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Visit below restaurant in Cicero for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Cicero for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jean M.

    I've been going to Henrys since 1962.. Excellent service, food second to none..you get fries with the hot dog! A real landmark of my old neighborhood.. However.. It's not a 'Chicago dog'. And we like it that way..no tomatoes or weird green relish.. You get a real pickle spear! No celery salt, either.. They won't look at you funny if you want KETCHUP on your hot dog, either.. The only thing that I don't like is that they have fountain RC products.. I would prefer a Coke.. But the milkshakes are good! Wish I lived closer..

  • Ramone B.

    After a disappointing dinner at Antique Taco my crew was still hungry. So after driving around dazed and confused Henry's is where we wound up. Henry's is a small place with order at the counter service. The lady working was pretty friendly, and she had this sarcastic humor with me that I totally appreciated. She was a lot of fun. I fall in love with people who make me laugh! Anywho I ordered a hot dog and fry, and I was informed that the hot dog already comes with fries which was cool. My hotdog was awesome. The fries were just okay although my two compadres thought they were amazing. Maybe I just wasn't in a French fry kinda mood. My boyfriend was quite dismayed that I snatched a piece of his pizza puff. I thought he was going to bite my fingers off lol! But, I see why- that Motherf*cking pizza puff was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I'm not even kidding. That sh*t prompted me to get off my big ass and purchase one. I don't know what they do, but that was the best pizza puff I've had in awhile!! I really wanted to try a shake, but the whole lactose intolerant thing kept me away today. I decided that I'd rather not be bloated for the rest of the evening! I'll be back!!!

  • Dan B.

    Along old Route 66 in Cicero sits a building clearly built in the mother roads heyday. With a classic looking sign and 1950s decor on the outside Henry's drive-in is an immediately noticeable building from the road and carries with it an aesthetic charm unique to a bygone era. As I arrived I made sure to snap a quick picture of the outside of the building before heading in. Upon entering I noticed that the dining area is very small. There were lots of pictures of Henry's Drive in from decades earlier posted on the walls and newsclippings to read. I quickly made my way to the counter to place my order. I noticed that they have Green River shakes and inquired as to whether or not they had the actual beverage itself and was disappointed to learn they only have the shakes. I then wanted to use the bathroom which requires an employee buzz you in the door. Once I came out of the bathroom and sat down in a less than ideally comfortable chair I waited for my food as I looked around admiring the pictures and other items involving this restaurant. Soon enough the hot dog was ready and it was time to dig in. The hot dog comes wrapped with fries in a white paper. As I pulled the fries off I got a look at what's on it. this was a skinless hot dog served on a regular non-poppy seed bun. There was a long thin pickle spear, onions, relish and sport peppers on it as well. Overall this was a pretty good tasting if not simple hot dog. I wouldn't say it's top tier but well above average. The fries included here were thick and had a nice potato paste inside. Not too salty and not bland, this was a nice mixture. Overall I liked Henry's Drive-In. While this place didn't blow me out of the water with fantastic food, it was well above average and taking that into account I'm awarding it four stars

  • Mark R.

    Best Hot Dogs on Route 66. I have been going there for46 years. Great Service. Very clean restaurant.

  • Jeffery S.

    Is it spring yet? After a four month hibernation in an effort to avoid the worst winter ever, I am ready to get out and start yelping. First stop is this Cicero Icon, Henry's. After years of driving by and being fascinated by the sign announcing that a Henry's Hot Dog is a meal, I finally decided to stop in. The hot dog stand is in kind of a scruffy looking area with a gravel parking lot. After dodging a few pot holes, I pulled up and walked in. Henry's offers the typical Hot Dog Stand menu, Italian Beefs, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Fries, and Tom Tom Tamales. They also feature some pretty good milk shakes as well. Soda's are that awful RC Cola and Diet Rite stuff which I avoid. Green River on tap too. I ordered two hot dogs and a cool Henry's T Shirt. The hot dogs were great, plain steamed buns with beef hot dogs. Toppings were onions, sport peppers, mustard. dill spear and relish. They skip the celery salt and tomato which is OK with me. Fries that they pile on the hot dog are nice, hot and crispy, not tepid and soggy like some places. Hot dog was good and the tube steak had a nice snap to it. T Shirt was a certified chick magnet. I reeked of onions for a couple of hours but I walked away happy, smelly and really hip in my Henry's T Shirt.

  • Jennifer Q.

