Pride Sushi and Thai Menu

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  • Steve A.

    What a delightful surprise! This small fusion restaurant is creating some of the most beautiful--and tasty--sushi in Chicago. The menu is about half Japanese, half Thai, and many of the fusion items are spicy, such as their take on edamame, which had a definite kick to it. The beef salad comes with the traditional spicy rice vinegar sauce that would accompany a waterfall beef salad. These were both good, but the stars of the show were the sushi items. We began with a plate of sashimi. Although the chef offers a sampler, we selected our own, and the pricing was very reasonable to get exactly what we wanted. All of the items were very fresh and delicious. Then we tried several rolls. Wow! As you can see from the photos, each was a work of art. I've never had sushi served with such a painterly approach! All three rolls were excellent, and really different from one another. My favorite was the "All About Salmon" which combined salmon, smoked salmon and ikura, balancing them with both creamy and citrus ingredients, plus spicy and sweet sauces. A month ago we tried the high end sushi place across the street, and it was good but extremely expensive. At about a fourth the price, our meal at Pride was actually better, and I'm ready to return any time.

  • Rose J.

    This is my favorite sushi restaurant hands down. The sushi is consistently top notch. The menu is diverse and a lot of interesting and delicious options. In addition to their sushi, their soups are amazing. Their non-sushi options are savory as well. I have been to a number of sushi spots in the area, and I have found Pride Sushi to a cut above the rest. Service and ambiance are fine, however, it's the incredible sushi that will keep me coming back.

  • Caroline D.

    They have a great maki lunch special here, which is the way to my heart, and the maki are decent. Order carryout through Eat24 with a coupon to make it even better. The restaurant itself is maybe a little bit dirty? Dust under stuff, etc. Decent bathrooms.

  • James R.

    We ordered a take-out as we were in a dinner bind. The Crab Ragoon was one of the best I've ever had. However the Sesame chicken was very dry and lacking extra sauce. Would order from again though, but probably get something different

  • Stephen M.

    What a great surprise. We stopped in for a quick little date night and was kinda impressed. The food was decent, although they do use a "different" tempora batter then used to. The rolls were really good. Fresh flavorful. I'd like to check other items out, Also it was pretty busy in there for a Friday night on Peterson !

  • Angy K.

    good food and server is friendly. Nice decoration.

  • helen b.

    Went there for lunch on a Saturday and it was great. The sushi was delicious and fresh. The chicken dish was very good as well. Friendly service. Will be going back.

  • Sandy R.

    Pride Sushi and Thai has some of the best looking sushi that taste even better. Their Thai food is pretty tasty as well. The service is friendly. I like everything about Pride and it's my go-to sushi when I'm up north.

  • Jesse T.

    We haven't been here in sooooo long! I love seeing Being able to visit the owners on Valentine's Day. Did some catching up and chatted but let's be Real. As much as I love the owners, I love their food! I had to order all of the specials because they're just freakin awesome! Every single bite was absolutely to die for delicious! My only gripe is that this place didn't move with me when I moved!!! Our wait was extremely longer than expected this time. I know I know it was Valentine's Day and they were packed but the owner made sure we had our favorite spot and when our drinks ran dry well, a bottle of crown was brought to the table by the owners to enjoy and that I did! Pride sushi may very well e the best kept secret I West Rogers Park and every day I don't get to go there I cry a little inside. They are my favorite sushi place and my favorite people. I absolutely love them and their delicious food! Till I return, I shall miss you like the deserts miss the rain!

  • Mandy Q.

    I had checked in this place more than 5 times and had them delivered couple times. Nice, clean and very relaxed atmosphere. Very nice services and I never disappointed. I always love their masago fill with perfect amount of caviar, not like the other sushi places I had tried filled with so thin layer even you can see through the rice. Also love the thai coconut tom yum soup and crab rangoon. Perfect spot for a nice and relax dinner.

  • Luis J E.

    Best sushi in town! The different sauces that are serve with the sushi are all killer. The sushi chefs are super talented; creating different designs with the sauces that come with each roll.

  • Ray G.

