Granite City Food & Brewery

3809 Coldwater Rd
Ft. Wayne, 46805
Not a brewery, more like a fermentery. We had an excellent time. Wait staff was less then knowledgable but kind. Food was excellent! Missing two stars comes from "The Duke" smelling and tasting like floor cleaner. It was obvious something was left in the fermenter or lines after cleaning. Waitress blamed corporate?!?!
Super friendly staff even coming in an hour before closing on a Sunday evening. Burger was great. Waffle fries a little salty. But overall -- excellent. I'd return.
Ok, where to start. I guess the atmosphere is a wash due to the 7 people at the 15-20 bar top. The bartender was polite and attentive but still shooting the bs with customers. Great attitude. The beer is brewed in house but like most brewpubs it's mehh. Not outstanding but not bad. The dinner I had was the Mediterranean Chicken. It comes with broccoli and mine was cooked just right. The chicken was touching dry but not quite. It did have a wonderful balsamic vinegar reduction drizzle that was great. I'm a glutton and fool so I salted things up a bit. It's a nice, big, affordable place. I would not be afraid to come back. I'm sure when this place is really hopping the atmosphere would be good. I was alone as I'm traveling and a big bar with TVs makes it work for me. So, give it it a go.

(260) 471-3030

Breweries, American (Traditional)

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McAlister’s Deli

1310 South Illinois Road
Ft. Wayne, 46804
I have to admit this place is just another chain with nothing really special. The food is fine, but nothing here makes me go "OH MY GOD!" I suppose heir potatoes are the best thing I have had there. A large potato covered in all kinds of creative toppings
Ate at McAlister's Deli for the first time today. Nice lunch spot. Menu features sandwiches, soups, salads, and humongous baked potatoes. You order at the front and take a seat with a number sign so they can bring your food over to you when it is ready. They clear your table for you. In a cute touch, you can get a red/green card on your table to indicate if you want service or to be left alone (similar to how they are used at a Brazilian steak house, except not all you can eat). This was handy since we were there for a working lunch. I had half a roast beef Panini with the potato soup. The soup was a touch thick for my taste, but the flavors were good and it wasn't too salty (recent problem I've been having with potato soup). The soup was better than Bennigans, but not as good as Corner Bakery's. The Panini was fine, not great, but fine. My companion had the half Savannah salad with the half veggie potato. The veggie potato comes smothered in cheese, so if you are trying to be good with a veggie potato, ask them to go easy on the cheese. The pizza flats being served to the tables next to us looked great. I'll be trying one of those on my next visit. The atmosphere and price are on par with Panera or Corner Bakery.
McAlester's came onto the scene a few years ago in Fort Wayne, and judging from the crowd, things seem to be going well for them at this location next to the Jefferson Pointe shopping center. I had the Turkey Reuben, which is always nicely done. They also have no problems here with preparing a half sweet/half un-sweet tea, which causes many fast food workers to do a 'deer in the headlight'.

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Delis, Salad, Sandwiches

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O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

1220 S Illinois Rd
Ft. Wayne, 46804
We come here far more often than we would like to admit. The food is always very good and the service is great. Tiffany was spectacular this past time. Thank you so much to the whole group at O'Charley's! Always a great experience.
I went here for a soup and salad takeout. As I came back inside to see my soup & salad not ready, I stood there to watch how it was prepped. The cooks in the kitchen had no gloves on. I even witnessed one use his bare hands to pick up fries off one plate to put on another plate to be served to someone else in the restaurant. I then watched him stick his freakin bare fingers in his mouth eating the lettuce that he used to make with my salad. Then to say that the salad was ready......Nah keep that soup and the salad. I'm looking at all the employees and no one said anything to these guys. They're eating, drinking and cooking all at the same time. What happned to taking a break to go eat and drink? I spoke to the manager and made her aware, but the fact that this is done out in the open in front if customers. Nooooo way this should be allowed. Is this normal protocol for the cooks there? Do they use the restroom & not wash their hands?!?! This was my first time at O'Charleys and I'll never go to another one ever again. BARF!!!!
Menu presents many good options, but the kitchen delivers average food, lacking seasoning. Restaurant is pretty noisy making conversation difficult.