    So, here's a fun story: We were actually on our way to Chicago Burgerwerks a few weeks ago. I guess they are known for notoriously spotty hours. Well, we got there and they were closed. So, at this point, we were STARVING. On the way back east on Ogden, we spotted Henry's. We all ordered hot dogs (and I even treated myself to an ice cream) and we were all happy campers! This is a charming, old school Chicago-style hot dog "shack". What was interesting to me was that it was all women working. I assumed this was likely a family business and there was the matriarch and a few daughters. There are tables so you can comfortably eat in. I would say maximum capacity is maybe out 20 seated. The best laugh was when I said, "We really like it here. We came all the way from Cicero." The matriarch laughed and said, "This is Cicero"! Oops! Ha! Everyone got a good laugh at that one! I guess I got confused since we drove all the way to Brookfield for the other place then had to head back. I did not know Cicero went that far down Ogden! Anyway, nice people, good food and fast service. Those hot dogs (and the ice cream) really hit the spot! Oh, by the way, they are CASH ONLY so come prepared! One of my poor coworkers had to pay for all of us because we all NEVER have cash! (We all graciously paid him back -with interest -though! ha ha)

  • Nicolas T.

    I tried a polish (w/ fries) and it was just ok. Nothing special and the amount of fries they give you with their deal is a joke. You can probably count them with both hands. I think if you want a real hotdog or polish, take the drive to either Jene & Judes or Jimmys. Seems like a neighborhood spot. People are nice but food wasnt. Doubt I'll be back

  • Grace G.

    Gotta review Henry's...it's a historic monument on Route 66 AND another first for me with the Hub. There's alot to order from because it is a typical fast food joint, but I say get the hot dogs. You can get them in such a variety of ways. I personally like a double dog with mustard, onions, peppers and a little celery salt. All the hot dogs come with fries. You have to try the hot dogs with the fries. It's an interesting combination...never did it before until I went to Henry's and boy, what a difference. My Hub and his male family counterparts always order the chili dogs. I'm not big on chili dogs, but they sure do love them. Have to give you a heads up, though...it does things to the indigestion system that you don't want to know. According to the boys, it's as good coming up as it is going down. I know...ILL, but I'm just telling it like it is. If you're not really into carb counting, the gravy bread is really an interesting item on the menu. Never understood the bread soaked in beef au jus, but it is apparently a hot item west of downtown. My dogs love the stuff!! Of course, there are other items on the menu, like pizza puffs, tamales, burgers and such, that are decent. But c'mon, it's a hot dog place. There are very few places to find a really good Chicago hot dog outside the Chicago border. They all taste bland or watered down. But not Henry's...steaming is the the way to go with hot dogs. Just a tip...if you are catching lunch, give yourself some time, especially in the summer. There's usually a line out the door, it gets really busy around lunch time. And they don't appreciate you being on your cell phone when you are ordering, so call ahead if you are ordering for others. It's cheap, quick and good, just like fast food should be. The only bad thing is that they close so darn early!! So if find yourself cruising down Historic Route 66 just west of Chicago after 11 a.m. or before 9 p.m., stop on by Henry's.

  • Becky P.

    Another "before I was born" restaurant. Henry's has the best Chicago-style hot dogs ever. This is the ONLY place i will eat hot dogs. They are quick, and so frigging tasty. There's a reason they've been around since the 50's. If anyone ever checks it out, let me know how much you love it.

  • S to the izzo F.

    Five Star hot dogs! The parking lot is crap! The building is plain! I hear there's decades of history here because of Route 66, But who cares? All I know is,The Hot Dogs are AWESOME!!!!!!! If I lived close by I eat one every day!

  • mikey m.

    always good food. everything is fresh. you always get hot fries, not like some places where they sit under a heat lamp for 30 minutes and taste like stale potato chips, i recommend the chili dog myself

  • Jenny C.

    Classic hot dog joint, cheerful counter service and a really tasty meal - works for me! It's kind of small inside but they hustle behind the counter and the crowds move fast. I like that I can go by on my way home, get a dog and fries and they are still piping hot when I get to my house. Get a cup of melted cheddar for the fries, then they are perfect! Prices are reasonable and everything I have tried is good but the cheese dog and fries is my personal fave- great flavor to the dog and nice salty crispy fries - yum!!

  • Hal M.

    Hmmm,mmmmm Bland!! Was hoping for much better! No salt on fries dog tasteless mustard onion relish is considered full dress! Maybe it's just me,is really hoping for better. People were great service was excellent everything labeled and separated. Can't complain about anything other than the lack of flavor! Reall want to like this place ! Will try it again!

  • Alixx C.