    I live in the area and this restaurant is really close. I have had the good fortune to dine at many other Thai restaurants in the area and was hoping this could be my new go-to place, however, there is better out there. The Thai food is good but nothing really stood out. The staff is very friendly. I ordered the basil chicken and the pad thai. The food was ok but lacked seasoning. Maybe the Japanese portion of the menu is better. Also the portions are small. I would not order the dessert as it is overpriced. $4.50 for ONE mochi? I don't think so. Hopefully they will step up their game.

  • Mary R.

    Oh my was all delicious! From the appetizers to each of the four different entrees, the preparation, presentation and taste were fantastic. The place was doing brisk take away business as well...and what a great resource for the neighborhood. We will be going back for sure...and soon!

  • Jason D.

    Best Sushi and service!!! I'm allergic to gluten, eggs, pecans, and dairy and Ann and the chefs go above and beyond to make sure everything is made with the proper cautions. I've never felt anything except satisfied and we keep coming back, its a little cold by the windows so bring a sweater ladies, try the Tempura Udon Soup, it's not always available, but it's amazing! Keep up the good work, small family businesses are ones who need your local support, support these guys!

  • Rachel M.

    I think we've finally found our go-to Thai place in the Edgewater neighborhood!!! Ordered delivery from Pride for the first time this past Thursday night and were completely satisfied. Everything was delicious and the portions were quite generous! I'm excited to try more things on the menu. We'll be ordering again soon and likely going to the restaurant as well! Thank you Pride Sushi & Thai!

  • Dylan A.

    I ordered green curry as part of my delivery order and specified that I wanted it "not spicy", but it ended up being very spicy. Apart from messing up my order, Pride has good basic Thai food.

  • Sarah S.

    I found it. I found my go to spot in my soon-to-be neighborhood. Everything I had from Pride Sushi and Thai was super tasty plus they have delivery & are on grub hub. You can also order online through the website if you so desire. What more could a girl ask for!? What I had: $ 4.99 Sweet Potato Maki - I love a good sweet potato roll. Well done with a good combo of the deep fried potato goodness & the sweet sauce over the top. $ 3.99 Shiitake Maki - Love my veggie rolls! Great flavor & will be getting this every time. $ 3.99 Philly Maki - Lease favorite of the bunch but still a good roll. All of the rolls were well rolled, perfectly cooked rice , fresh ingredients and good flavors. $ 5.99 Chicken Pad Thai - Though not my absolute favorite, it was good and I would get it again. Flavors were tasty in the dish. $ 7.99 Chicken Pad See-Ewe - Fabulous! One of my favorite dishes around and Pride's version was one of the tops of my top. Chicken Gyoza - This came free with an order of $25 or more. Great bonus item! Deep fried to perfection and nice & tasty~ Nomz! The food at Pride Sushi and Thai is solid across the board, we didn't try a bad dish. I see a lot of Pride in my future and am looking forward to trying many more dishes!

  • Clara R.

    The first time that I went there was with my family. This time we ordered Thai food, but also a couple of Japanese dishes. The food was decent, the presentation is very nice, prices are reasonable and if you pay with cash, it is 5%off. We ordered 8 dishes, and we paid $47.45 tax included. However, the egg rolls were a little greasy.

  • Abbie B.

    I ordered the shrimp tempura maki and the tuna avacado maki less than 30 minutes against (+mango smoothie) and I got it less than 10 minutes ago. They originally said 45! I'm so pleased by the yummy food. Will be frequenting this place over my next few years at north park!

  • Rebecca O.

    I was very excited to try this place after looking at all the reviews but was disappointed. I order Thai fried rice with chicken, pad see ew with beef, and vegetable egg rolls. The egg rolls and Thai fried rice were delicious. The beef in the pad see ew however had a very funny taste that I could not even eat much of it. My husband and I both split the meal and about an hour later we were both sick in the bathroom. I will not be ordering from here again.

  • Adj F.

