Tiger Lily

1505-2 S Calumet Rd
Chesterton, 46304
Love the European sodas! This place is adorable. Love love love it!
Delicious!! DELICIOUS!! DELICIOUS!! We saw the sign off the expressway that said Vegan and it had everything we could want. Even for myself the meat eater. Everything we had was great & that pub sauce should be bottled and sold. Wonderful service, great selection of baked goods and reasonably priced.
Not just vegan but delicious vegan!! And protein!!! One of the challenges of a veggie diet is finding satisfying healthy protein. The beef seitan with black bean pesto and siracha was perfect. The cucumber salad was a good side choice and a little variety from the usual chips. The outdoor patio was perfect for the weather and the servers were very nice also. A fabulous lunch!! And they do have choices for carnivores also.

(219) 921-0488

Vegetarian, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Sandwiches

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243 Melton Rd
Chesterton, 46304
Quick and correct service. An employee provided ice cream for my toddler and the daughter of the friend I was travelling with. Very sweet gesture and very much appreciated.
It seemed like everyone this year was fighting the war on thanksgiving for employees. The absolute worst thing ever to work on a Thursday. Thanksgiving is a pretty crazy time for traveling, so most gas stations are always open. No one cares about those poor gas station attendants. This McDonald's is attached to a Pilot or some gas station. It was open 24 hours on Thanksgiving. It was the perfect spot for me to grab some apple slices to tide me over til I could eat some apple pie in Michigan. Another surprising bonus was that the employees were actually nice and somewhat jovial. I think it was their holiday pay perking their spirits.
5 stars just for the FAST free wifi. Every McDonald's I have been to has always met my expectations of what McDonald's represents.

(219) 787-8288

Fast Food, Burgers

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Smokey’s Southern Barbque

375 E US Rt 20
Chesterton, 46304
The pulled pork sandwiches, the homemade pie, the rustic (ridiculous) atmosphere...all fantastic. My friends and I stumbled upon this place by getting lost. What a wonderful treat! The food is fantastic, the waitress was amazing, and the decorated walls certainly give you something to talk about while waiting for the food. Also, the pig statue out front provides a great opportunity for silly road trip photos. I suggest you don't miss out. We'll have to get "lost" at Smokey's again sometime soon. Yum.
Drove past this place a hundred times, in the middle of nothing, finally stopped. Tried the pulled pork & brisket with coleslaw & roasted potatoes, everything was amazing! Best BBQ in the area hands down. Can't wait to try the ribs. Bring $ they do not take credit. Only 3 mins off of the highway!
Stopped here on our way from Detroit to Chicago, a little Gem of a place! Great beef brisket and Jamie was nice too! It was cool to see Kid Rock had stopped in and enjoyed Smokeys too!

(219) 878-1418


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Dog Days Ice Cream Parlor

123 S Calumet Rd
Chesterton, 46304
Finally went to this lovely ice cream joint after driving by many times saying "we should go in there". The first thing that hit me was the awesome retro décor. I loved that! They use old bowling alley seats as booth seating and have great window seats near the front as well. I absolutely love that they don't have 18 million flavors of ice cream. You can tell that each flavor was made with great care and thought. This will definitely be our family's ice cream shop, hopefully for years to come.
Wonderful. The gelato and sorbet are just great. The service was wonderful especially from Gracie. Highly recommend not the same old thing has a nice old time feel. Definitely worth the trip.
Dog Days is a wonderful addition to Chesterton! The ice cream is just amazing. We tried the Bananas Foster, Strawberry and Chocolate with fudge pieces and every bite was delicious! I highly recommend stopping in to this gem in downtown Chesterton!

(219) 661-7890

Gelato, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Northside Diner

100 N Calumet Rd
Chesterton, 46304
First of all, the coffee was the worst coffee I've ever had (you could see through it), the scrambled eggs, while refreshingly not from a box of liquid eggs, weren't scrambled well, had lots of white areas and were flat and over cooked. Bacon was tasty but undercooked, potatoes were heavily soaked in butter and the sausage gravy was lacking in flavor and coagulated. Service was average. Not sure how it got such high yelp ratings...maybe for the Jukebox and nostalgic decor which is why I gave it three stars instead of two.
Food was pretty good. Price was ok. Liked the diner atmosphere. Lots of fried stuff. Fries were a bit bland but the shrimp was good.
Great place, great people. The new remodel makes the place look better, it was much needed.