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Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

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Ruby Tuesday

1050 E Coliseum Blvd
Ft. Wayne, 46805
Well folks I've been to Ruby Tuesday's in several states but this one location impressed me the most. I ordered a Petite sirloin and grilled shrimp as did my wife. We were both impressed with the seasonings and the tenderness of the steak. The baked potato was fantastic. It was baked just right and flaked with your fork. The shrimp were seasoned to perfection and grilled out of this world. I know? Sounds to good to be true? Well it is true my friends. The salad bar that comes with the meal is of the most freshly presented array of vegetables, spinach, Romain, iceberg, and homemade salads of potato, and pasta. The salad dressings were out of this world. I'm telling you this location in Fort Wayne Indiana has it all for you! Great hospitality and the manager is on top of everything. I could not find one thing wrong with the entire meal or restaurant. Oh of course the wind outside could have stopped and the temperature could have been 20 degrees warmer. The inside atmosphere was the type that made you feel comfortable and cozy because the wait staff is on top of their game and they actually looked like they were having fun. I take that back! They were having fun and it showed because they were Johny on the spot with your every need. I'll be back!
I have been here a few times and it is ok. Just ok. They have a salad bar, but it is pretty standard - the croutons are good. They have a pretty diverse menu with alot of healthy choices and sides. I like that. They have added asparagus, zuccini, green beans and tomatoes as sides - and they are good. Sometimes the green beans need cooked a little more - too crunchy. The rest of the food is ok - not bad, but nothing outstanding. One time, my husbands' food came out about 10 minutes before the rest of our table - 5 people. The server apologized and said he didn't know what was up with that, and offered us a free iced tea. We all had already ordered drinks - so it wouldn't be free, but would be a refill - should have offered a free desert. Oh well. Like I said - it is just ok, I wouldn't make a special trip to go here, except if I had a craving for zucchini and asparagus - which does happen.
I really enjoy this restaurant but feel it's a little pricy, especially for lunch. My 3 yr old daughter and I went today, and the bill was close to $20 just for is two! I even had water to drink. The salad bar is always really fresh and kept cleaned and filled, which is a definite plus. My 3 yr old wanted something off the salad bar, of course, after watching me get something so quickly to eat. So I proceeded to get her a small amount of apple salad and about 10 grapes. The server ended up charging me $1.99 for that. I should've just added it to my plate I guess! That seems a little ridiculous to me. They also charge separately for the kids drinks apart from the kid meals. Other than the price I was pleased with the freshness and quickness of everything. I also had a cup of chicken tortilla soup and it came with a side of tortilla chips. It was very delicious, although not much chicken was to be had in it. The flavor was good. I would recommend this restaurant, just wish the pricing wasn't quite so high on some things. I'm all about spending money for good food, but I think $20 before tip for me and a small child is a little over the top.

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American (Traditional), Burgers

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305 W. Coliseum Blvd.
Ft. Wayne, 46805
This place is truly a joke. The only thing that was decent about this place was the drinks. The food is bland, the atmosphere is entirely too loud, and the service is frankly god awful. I went there with my family for a nice night out and when we were shown to our table, they claimed to be out of clean silverware and proceeded to give us plastic to-go forks and napkins. We spent three quarters of the time hacking at our meals with this. Long story short, it is a ridiculous restaurant and I flat out refuse to ever go back.
Had a very hard time getting waited on at our table. Our booth was in rough condition and bathrooms were only slightly clean. Been here before and never had an experience quite like this one. Very unfortunate. Food was ok though.
The waitress, Ashleigh, was phenomenal. The place was packed, but she was came out a couple times letting us know when our food would be out. Then again when it came out she checked on us a few times. She gave excellent service. We ordered burgers and chicken fingers for the kids. The burgers were excellent. The bbq on the burger wasn't too much, just right. We'll be back!

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American (Traditional), Comfort Food

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