    Makis taste: 3 stars, Presentation: 5 stars Service: 5 stars The sushi chef here must be an artist. The sushi is well priced here, although I do believe you're paying a little extra for the presentation than taste, where makis were not made with loads of fresh fish, rather, with a focus on deep fried and cheaper ingredients. It still taste good though, but it's no ... Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Still, I would definitely go back to this place for 2 reasons: 1. order all the makis that I haven't seen the presentations yet 2. it's BYOB and one of the friendliest place I've been to.

  • Sara V.

    Good quality food. Definitely one of the best Thai options in the area. Lunch specials are great too and come in generous portion sizes. Everything is obviously freshly and well made.

  • David L.

    Really friendly service and great food -- if you dine-in be sure to order some sushi rolls as they are truly works of art. Prices were also quite reasonable for Japanese food in Chicago. The Thai noodle dishes were also quite good and we could tell they used fresh ingredients and put a lot of care into the preparation of the dishes and sushi rolls.

  • Judy S.

    I am a newcomer to ordering in other than pizza and I am so glad I have become adventurous and found this place. This is going to be number one on my order list. Wonderful egg rolls, the chive rolls to die for and the chicken satay among the best I've had. What's for dinner? Pride Sushi, for sure!!

  • Shamontiel V.

    When I tried to order from Fishing Cat and found out that the location was closed for a few weeks and being bought by new owners, I kept thinking, "Why give up a good thing?" But I love the new owners of the new restaurant Pride Sushi and Thai, and the staff is great. I'm happy to see old staff at the current place because they were pleasant before. The menu items are similar (at least the ones I always order). I could eat the Thai Fried Rice w/Tofu and Sweet Potato Maki Rolls every week. The food is fresh, delicious and there's always a really nice portion to eat there and for takeout. I usually split the plate up. I don't eat meat, but from a guest who I've gone to the restaurant with, she LOVES that chicken bento box. The restaurant still has a quiet, pleasant feel, and I enjoy sitting inside and looking out the window. I'm also glad that they changed the sign outside. It's much more noticeable than the previous owner's with the Christmas lights. But what I like as much as the food is the service. When I call or go inside, it feels like "Cheers." One waitress knows my name, can pronounce it correctly, knows my order by heart, always comes by to greet me and she even noticed when I got a new hairdo. Talk about quality customer service. The owner always waves when he sees me. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants delicious Thai food with pleasant service.

  • Mark M.

    Awesome food! This place has taken over what used to be Fishing Cat. May I say that this place is even better! And I was a regular at Fishing Cat! We started with the recommended Chive Dumpling, which came with the most amazing spicy sweet soy sauce that was awesome! Then we got our sushi that was presented so beautifully on a large platter with a hand drawn bonsai tree made from soy sauce and secret recipe house made spicy mayo! Seriously -- ask for the secret recipe house made spicy mayo! Then they brought us a special spicy salmon with sweet rice in the shape of a heart for, as they said, "for a special couple!" The new owners a super sweet and so caring! Go here! Love it! And come back!

  • Christi L.

    Wow. Did not expect each and every bite to be SO good. Ordered at 9:30pm on a Sunday, I half expected cold and limp food. If I could order food from here every day of my life I would die happy. Crab rangoons, the BEST I've ever had. Beef & Broccoli, again the best I've had. Will be a regular customer after my first time.

  • Andie B.

    We ordered delivery through GrubHub and it was fantastic. Fast delivery and the food arrived piping hot. The boyfriend had chicken Pad Kee Mao and Tom Yum soup. Both had great flavor and a perfect amount of spice. I had the Rama chicken. The peanut sauce was creamy and sweet but not too sweet. I would have liked just a bit more spice, but that's a matter of taste. The flavor was amazing. You may be wondering, why 4 stars instead of 5? Well, boyfriend ate half of his and half an hour later realized that he had ordered beef, not the chicken they brought us. Obviously not much of an issue as it was awesome, but still. Overall, really really good and we'll definitely order again.

  • Bernice D.

    So happy this opened up near my house. The sushi was fresh and delicious. I've had better sesame chicken (could have been more crispy). The crab rangoon was my favorite app and we got free edamame with or order. The service was quick and everyone who worked there was very friendly. We will definitely be back!