(219) 926-9040

Diners, American (Traditional)

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Red Cup Cafe & Deli

115 Broadway
Chesterton, 46304
I generally work from home, which means tons of frequent distractions. My adorable Rottweiler is barking all day, or the closets need to be cleaned out pronto, or I just HAVE to take a nap, or Law & Order is on...again. If I can't focus at home, I venture out to a locally owned coffee shop or restaurant to get some serious work done. Today I grabbed the laptop and went to Red Cup Cafe & Deli in Chesterton. I will definitely be back for a relaxing brunch with the hubs very soon. Here's why: The Red Cup serves Metropolis Coffee. If you're from Chicago, you know what I mean. Smooth and delicious! They have breakfast specials, a brunch menu, and lots of hot and cold sammies. The baked goods look totally decadent. If I enjoyed sweets, I'd probably try one of each. There's tons of free street parking on both sides of the street in front of the cafe. I'm sure it's difficult to find an open space on any given summer Saturday when the European Market is in full force, but it's no problem on a Thursday afternoon. The atmosphere is quirky and cozy, with lots of mix-and-match furniture including a few high-top tables and stools, couches and overstuffed chairs, and even a large dining room style table that seats eight. Great for groups, couples, and singles alike. The completely random musical selection is probably my favorite thing about the Red Cup. I've been here for an hour and have heard smooth '70s soul, synth-pop, ragtime and old-timey jazz, Wilco, Alabama Shakes, Modest Mouse, and Joy Division. The variety is truly impressive. Who knows what I'll hear next? Ella Fitzgerald? Hank Williams, Sr? Stevie Nicks? Kraftwerk? The servers and baristas know what they're doing and will patiently answer questions about the menu. In other words, you don't have to be a regular to feel comfortable. Both the self-serve condiment area and the unisex bathroom are clean and tidy. There are a few tables on the shady sidewalk our front and free wifi. I love this place.
Two great guys opened the doors for an out-of-towner early Sunday morning and made me a big, delicious cup of coffee ! Little did I know they don't open on Sundays! Just my luck to catch them as they stopped in to pick up muffins to take to church. Thank you for your warm hospitality and for the cup of joe. I will be back when you are "really" open.
I first thought this place was too cool for me but it ain't. I love dancing with the door coming in and the funky music always playing. So close to the beach and after dropping the progeny off, and that too if need be.

(219) 929-1804

Delis, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea

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Village Tavern Bar and Grill

128 Lincoln St
Chesterton, 46304
The Village Tavern is one of our favorite places in the entire region. The friendly, kind ladies who work there make sure that everyone feels welcome. Service is quick, too, even during the busiest times. We've had many different food items from the Village, and we've never been disappointed! I would recommend (in particular) anything on the "specials" menu. We tend to visit more often in the summer when we can enjoy the fresh air of the outdoor dining. That's not to say we don't go in the winter; we pick our times pretty carefully though. At times the haze of the cigarette smoke is so thick we leave with headaches. The smoking policy is the only reason I wouldn't rate the Village as a five-star place.
The best food, prices and service in the county in my book! Lookin for a great atmosphere, visit the Village in Porter!! Food is outstanding and reasonably priced! Will continue to dine in the lil town of porter for another decade! Rock on Village bar and tap!
The food was okay -- nothing spectacular. Beer was good and inexpensive. Service was slow but friendly. Perhaps it was the usual Sunday night crowd but it was a motley crew. As we attempted to enjoy our visit, there were lots of VERY drunk, very vulgar guests (at 6 pm). We like to drink but the general atmosphere made us uncomfortable. The 3 am closing time should have been a clue that this place is way more bar than grill.

