Dreamland Palace German Restaurant

3043 State Rt 156
Foster Pond, 62298
Let me begin by saying I'm of German descent, and I really wanted to like this place. My definition of Dreamland Palace: Bad German version of Denny's that appeals mostly to customers 65+. My advice about Dreamland Palace: If you are under 65 years of age, or don't live in the area, don't bother with this place; it's not worth more than a 5 minute's drive. In this day and age, if you are going to do food old school style, by which I mean classic or old fashioned dishes that aren't concerned with presentation, you should make certain your flavors and food shine. And unfortunately that is not the case here. The Good: 1-The Salad Bar was decent. It had a refreshing assortment of marinated salads, (no lettuce salads) which on the night we visited included 2 variations of sauerkraut slaw, marinated carrot salad, 3-bean salad,and a marinated cucumber salad. The best were the cucumbers and the darker sauerkraut slaw. 2- The dessert display case had a variety of tasty-looking options, however we did not order dessert, so I do not know if they tasted as good as they looked, or if they were homemade. 3-The interesting decor items gave you something to look at while waiting for your food to arrive. 4-The friendly, pleasant, competent waitstaff. The Bad: 1-Many of the food items are sub-par. The Applesauce, Sauerkraut and/or Red Cabbage accompaniments came in condiment-sized ramekins... perhaps a couple of tablespoons worth. My question is with meals almost twenty dollars, why so skimpy on the cheap cabbage dishes and jarred applesauce? Just about every entree came with Potato Pancakes and the most amazing thing about them was how they managed to be soggy despite being very thin and so darkly browned. They were about 1/8'' thin, and only crispy on the very edges where they were paper thin.They were also rather greasy and easily the worst potato pancakes I have ever eaten. The Sauerbraten which was touted as the house specialty was two small 1/8'' slices of beef drowning in what appeared to be the thickened brine/marinade, as half the plate was covered in the overwhelming marinade/gravy making it impossible to taste the actual meat. The only plus is the meat, what little there was, was tender. The Jaegerschnitzel, hmm...I don't even know where to begin...There was basically nothing right about this meal, including the fact that it came with the aforementioned skimpy accompaniments. The meat was pounded to the ubiquitous 1/8'' thickness that appears to be their standard here, and then breaded and fried. It was supposed to be veal, but barring a DNA test, there is no way to tell if that was the actual meat used or not because you couldn't taste the meat under all the breading. Unfortunately it also seems as if it was deep fried because the overwhelming flavor was that of stale grease. It covered over half the plate with its edges curling up like a bowl which was filled with Mushroom Gravy. No clue if the gravy itself was homemade or not, however the mushrooms definitely came out of a can/jar; they were pale; limp, chewy and tasteless. I don't understand why fresh mushrooms are not used if you are serving mushroom gravy on so many of the dishes? The Soup at the soup/salad bar was tepid, tasteless and lacking texture. It was apparently vegetable soup, however if I had been blindfolded, I would have been at a loss to guess what it was other than mushy. 2-Confusing entrance. You enter the restaurant into a large room that if it were not for the salad bar near the back, you would think you were in a small antique shop. There is no sign to direct you, and no host/hostess to help you either. It took us a minute or so to notice the narrow hallway to the seating area. At the far end of that hallway was the "wait to be seated" sign, where you stand until someone finally happens to notice you. 3-Poor layout/traffic flow. Yes, I understand that this is an old historic building, but the way they are using the space only adds to the flow issues. While we were visiting the soup/salad bar, about 6 customers arrived and were waiting in the hallway, making it impassible for others to get into the seating area until they were all seated. Meanwhile my not-very-hot-to-begin-with soup grew colder by the minute while we were stuck in "traffic." 4-The owner talks at length (as in 15 minutes) with a few guests who perhaps he knows or are regulars, but totally ignores the rest of the patrons. 5-The long drive for most everyone. The Ugly: 1-The smell. Musty, dusty, old smell as you walked in and throughout the place. Guessing the owner and workers have become "nose-blind" to the smell. 2- Being totally ignored by the seemingly chatty owner. 3-The gross vinyl tablecloths that make you wonder how long those poor sticky/tacky things have been in use.
This dining experience would have to be the worst of all time. I purchased a groupon and was excited to try this restaurant for the first time. We arrived 30 minutes early and were seated promptly. The restaurant was packed with a lot of customers and the banquet room was even full. I had high hopes!!! The waiter took our drink order within ten minutes. Our drinks arrived and this is where the nightmare began. My wife and I both ordered the Roulade, a steak for my daughter and a hot dog for the three year old. After eating from a sub par salad bar with two choices of beets, cottage cheese and other various vinegar based salads we waited over two and half hours for our meals. Bread was brought to our table one time during the two and half hour wait. Our drinks were filled once and the wait staff was not attentive at all. The food arrived and was not pleasing to the eye. The rouladen, covered in gravy looked like a frozen meal and tasted about the same. The potato pancakes were very thin, super thin and tasted like they were from a box. My daughters steak was grey in color. She had one bite and spit it out into her napkin. My three year olds hot dog was the last to arrive and brought out about three-five minutes after the other meals. Nothing was brought out at the same time. I immediately thought of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. The restaurant is outdated, dusty, and had a very stale smell in the air. From what I experienced I feel it's my duty to warn people of this "Restaurant"!!!
Went to Dreamland quite a few years back, food took forever to come out and it was all cold. Prices too high for what it is. Owners were very rude when we confronted them about the cold tasteless food, they pretty much told us to never come back and to head home. Worst restaurant experience I have ever had by far. I could add to this negative experience, but I am keeping it simple for my review. Stay FAR AWAY from this rude establishment. If I could give negative stars, I would do so.

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