  • Jk N.

    This place is a new sushi and Thai spot in my neighborhood. We decided to give it a try tonight. We ordered Sashimi gold platter, Midori maki, Three Spicy maki and Salmon Avocado. Sashimi was so fresh. We also got Furious udon and Padthai shrimp, which were awesome as well. They were served with generous portions. Food was ready to pickup in a good timing. Staffs were super friendly. Will order here again!! P.S. I also got edamame on the house for phone order.

  • Mike F.

    Had an unfortunately bad lunch experience here this past week. I'd been pretty satisfied with the previous business, "Fishing Cat Sushi", and even recognized members of the staff were the same, so going in I had high hopes. First off, way too slow. A coworker and I came in on lunch break at 1:30pm, were the only patrons in the restaurant, and our meal still took 1 and a 1/2 hours. Just tapped our toes waiting on the soup and trying to make small talk, frequently glancing at the time and thinking..."What could possible be taking so long? There's nobody here?!" 45 mins later when my my Beef Bento Box finally arrived, it was exactly as another reviewer described it; tough, and drenched in watery sauce. Everything else was just OK, standard sushi/goyza. If the staff weren't so lackadaisical, I'd have given the food a passing C, but the wait was just unbearable. Won't be back.

  • Neal W.

    Had the pad Thai with shrimp and the crab rangoons. Very good food. Friendly people and quick service. Next time I want to try the sushi.

  • Andre L.

    Very good option for Sushi in the area! Prices are reasonable, service was a little slow but friendly and the food (maki rolls) were excellent. I recommend the specialty rolls in particular and as mentioned, the presentation is very nice. This is a BYOB which doesn't seem to be prominent on the website (I called) which helps keep the tab down. The overall ambiance keeps me from going to 4 stars (it's really close) -it's pleasant enough just not hip/luxe/trendy or whatever you'd label it to make it more distinct. If that's not important, than it's an easy 4 stars.

  • Greg H.

    Fantastic place to have a great sit down dinner or order takeout. Friendly service, nice atmosphere, and the food is outstanding - a fun, unique take on the classic sushi Thai fusion spot. Every dish we ordered had something a little different that made it stand out from the familiar standards - like the Chi-beria roll with crisp, citrusy flavor or the slightly smoky miso soup. Can't recommend this place enough!

  • Maya K.

    Tks is my go to sushi spot to order delivery from. Their rolls and noodles are my favorite. Fresh sushi & fast delivery.

  • Amy G.

    This place seems to have a lot of good reviews so I decided to try it out! My friend and I ordered the chive dumplings as an appetizer and it was really good. But on to the shushi. I ordered the Godzilla and my friend ordered the spicy dragon. Mine tasted... Well not l what I would have expected it to taste like. It didn't seem fresh which was a big turn off. I tried my friend's and I thought hers tasted much better. Then we ordered the tempura fried ice cream.. The problem was too much fried....I felt horrible afterwards. Overall, this is a small quaint place. Presentation of food-beautiful. But not exactly sure how I feel about quality. I think it's worth a try though.

  • Moshe Z.

    Pride is down the block from me, and I couldn't be happier. The service here is some of the best I've had. One of the ladies who works there even wrote down my name and when I visited the next time she had remembered it. They have some of the most creative sushi rolls. I always get the Dragon and caterpillar with my order, if you do, you'll see why. The other "high end" sushi joints could learn a thing or two from these guys. Most importantly, it's byob, so grab some bottles and some friends and enjoy the experience

  • atrack b.

    I'm torn. I have a new favorite Thai place, King of Thai, and I feel that their entrees are better. However, the dishes I ordered from Pride were also good, the standouts being the Crab Rangoon and the maki (eel and salmon). Delivery was faster than quoted and everything was still warm when it arrived, so I'll definitely order from here again. I'll just stick to sushi and appetizers.

  • Alex S.

    I have been to Pride Sushi many of times and I just can't get enough of their amazing food, staff, and creativity. The staff is always very kind and hard at work and they give me a free sample of something new each time I come in. Their rolls are so big and tasteful that I am always wanting more! I always order the Godzilla and there is a different design, shows you how they care about there work. I will continue to go there!!