    I could be biased because this is the place I used to go to as a kid for lunch. This place has pretty good fast food. The hot dogs and fries are amazeballs. Be warned: they wrap the fries in with the hotdog. So they aren't isolated. I like the food here and you will too. Oh they now take credit and debit cards.

  • Dulce C.

    Delicious hot dog! Have to say that this is probably the only really good hot dog place that accepts credit cards. My only complaint is the service, not very nice.

  • Jim J.

    Awsome hot dogs and polish been eating here for over 30 years!!!

  • Allen T.

    I first started walking to Henry's hot dog stand in the late 50's and that was every time I was able to dig up .25 cents and the sign said it's a meal in itself because there were french fry's wrapped in with the hot dog my order was always the same [one with] which translate to a hot dog with everything and hot peppers I now have lived on the East coast for almost 30 years and for 30 years I have been searching for a steamed hot dog and steamed bun on the East Coast nothing even close, I often visit Chicago with friends from Ct.and we are all in agreement that Henry's Hot Dog stand provide the best representation of a true Chicago style hot dog with their Chili Dog a close second if someone would ask me if I came back here to visit my family or did fly out to get Henry's hot dogs I think that I would keep my mouth shut but only until I get to Henry's. {*_*}

  • Bill W.

    Coming from the Motor City and our delicious coneys, I had to give this place a try. The dogs are awesome...love the sport peppers along with the dill pickle....I did try the chili coney...beans??...still a tasty dog. I've been back several times since I'm on a project just down the street. Love the old school vibe and the Route 66 memorabilia on the walls.

  • The J.

    I used to come here all the time when I lived in Berwyn and it's best hot dog stand in the area. They also offer other things like sandwiches, pizza puffs and GRAVY BREAD! Yes, french bread dipped in Italian beef gravy and served right up. One of the things I miss about living in the area. Place gets VERY crowded during lunch and parking is limited. Their fries aren't all that great, but definitely worth checking out

  • T L.

    Typical place to get burgers, hotdogs, beef, and shakes! They make all of this and they make it great! They sure know what they are doing.

  • Brian O.

    There's a reason this place has been around since the 50's. They simply have the best hot dogs on the planet. If you're in the area, definitly check it out.

  • Tina T.

    I love this place I been going here for years. Every time I come here the staff is quick and friendly with my order.

  • K S.

    Amazing hot dog. The sign says it all. Fries come rolled up with the sandwich. Get all the fixings and enjoy.

  • Sandra C.

    Had to check out the place that people claim have better hot dogs than Gene and Jude's. Only two words to these people-----NO COMPARISON. Gene and Jude's is so much more delicious. I can't even compare the two places. Gene and Jude's dog has better flavor and FRESH fries on top. Henry's uses frozen tasteless fries. Never going back. I'll stay with Gene and Jude's!!!

  • Charles A.

    I just want to say, I've been going to this place since I was a kid & I highly recommend everyone to give Henry's a try you will never disappointed. Great food & service, it's nice to go somewhere & know exactly how you will be treated & enjoy the great food & service... Thank you.. =)

  • John M.

    Ate here for years in the 60's when I worked for my father's business next door. Was cool to see photos of it in the background on the wall. Dog was great. Love the fries on top and the hot peppers are still terrific. The dog seems smaller, but time and memory does that to a person. Ogden Ave is the beginning of the original Route 66. Brought back a lot of fond memories. I sure ate a lot of those dogs.

  • Matthew S.

    Only thing saving this place is the semi edible Hormel chili they serve on chili dogs or in bowls. That's really about it.

  • Amanda D.

    It's a local place and almost everyone in the area has been here a hundred times or more. The food is good but the only reason why I gave this place 3 stars is because ... WHAT PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND doesn't put a slice of tomato on a Chicago-style hot dog! I couldn't believe it! This is nothing new, I just remembered to write a review on this place. I still enjoy the other items but leave the hotdogs there! Head to Novi's Beef down on Oak Park.

  • Jeff G.

    got a dog and a pizza puff. good overall quality, though the fries were a little lacking. i took my girlfriend from New Mexico here and had been spouting off about Vienna dogs, etc and how you can tell a good joint by the V in the window. as we walked in i saw no sign anywhere but knew they were 100% beef dogs. after we finished eating i asked a girl making dogs what kind of dogs they serve and she said she didn't know (come on! any good joint should at least know what they serve). but then she asked who might be the owner and that lady said they are some dogs made especially for them and are not available anywhere for sale. in any event it was good.

  • Yazdgerd S.

