Steve’s Grill

700 N Halleck St
De Motte, 46310
This place is alright, good food if sticking with normal lunch or breakfast food. Fries are great, nice and crispy. Service when I've been there many times has been fair. Not many choices in this town but decent enough food. Many older ppl come here, not to say I don't like them but when you have ALOT visiting a restaurant often, you can tell that the food isn't going to blow you away. I will continue to go there, but I know what things to order.
I'm giving Steve's Grill the "Local Diner" Genre. Doesn't get much better than this... Our family has eaten here about 6 times...and had a great meal every time. No complaints at all. Waitstaff is friendly and very accommodating. Very clean with nicely decorated family-diner type of decorating. Comfortable chairs and booths. They also have a few flat-screen TV's in the corners and center of the restaurant...for those of us that need the TV on to eat... Steve's Grill has a great menu... A lot of variety. They advertise on their website that they feature American and Greek Cuisine. Each day they have the daily-special...really good...and reasonable too. My brother-in-law was really tickled to find that they had "Manhattan" sandwiches on the menu. Turkey, roast-beef...etc, on top of bread with gravy and mashed-potatoes....really good. HUGE PORTIONS.... The mashed potatoes are good...even tho, they're from a box... ;) Also...their french-fries are the BEST...!!!!! The country-fried fork-tender...very tasty, as was the liver & onions. Nice salad and rolls, come with the majority of meals. Good local restaurant...!
Aaahhhh.. Indiana has gone smoke free, too!! Not much around these parts to choose from. Plus, it's MEMORIAL DAY, so it's even harder.. But, this place was open. I started off with a cup of NE clam chowdaa . Very good. I had the chicken skewers & hubs had the chicken Caesar salad.

(219) 728-4428

Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional), Diners

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