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Visit below restaurant in East Peoria for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in East Peoria for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Richard F.

    Went here to use up a few of our gift cards from Christmas. Between the two of us, we got sliders and a burger. Added Chili and sweet potato fries. We sat at the bar, and had to wait about 10 minutes to get any service. There were 5 people sitting at the bar. When she came over, we ordered a water to start (because we hadn't eaten anything). I guess since we were sitting at the bar, we promptly got ignored for about another 15 minutes (before the water came over). Since we had the gift cards, we stuck it out. Sub-par food....lousy service. Place was ehh looking. Won't go back....except we have about $15 left on the gift card. KMN!

  • Meridith M.

    Facility- Eh. Place was dirty. Bathroom needed serious attention. Servers looked sloppy. I'm sorry but muffin tops galore.... Food- I LOVE their fat free vinaigrette and the health nut menu. Food was pretty good but their steaks never seem to have any flavor. Hubby liked his BBQ. It fell off the bone. Service- nothing special.

  • Debbie P.

    We took the family for lunch on Saturday. Five of the six of us had steak. The two that ordered medium to medium rare got sick. After about 12 hours, they are still battling it. There steaks were still cool inside. We don't normally complain about food. If we aren't crazy about it, we just don't go back. Just a little FYI in case anyone else gets sick.

  • Chrissy W.

    We came here for lunch with friends as we were headin' back home to Chicago. We had planned on heading to Granite City, but with a 30 minute wait, it seemed like Logan's was the way to go. Very kitschy place with the standard roadhouse appeal. Peanuts. Bread and butter. country-yee-haw-wood kinda place. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much. In reality though, I was impressed with the food and our waters were always filled, so I'd call it a success. I had the bacon and egg burger, which was REALLY good. Definitely a fan of their burgers, there was flavor and juicy meaty goodness. I had chips instead of fries and loved them. They were thick and crunchy-perfect. My side of BBQ sauce came out hot, which was awesome. Brian had the same burger but with sweet potato fries, which were also delightful. Service was fast and pleasant. Decent place. I'd go back.

  • Sherah B.

    Logan's is a bit generic. Let's see...there are about 3 of these restaurants that are pretty similar..Texas Roadhouse, Logan's, and Longhorn. All are tasty, yes, but so similar, it's not fun. Logan's does have a great deal of two meals for $13.99 Mon-Wed, I believe, which is pretty much awesome. I do like their rolls, but they taste oddly similar to Texas Roadhouse..hmmm

  • Adam O.

    Ordered the 20oz Bone-In Ribeye (medium-rare) with Caesar Salad and Baked Potato (butter & sour cream). Glass of water with dinner, and two Johnny Walker Black's (neat) for my after dinner drink. The salad was regular chain restaurant fare, nothing but as expected. Same with the potato. The steak is where they lost me. The cook was decent enough not to overcook it, though I could tell it sat for upwards of 5-mins before it made it to me as it had gone past medium rare to the verge of medium, which isn't all together 1-star worthy, whereas the quality of the meat is definitely 1-star worthy. "Chewy" and "difficult to cut" is not what I pay $25.00 for. "Flat" and "dry" is not, either. Kirsten was my server in the bar area. Nice enough, but not very good when it came to keeping my water full, the ice from melting, or even what "neat" meant. I get that it's not a high scale place where men drink scotch - the place has a neon sign that says "Steaks and Budweiser" for good sake. I get it. What I don't get is that I was served a slab of beef rather than a 20oz Bone-In Ribeye.

  • Anna M.

    Our waitress was great! We were hoping for Texas Roadhouse but would have had an hour and a half wait so we came by Logan's and we will be back! Very similar to Texas Roadhouse and we were impressed with the service food and how hard the whole staff was working.

  • April W.

    **Review has been edited This review is in no relation to the food, rather the customer service. Today I tried to make a reservation for 18 people to celebrate my daughter's 15th birthday on Saturday at 2:00. This is all my daughter wanted for her birthday was to have a family dinner at Logans. Now I understand that it is Valentine's Day and that is why we chose a random time to have this gathering. Unfortunatly Logan's staff was not sympathetic to any of the above mentioned....bummer for them. They were guaranteed a party of 18. Now they get 18 people who more then likely will never come into the business again. What a shame. 03/17/2014 Today I was contacted by Shawn, the Regional Manager of Logans for the area. He was apologetic and agreed that our situation was not handled properly and thanked me for my feed back, comments, and suggestions. I commend Logans for reaching out and having these kinds of conversations with their patrons. Shawn's proactive approach has redeemed Logan's for us and we will most likely visit again in the future.

  • Leonard B.

    I love their ribs and I have always had good service. The atmosphere is characteristic of the type of restaurant it is. What I don't like is the dust on the booth dividers, lights, heat/acetaminophenncy55gvbbh ducts and cob webs in the windows. It feels dirty and I am surprised the health department allows it.

  • Dave B.

    This chain steak house just hasn't done it for us. The steaks are just average at best, and a bit pricey for the lower quality. Service is fine and the ambience is what one would expect for a Texas Steak House, but there are much better steak houses with better value in the area.

  • James C.