    Henry's Drive-In is a "Meal in Itself", as the vintage neon sign proudly proclaims. This hotdog and beef stand has been here so long that it used to be on the old Route 66, which should give you a hint as to how long it has been around.. On this stretch of road in Cicero (YES, it is still in Cicero as it right off 61st Ct) , Henry's and Paul Bunyan's used to be the kings of hot dogs, and were long-time rvials. You may remember Paul Bunyan's as having one of the original fiberglass "Muffler Men", replacing the muffler with a giant hot dog. This was a local landmark until it closed in 2003. Henry's has a great beef, and tasty dogs that they cover in fries. This place is often jam-packed during lunchtime, so come early and pay CASH, no credit cards! I have been here many times and although I may be a little biased towards it, it also is a Chicagoland landmark with great food. Eating in my car, I look up at the ancient neon sign with the hotdog and fries and I sigh pleasantly, thinking of a kinder, simpler past that I was not alive to experience. I hope Henry's will be around for a long time- the place is historic as it is a good, cheap place to eat.

  • Robert S.

    local institution for sure Bring your Cash !! no charge no checky just cash you buy now love hot dog long time we popped in here to see what it was all about and it is about goodness in your tummy, hooked up by a great crew we got a couple double dogs and fries and a couple Pizza Puffs the real deal baby, broke the BF's pizza puff cherry and he was diggin it

  • Mike S.

    My girlfriend and I swung by Henry's after spending an afternoon at the zoo (it is no more than 15 minutes away). It easy to find as the giant hot dog stands out. We both ordered hot dogs with RC Cola to drink (nice to see something other than Coke or Pepsi). The food was fantastic, the hot dogs were some of the best I've had. Being our first time there I didn't realize the fries came wrapped up with the hot dogs. Doh! The building is old, the parking lot has seen better days, but who cares? Henry's was part of Rt 66 and a little bit of that history can be seen while you eat. We both enjoyed our first time at Henry's and will definitely go back.

  • Brian C.

    I grew up about a mile from Henry's so I may be a little biased about this place, but Henry's is one of my favorite hot dogs in Chicago. Henry's has a different style of hot dog than most others I've had in Chicago, as it doesn't have that "snap" when you bite into it like you do at Gene & Judes or Portillo's, but its equally delicious. The fries come right on top of the hot dog and are an excellent complement. I advise sticking with the hot dog here, but do whatever floats your boat! PS. I gave Henry's a 5/5 as I did grow up with it, and it's a great hot dog and fries. However, I must say Henry's is second place in my book behind Gene & Judes.

  • Carmella P.

    There are only a few places that can transport me this far back in time. And since the old Missile Drive-In is long gone, Henry's is the only place left to get hot dogs like I had when I was a kid. It hasn't changed in 50 year and that's a GOOD thing!

  • Eric P.

    Drive 10 miles for a hot dog? Heck yeah! Ever since I was a kid my dad would take the family to a place called Bunyon's for hot dogs and Italian Beefs. It had a huge Paul Bunyon out front and made the best hot dogs around. Bunyon's eventually closed and my dad then started taking us down the street to Henry's Drive-In. Henry's truly belongs on Route 66 and has that vibe of Americana that is getting harder and harder to find every day. The dogs and the buns are steamed and stuffed with fries, onions, mustard, peppers and pickle. Hands down the best hot dogs I've ever had. When I got married I took my wife there who didn't understand why we had to drive all the way to Cicero for a hot dog. She became a believer at the first bite. If you have some time to kill and want to go off the beaten path, go the Henry's. Just bring your own drink because their soda tastes like their machine has not been cleaned in 10 years. And still I give them 5 stars.

  • Marcia T.

    If I'm not mistaken this place has been around since the 1950's...its a small eat in place..which most of the time I see cops eating there...lol...I have been here in some time...but must say their hotdogs are good...and also the chilli cheese fries... =) will have to come again to give it a more updated review...

  • Scott M.

    The single greatest restaurant in the Western Hemisphere. I'd rather eat here than Charlie Trotter's. (I'm a dedicated Foodie-I know the difference). Pure Chicago, Pure Heaven. It's about the Dogs and Fries. in 54 years I've never had anything else on the menu (except for the tamale). All others pale in comparison-this is the place.

  • Dale G.

    Henry's Hot Dog's r the best dogs in the Suburbs and the way they put those crispy, tasty fries right on top of the dog is AWESOME! It's unfortunate all the Sheep flock out to River Grove to get an OVERATED dog at G&J's. Henry's Dog's blows them away! It's about the flavor of the hot dog not all the toppings on top of it that make a tasty dog. Also they have a nice variety of other foods and sides that u can get to go along with them. Give em a try so u can see for urself. Get the Double Dog...Double the Goodness!!!!

