal
Michiana Shores, 46360
This is my only 5 star review currently!!!! I love Stop 50. It is about an hour & some change from chicago but worth the trip. There is no concept here - it is just a wood burning oven and simple great ingredients. The firecracker goat cheese is to die for. The margherita pizza is unbelievable. I have been to numerous other wood fired pizza places but this one is the best. They do have a website and be aware that this is in a seasonal area in Michiana Shores so their hours vary.
This place is incredible. I was looking for a place near the Michigan City outlet mall, and this place showed up on Yelp. It did not disappoint. First, I want to mention the cleanliness. Straws are removed before giving drink refills, and childrens' toys (and high chairs) are wiped down with Clorox. Both are rare in this industry, and I love it (not the rare part, the cleaning part). Now, to the food. The Caprese salad (special) was excellent, a portion large enough to share. Not filling, it was a great appetizer (unlike most appetizers that just fill you up). The breadsticks are also fantastic. They use the same dough for the breadsticks and pizza, so you can get a pretty good idea if you'll like the pizza. The breadsticks come topped with shredded cheese (mozzarella?) - easy to shake off and still gives some flavor. The pizza was also awesome. Very thin crust, made right in front of you, it was very tasty. Not too much cheese, the pizzas are nice and light (so you won't feel sick afterwards). There are plenty of toppings (depending on the pizza you order), and they look beautiful. All of those items are only to prepare you for the desserts. Everything (that I know of) is homemade, and it is out of this world. The chocolate cake is excellent, a classic. Not especially unique, but quite tasty. The Beach Banana was very sweet (in a good way). Baked in honey and cinnamon, the banana is just, well, just try it. And the S'More is my favorite. Very rich, but very tasty, this s'more is enough to share. Personally, I recommend ordering 2 desserts and sharing them. You won't be disappointed. THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE
My Wife and I had a wonderful evening dinner there. The place is located a bit out of the way (well, at least for us) but nothing a good GPS can't overcome. We ordered the stuffed peppers with sausage for an appetizer. It was delicious, but a bit too spicy for me. My wife found it to be fine. We ordered the Mushroom pizza (if I'm remembering the menu name correctly) and it was wonderful. The flavors all work together in a terrific way. The crust was just out of this world. Be advised though - this is what I consider a gourmet, thin crust wood-fired pizza cafe. So don't come expecting traditional pizza or large selection. The pizza is *very* thin and the toppings are there for flavor, not quantity. Also it is a smaller location without a waiting area to speak of, so either make a reservation or time your arrival appropriately.

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