    Let me preface this by saying that my review is a little colored by my way of eating. I only eat red meat. That's it. Thusly, my review is a little meat-centric: The Cons: - I must echo the other reviewer. They play very loud music; too loud. - When it's someone's birthday, the staff gathers around that unfortunate soul and bellows out the most terrifying birthday chant. The first time it happened I was caught off guard and recoiled violently in horror. - Subsequent renditions are no less obnoxious. - Entrees come with your choice of two sides. Since I only eat red meat, these sides are useless to me. I wish I could tell them no sides and save a few dollars, or have them add an ounce or two to my steak instead. That, unfortunately, is not an option. I just have to decline the sides and pay full price. - Last time I went, I ordered the 22 oz Porterhouse. I was promptly informed that they had run out. I had to settle on the measly 20 oz Ribeye. This is only a minor gripe, but after the meal I did feel about 2 ozs away from being full. The Pros: - The steak is absolutely delicious. - They cooks hit the right temperature every time. I always order my steak medium. I always receive a perfectly medium steak; it is never under or over cooked. - They are very reasonably priced. Logan's charges $24 + Tip. Ribeye in a grocery store is usually about $10/lb, where a 20 oz steak would run $12.50. Except, I can't cook a steak 1/10th as good as they do. In my opinion, $30 for a perfectly cooked steak is a pretty good deal, especially when you consider that a high end restaurant would charge you double that. - The wait staff, servers and hostesses are all extremely friendly an kind, so much so that I don't hold that ridiculous birthday chant against them.

  • Keith B.

    Horrible. Staff was rude, waitress ignored us most of the night taking to a coworker. Waited 20 min just to get a drink. The dinner rolls are good, but that is it. Nothing else worth going back for.

  • Justin L.

    Cliff notes: This place is WAY overpriced for LOW quality food. We recently moved here from CA and have been really missing Black Angus. This, sadly, will not be the replacement for it. Our first clue should have been that there was no wait at 7pm on a Friday night. Upon sitting down and looking over the menu, I immediately noticed fairly high prices. I'm ok with paying a high price for steak...if it's good. I finally settled on a sirloin with a side of grilled mushrooms and a baked potato. The steak was slightly overcooked but nothing worth complaining about. What I will complain about is the quality of the steak. This had to have been the absolute fattiest sirloin I've ever had. EVERY SINGLE BITE was tough. I've gotten better steak from discount grocery stores. Onto the mushrooms, I asked for the sauteed mushrooms but the server recommended the grilled instead. I'm a restaurant server as well so I trusted him. They were ok. Nothing to rave about. Onto the baked potato, it was under cooked and still crunchy. Seriously? Can they get nothing right? The only good part of the meal was the server. Biker looking dude. He's very good. If this had been a bottom dollar steakhouse I may have felt the need to give it a second chance. With the prices they're charging, no way.

  • George S.

    For the money, you can't beat Logans. Their two for one dinners are second to none. They give you a nice selection to choose from and so far everything I've tried on the menu has been very good. The only complaint I have is with the loud music. Load music only contributes to loud talking by the customers. So to avoid this, my wife and I usually try to eat during off times. That way all we have to contend to is the loud music and I've even had them turn the volume down for us.

  • Holly L.

    I walk in the door with my friend. We stand there and chat for a few seconds while someone who seems to be the hostess stares down at a menu or something and ignores us. We move along to a 6 person booth and sit down and wait. The hostess seats another party and walks past and I ask for menus. She comes back a minute later and says, "We're supposed to seat you." I say, "We stood there and waited and you ignored us so we sat down." She says, "Oh, well it's okay." WTF? What a typical attitude for a 2010 brain-dead Peoria person. I think the majority of the people with more than half a brain left town when the economy went bad. We ordered the 2 for $13.99 meal which comes with a total of 2 entrees, 4 sides, 4 rolls, and of course all you can eat shelled peanuts. I asked for jam for my rolls and the waitress says they don't have any. I ordered a soda with my meal and it cost $2.29 but at least I got free re-fills. My friend got the 6 oz steak which was ok, but I could have made a better one on my own. I got chicken tenders and they were pretty good. All the sides we got and the rolls were good even without jam. This place is roomy and has good lighting and seating but only has only 2 TVs that are around the bar. They came around and sang the annoying birthday song. The waitresses are constantly going around and sweeping up peanut shells and they're kind of in the way. I didn't notice really loud music. I'll go back again but either order water or a beer and hopefully that dipsh*t hostess won't be there and it won't be anyone's birthday.

  • Kurt P.

    As far a chain restaurant goes, this place isn't terrible. We had a group of 8 with a reservation, and were 10 minutes early, but the hosts didn't have the table ready, and it took a while to get it ready. It wasn't that busy- the hosts were just slow. I didn't have a problem with the volume of the music as other reviewers had, so maybe they've learned and turned down the volume. As far as the food, it was pretty standard. I don't eat red meat, so my choices were pretty limited. The best part of my meal were the sides- they serve a baked sweet potato as one of them. You can order it with marshmallows and caramel if you want (for an $1 extra). I ordered my plain, but it came out with all the sweet stuff (of course I ate it) and it was tasty. I'd go back solely for the sweet potato. Our server was slow and pretty detached. I don't want to go out to dinner and be depressed. However, she was cool with letting us hang out at her tables after we paid the dinner tab and started ordering drinks from the bar. The bar was the best part- strong drinks and everyday they have $3 dollar 22oz Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light and Amber Bocks.

  • Denise J.

    Big fan of their food but best be there before the crowd - works for me!

  • Jeff G.

    One of the best steakhouses in central Illinois. They also train there wait staff very well as we have always had good service.

  • Sally H.

    If you are going to pay 17.50 for a 12oz. Steak it better be good. First off the steak was about a half inch thick. Ribeye I'm talking. Asked for medium rare. Pink in middle, hot. Got rare and cold. Waitress agreed. She asked to make it right, I said no thanks I'll take it home an cook it. Didn't want shoe leather back.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Logan’s Roadhouse

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