  • Nicole H.

    My Husband and I had been going here for years, we moved 4 years ago, just this week I decided we needed to go. I love there Hot Dogs, there fries are different but still good and the cheese sticks were great. The place is the same, just different faces working there. Can't wait to go back.

  • John S.

    I really wish Henry's would try harder. This is a place I've been going to since the 70's when I first started driving. When I moved from Chicago to Washington DC, I made a special trip here to get a t-shirt to take with me. Now that I've moved back I've stopped in about half a dozen times - and each time it gets worse. What a shame. I accepted the fact that these aren't true "Chicago style hot dogs" as "everything" is just mustard, onion, wobbly, flavorless pickle, sport peppers. But now it seems things have changed for the worse - maybe due to a bad economy? The hot dogs seem to be of a lesser quality. The buns are served soggy - every time. And I don't mean just a little bit but if you squeezed it it would turn into a wad of dough. The fries are just typical "out of the bag - throw them in the fryer" type. Not thick and hot. Not thin and crispy. Just potatoes that lie there temping you to waste them but you eat them anyway because you paid for them. And for the next 2 hours regret it because they really weren't the effort. Yuk. I wish they'd've maintained the old sense of quality. They just don't seem to care anymore. I seriously doubt I'll ever be back. It upsets me to see another Route 66 icon go into the toilet. What a shame. I see I'm the only one who feels this way so take this review with a greasy grain of salt.

  • Sara M.

    Very cheaply made & not in the good way =/ I wanted to try this place out because of all the good reviews & was very disappointed I got a hotdog w/fries and opened it to see a plain hotdog on a aldi store bun with a pinch of fries on top of the hotdog, it tasted very plain & the fries weren't any better will not be going there ever again.

  • Stephanie F.

    Had my first Italian beef here and it was great. Everyone was super nice and services was fast and good. I'll have to come back here next time im in town.

  • Evan G.

    me likie henrys me likie chili cheese dogs hmmm good...

  • Ray N.

    Hot dogs are great. Fries are great. Prices for other items are reasonable, including Pizza Puffs. Parking lot needs some serious work. Seeing as how I don't care one bit about the parking lot, I've gotta go with a 4/5. They could definitely stand to include some more fries, and the fact that they only take cash (which sucks when you never have cash on you) sucks for me (since I can't eat here) and them (since they're losing out on sales). But it's cheap enough and their "french fry in bun" style is one you'll remember. It's a still-vibrant relic of the old Route 66 you have to try, coming or going.

  • Andy R.

    It's a meal in itself! That's the slogan on the sign and it's true. The hot dogs are terrific. I have never had anything else on the menu because I can't stray from the Henry's slogan. I agree with the other reviewer about the parking lot, watch out for sink holes to the center of the earth.

  • Rebecca M.

    The hotdogs are great but I love the beef sandwich and cheese cubes! The parking lot is not very car friendly but a little swerving here and there always works.

  • Angela G.

    Great everything, a classic Cicero IL. hot dog joint. Cheap and good

  • John L.

    Oh Henry! You're polish sausage with fries makes my world a safer place. You serve the fries on top of the polish, the way a Chicago polish should be served, just like 35th St. Red Hots. You keep your prices down by only accepting cash so I can afford to eat your amazing food 7 days a week if I wanted to gain 150 pounds. You aren't far from Mr. Taco. I can walk back and forth between You and Mr. Taco for witty banter about casings and how a good Sausage is made vs. the art of Taco. And You have delicious food. You're a fixture and no secret on Route 66. Oh Henry! You're not a candy bar. You're sweeter. Oh Henry! I sometimes wish you delivered so that after 17 or 8 or 22 beers I could devour 2 or 3 polishes topped with fries. Don't cry. I'll take a cab next time this happens. Like now. I'm hungry and am in no condition to drive. Blue Cab should be here in 10 minutes! Oh Henry!

  • Johnny T.

    This place is very iconic when its referenced by anything old Cicero/Berwyn and Route 66. I for one, don't care for hot dogs, it took me a while to get over the false myth of what's inside a hot dog, but I make an exception here. Even to this day, I've never had a dog that had such a good all-round beef flavor (take that Superdawg). Yeah, their shoestring fries aren't all that great. Really salty, no flavor, and super greasy. Cash is still king here, as they haven't got with the times with accepting other forms of payment.

  • Ana V.

    Good food for the price you pay. The menu has extended, so there are more yummy things to try. Best hot dogs within walking distance from my home.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 9:00pm
  • Mon : 10:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : No
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : No

Henry’s Drive-In

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