  • John P.

    This was my second visit. First time i went there with my wife. This time i did order sushi to go. Great sushi, fresh and ready to go fast. I will be back. Thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Kathy T.

    The place is really convenient for me because they deliver within 20 minutes. However, they don't really put the time and effort into making bubble teas. Last time I ordered two bubble teas, I found large chunks of ice and hard tapiocas. Other than that, I encourage everyone to try their Thai pad because it's flavorful and the portion size will fill you up!

  • Andersonville F.

    Great value and BYOB too. The food is absolutely beautiful, the sushi chef is a serious artist. Delicious food and generous portions too. Loved my maki rolls!!

  • Molly H.

    Just ordered delivery here for the first time last night. Delivery was earlier than expected, still around 45 min. We got free egg rolls due to our order; they were good but really small. Sushi was very good! I was impressed! The shrimp pad Thai was pretty yummy too, but it was fairly luke warm to cold. It had probably been in the delivery car a while. That was a bummer. I would like to dine in next time as I was generally impressed with flavor and amount of food--one pad Thai was easily enough for two people to eat. Will try again!!

  • Mo A.

    Love the food! Especially the "All About Salmon" role. i love how close it is to my place. service is always excellent. nice spot to bring a date, and you dont want to go downtown. Highly recommend this place!

  • Kevin V.

    This is my first review on yelp even though I use it constantly to find new restaurants for my girlfriend and I. To sum this place up in one word, it is AMAZING! Creative and decadent sushi and their spicy Thai basil has great spice and it's delicious. Awesome crab ragoons and pot stickers. Their tempura fried vanilla ice cream is huge and tastes incredible. They always give us a complimentary appetizer to try before we order our main course. Great and sweet staff. Their "glee" like music is also pleasant and tasteful. I recommend anyone near the neighborhood to take the trip because it is worth it.

  • Thao T.

    The lady deliver told me that it grand open today and I was the first delivery order of their restaurant. So happy with the food. Hope they keep up with it

  • Anastasia B.

    I really wanted to try this place so one lazy afternoon my boyfriend an I ordered from here since we have heard such great things about them. I wanted to love them so that I can finally get some good thai food by my house. Unfortunately I just wasn't impressed. I am a Thai food LOVER so I know good Thai food. I've tried almost every thai place on the northwest side and I am sad to say this is one of the worst experiences I've ever had. Hopefully it was just an off day. The pad thai was in my opinion inedible. I just couldn't stomach it. It had this weird barn/hay flavor to it. I also had the Green Curry it wasn't very flavorful other than spicy. There was way too many bamboo shoots in it as well. Maybe I'll have to dine in and give it another chance.

  • CoraLynn C.

    The red curry keeps me coming back!! I've also tried the pad Thai & spicy Thai basil. Both are amazing as well!

  • Spencer H.

    Switched names (and ownership?) Either way... still a great place to come. I love their noodle dishes!

  • Van C.

    I usually don't give places anything less than a four if I'm not satisfied. Sushi is expensive anywhere you go, but the size of the sushi pieces definitely does not compare to the price.

  • Amber S.

    Don't Believe The Hype! What do people see in this place? Got delivery tonight based on the excellent reviews (which I can now only assume they are paying for) and was sadly disappointed. Ordered 3 hot appetizers - all arrived cold! 2 rolls and 4 pieces of sushi. The rolls we waaay below average and quite warm. The sushi was just average. The food arrived in under an hour, but i have to assume it was sitting around for a while due to temperature when it arrived. For the $$ there are MUCH MUCH MUCH better choices in the area. Never again. Never ever.

  • Becca T.

    I was in the area with a friend today and decided to give this a try. Wow! The creamy white tuna was the best I have ever had. The caterpillar roll was nothing special.. Not too much eel for the price. Our server was adorable and very attentive. We were even given a complimentary chicken pot sticker appetizer! The crab ragoon were fantastic as well! On a side note- check out the fantastic pictures in the bathroom!