(219) 926-5002

American (Traditional)

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Sunrise Family Restaurant

475 Sand Creek Dr
Chesterton, 46304
If you are looking for a cheap diner with excellent food quality and service this is the place to go. The restaurant has a great environment with very kind waitresses. Most of the time there will always be one of the two owners working and they will make sure you are satisfied once you leave. The soups and dinner rolls are specifically very tasty. Overall an excellent diner with amazing management and hospitality!
Great service, big portions, and very affordable. If you are looking for the hometown breakfast joint this is the place. I highly suggest the skillets.
Standard cafe fair. Been there many times, at all times of the day. Good service.

(219) 921-1488

American (Traditional), Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch

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Venice Pizza

1453 Broadway
Chesterton, 46304
Second time there. First time was not impressed. This time was better. Had intended to go to Octave's, but it is so small and always a wait. In comparison to Chesterton's other offerings, this has best decor, cloth napkins, etc., so ++, better than the others in this small town. Pizza better than average. Noodle dishes a little better than average. Pasta was not over-cooked. Sausage-tomato-onion appetizer was thin on the sausage. Does have beer and wine at reasonable prices. Tons of room with bar in back. Strangely, no music, but that can be a good thing, no annoying teenie junk blasting. Some soft Italian jazz would be nice. Man sitting at front was totally disinterested. Did not say a word. One waitress who was competent and friendly. Service was adequate +. Helped us to rearrange tables to accommodate our group. Suggestions are that they get some craft beers in, widen the menu for entrees, and cheerfully welcome the customers.
We were camping at the Indiana Dunes and being from Indianapolis - where true Chi-town deep dish is apparently forbidden - we had to have some cheesy pie! The hubby found Venice in a brochure we had, and the location was super close to where we staying. Upon arrival we noticed the limited seating and going inside it was obviously a mostly takeout/delivery location. Bummer - but we were camping and didn't want to mess with a pizza at a campsite, so we opted to stay. No fountain soda - just bottles - ick! So I had to pace myself with the soda. We ordered the stuffed deep dish and an order of breadsticks. The sticks were super good - nice and flakey, but the sauce was cold :-( The pizza was pretty good! I was extremely pleased - hot and tasty! If I lived up in the region I would consider ordering takeout or delivery, but would avoid dining-in.
We have driven by Venice Pizza over the years and haven't given it much thought. It's super bright inside and I have never seen people/customers dining in or carrying out. We have not had any truly awesome pizza in Chesterton, unfortunately...Duneland is good, but hours are short...Val's is pretty good, but inconsistent in prep...Gelsossimo's and Verona are good, but not to my taste. The pizzas we got last night from Venice Pizza were awesome! We tried a deep dish and a regular crust (that one with no cheese)...the sauce was excellent, extra on the one without cheese, and the crust was delicious, even in deep dish thickness! Service was friendly and pizza was ready when predicted. I look forward to ordering again and again!!

(219) 728-6438


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Tao Chen’s

532 Indian Boundary Rd
Chesterton, 46304
Finding high quality and consistent Chinese food reinforced by exceptional service is a challenge. However Tao Chen's meets and exceeds that challenge. Whether dining for lunch (their lunch specials are great) or ordering take-out, I have yet to have less than great food. Asking for exceptions such as no mushrooms please is always met with a smile and a can do attitude.
After fiinding out my fantastic local chinese restaurant suffered an unexpected fire in the kitchen (RIP), we ventured out to try and find another restaurant on our way home. Tao Chen's appeared in a Google search so we figured we were feeling adventurous enough to try it. We ordered the sesame chicken and spare ribs. After getting home we dived right in. The food was good but the broccoli they added to the sesame chicken was so over cooked it was horrible. If they would have left out the broccoli I would have given them 4 stars. BTW - we didn't dine in but the atmosphere inside looked quite nice.
What a nice surprise! Dropped in for lunch since I was in the area. Ordered the wonton soup and it was the best I've had in years! Flavorful broth with lots of barbecued pork strips and chopped green onions. The shrimp in lobster sauce was also delicious. It was made as it should be with a dark sauce made with pork, not that white eggy sauce you get in most places. I will definitely be back since I'm anxious to try other items on their menu.

(219) 926-2542


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