  • Anthony G.

    Once again the real sushi chef was not on duty. I ordered 2 Salmon Roe sushi pieces. The seaweed-wrapped rice should create a bowl in which to put the roe. However, this was not the case. In addition, there was very little roe included (about 12-15 eggs per piece). In fact, most of the roe had slid off the ill-prepared sushi and was on the bottom of the container. Also, I was told the order was on the way and it showed up 25 minutes later -- I am not sure I want my raw fish riding in a car for that long. Pride Sushi is awesome when they have the A-team on duty. Make sure to check on weekends to see that a qualified sushi chef is working.

  • Cesar A.

    I wanted to like this place. The interior looks nice and I'm sure the food is delicious. My low rating goes towards the service and flexibility that they did not show towards my wife and I. We plainly asked for a substitution of the rice, instead of having the white rice and get fried instead of white. Our waitress said that was not possible at all. NEVER have I ever been told that you cannot substitute that period. There was not even an option to pay a little extra which ive seen before. Here it was plainly a NO. BUT, she was nice to go to the back and ask the manager, she then came back and said "manager said NO". So shame on the management. Next time you should come out yourself and face the unhappy customers. We were so perturbed over that we decided to leave the restaurant all together.

  • Matthew T.

    Went for dinner tonight to this new spot on Petersen. Sushi was very good and well presented; try the eel. Also tried the shrimp pad thai, vegetable tempura, and crab Rangoon, all good. It's small but cozy and BYOB which is fantastic for this neighborhood. They have glasses and items to chill your wine as well. The owner was nice, hard working energetic and while busy, still spent time with us during our meal. My family lives across the street and we will be back with more people soon.

  • Erin R.

    Been back 3x since our first visit and food is always top notch and service excellent!! So glad we found this treasure!!

  • Rachel B.

    I am very very picky about where I want to order Sushi from. It's always a gamble when you order from a TOGO type setting. My friend and I were very hungry on this hot Chicago day and couldn't leave the business to grab anything. We had heard of Pride and decided to give it a try. We were thankful for GrubHub and the easy access to their menu, which is also on their adorable website. We ordered the Tempura Udon, Spider Maki, Unagi Maki, Sweet Potato maki, and the Oshiko. Since we had an order of 25 or more we got free Gyoza. To go with the heat we got a Thai Iced Tea and Mango smoothie. They delivery was fast and prompt. We were told it was about an hour wait, it got here in under 45. So much food. We stared at the order and were super excited to try. My friend split our Udon up and she had a very large mushroom in her order. When she tried the mushroom i quote "This is the best god damn mushroom I have ever eaten." She couldn't have been more thrilled. All the food was delicious and fresh. Even the Tempura was still crunchy after the car ride to our establishment. The Unagi was extremely delicious. I would def order that again and more. The sweet potato was a very large order and the sauce they gave you to go was fabulous We will be ordering from this place again very soon. If our stomachs could have handled more. Believe me, we would've gone the distance.

  • Krish J.

    Loved this place! My family and I went to celebrate Father's day, and we all had a great time! We ordered two rolls, 3 entrees and a desert for 15 a head for the 4 of us. Rolls were scrumptious! We got the spicy tuna crunch and the combination veggie. Our entrees: pad thai, rama chicken, and red curry. We shared them amongst us and it was very filling. Desert was the Golden Ball. It was fried ice cream with some flavored jams on the side. Delicious! Very courteous staff and great atmosphere! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Stephanie B.

    We tried Pride last weekend and were majorly impressed with the food, both the sushi and Thai dishes were delicious. Only minor complaint was that the kitchen was a bit disorganized and our meals came out at different times, but I realize they're still new and getting a rhythm going. We will definitely be back!!

  • Farida J.

    This was a great surprise! I loved the food, moderately priced. The sushi was fresh and well presented. We got a free appetizer when we went in. Parking is right in front and plenty of neighborhood parking. I love that its just a few blocks away as well. I will definitely be returning here!

  • Karlen K.

    They absolutely have the best crab Rangoon's in the city of Chicago. The owner is very friendly and also the chef always comes out to see if everything is ok. I've already there there twice and it's like my first time, they make you feel like home. A must visit restaurant.

  • Christine S.

    So thankful we chose one of our few spring days to walk over and try Pride last week. The service is warm and friendly . The food beautiful and tasty. We lived the chive dumplings, the dragon roll, the three spicy roll. We enjoyed it so much we returned to try chiberia and Godzilla tonight. Thoroughly satisfied. Couldn't be happier that it is in the neighborhood. So check it out and let's keep a local neighborhood business thriving.

  • Meka R.

    I'm really glad I decided to give Pride a try. I was pleased with their customer service, food and price. The dining experience has been positive. The owner introduced herself and wait staff was super helpful The food was on point. Sushi fresh and yummy and Thai was even better.

  • Kerri K.

    Everything I've tried has been excellent and fresh. Crab Rangoon was especially good, combo maki, and cucumber maki. I ordered through and they delivered in about 30 minutes (less than estimated). Will order again.

  • Ian M.

    Really, really good. Worthy successor to Fishing Cat. The staff is attentive without being overwhelming---one of the new co-owners asked us for feedback when we arrived---a nice touch. They were very generous with the portions, adding in a free appetizer. The Crab Rangoon really is a must-have, and everything we ate was light and done right. Will definitely return for more.

  • Kendall R.

    Ordered sushi for delivery from here and they didn't put soy sauce in the bag...hard to enjoy sushi without soy sauce.

  • Jace S.

    We ordered crab Rangoon, thai spicy basil w/beef and Pad Thai w/chicken. The food arrive fast and still steaming. Both dishes were delicious. We will be ordering again.

  • Alex A.

    Wow, this place is a hidden gem! The food is carefully prepared. Pook, the chef is very skilled in personalizing dishes. The vegetarian tom yum soup is verry yummy. Great service, friendly place. On my list of favorites.

  • Candy A.

    $7.95 for a Mexican Maki roll was 4 pieces? This place took over for Fishing Cat and the food and delivery is ALWAYS hit or miss!

  • Michael S.

    Great place! We dined in this evening - and had a wonderful meal. The furious udon was awesome, meat was super tender & tasty. The Combo-veg maki was delicious, as was the chive dumpling. The tom yum soup was also very good! Both owners were very warm and friendly and the service was top notch. Can't wait to come back again. And will be trying out delivery as well.

  • Dan C.

    Pretty standard sushi for a bit too much money. Miso soup was savory, crab rangoon was acceptable, but fried food is hard to muck up. Presentation, even just for delivery, was fairly impressive.

  • Titoz Z.

    This place is awesome. Is my first time order last nigh and this food is really good the California maki is very good delivery time is to fast and the delivery lady she's so nice the only inconvenience no pick up orders available I just live 3 blocks away

  • Lily T.

    Love this place. Food is delicious. Service is also great and you feel appreciated. Sushi is super fresh and yummy.

  • Sarah M.

    Great place! I wish I lived closer to make this my "go-to" sushi place. If I am ever in the area, I'll be sure to stop by! The sushi tasted much fresher than I've had at most places, and it was accompanied by superbly artistic and tasty mayos & sauces. Also, we ordered the pad thai which was also cooked very well. The chef came to our table after to check on how we enjoyed our meal (which is always appreciated). The service was extremely attentive without being overbearing. All in all.... Definitely a must-go!!!!

  • J. A.

    My first time ordering from Pride but won't be my last. I was in a mood for fried rice. Kinda lame, but that's where I was at. I ordered the basil fried rice medium spicy. Loved it! Some other reviews mentioned the crab Rangoon being very good and they were right! I'm picky about my crab Rangoon. These were very good. Finally, I had to get a roll - just because. I ordered delivery and I almost burned my mouth on the crab rangoons! They were still hot. They must have teleported to my house to have everything be so hot. I can't wait to try some of my usual Thai favorites and some of their more creative rolls next time.

  • Kate J.

    I order from this place quite frequently - the delivery is always fast and efficient and the food is delicious. The chicken pad Thai, dragon roll, crab Rangoon and spicy tuna roll are my standard order (and always enough pad Thai leftover for a meal the next day). This is hands down own one of my favorite places to order from.

  • Jay P.

    I've been meaning to try out this restaurant ever since it opened but never had the time until now. I'm glad that I gave it a shot. The owner was very welcoming and she was the one who served our food. Pride has great service, reasonable price, and amazing food. If your a fan of Pad Thai, then Pride is a restaurant you should definitely try out. I would come back here.

  • Beth M.

    We ordered Pride on Grub hub and it came in RECORD TIME! We both had Thai dishes. I had Spicy Basil with Beef, and my husband got Green Curry with Chicken. The food was very fresh and seasoned wonderfully. If you like spicy, both of our dishes packed a good amount of heat. Even the rice was done perfectly! My husband raved about the Miso soup. We will def order again!

  • Jake G.

    The tempura combo was good, but the shrimp still had the vein in them which is crappy lol no pun intended. The rolls and chicken satay were good as well. The Padthai on the other hand had wayyyyy to much sauce! I was pretty disappointed but ate what my stomach would allow me to. Otherwise the place was small and has very little privacy, it's alright at best. A lot of the reviews I read were not up to par with what I received.

  • L J.

    Fantastic food for very reasonable prices. A family of four are VERY well for $60, including tip. We had the red curry, pad thai and rama chicken plus two maki - combo (vegetable tempura) and crunchy spicy tuna. Lots of flavor and decent portions. Our kind waitress brought over an appetizer of chicken gyoza on the house. The real highlight was dessert - "the golden ball" which was a delicious fried ice cream concoction. Will definitely return!

  • Deij P.

    Went here with my husband for a nice noontime meal today. I love sushi, the husband loves Thai, perfect! But... not so perfect. I ordered the Bento box and he had a lunch special. We ordered a spicy crunchy tuna roll for an appetizer. Hardly any tuna, okay no big. But the crunchy part of the roll was a few tempura crumbs. Seriously? It wasn't so good to be honest. First his meal.... crab ragoon was all cream cheese and no hint of even faux crab. At least try! Not going to lie, his pad thai was great! As for the Bento box, much to be desired. The miso soup was just like any other place so no complaints. I got the beef teriyaki for my Bento and yeah, the beef was tough and extremely dry. The sauce watery and huge carrots in there. So disgusting. The rice was perfect. The salad felt like the dressing was missing the kick I usually like at other places. California maki was just what it should be and the gyoza was good but they gave me the vegetable one although I would've liked to try the chicken one. Overall, sadly only two stars. I wish I could be nicer. The waitress was good though, very quiet but attentive.

  • Nilda S.

    Brand new byob Thai place! Excellent flavors and great ambiance! II had the Furious Udon stir-fried dish and it was fantastic and spicy.

  • Lindsey W.

    Some of the most delicious sushi we have had delivered in Chicago! Ordered on Friday night at busy time and food was here in less than an hour. Complimentary crab rangoon, which was delicious, and we ordered five sushi rolls. Alaska was our favorite, with salmon and crabstick. Unagi with added cream cheese was great. Crunchy spicy tuna YUMMM! Definitely give this place a try! Reasonable prices, too.

  • Lisa A.

    This will be my new go-to place for Sushi. The food was delicious and fresh. The super white tuna melts in your mouth. The Crab Rangoon is the BEST I have ever had, and being in my 50's I have had a lot of Crab Rangoon. The server said it was their own recipe. Not sure what they put in it but don't miss this one. The service was spot-on. The atmosphere is super casual, just what I like. The prices are beyond reasonable, and it's BYOB. This restaurant has been open for only 3 weeks and I believe they are off to a very good start.

  • M. G.

    I live a few blocks away from Pride Sushi and Thai and went there with my husband and two kids a few nights ago. We ordered crab rangoons, tofu fried rice, and beef teriyaki. The food and service were excellent. It's good to have a place with Thai food in our neighborhood. My husband and I plan to go back and try their sushi soon.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 11


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Very Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Pride Sushi and Thai

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