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  • Elise O.

    I am not a JJ regular but frequent multiple enough of their locations enough to recognize good service. It was late at night (they might have even been closed) when I walked in and asked if they were still open. Justin (who I later found out to be the manager) said yes and asked me what I would like. I ordered and he passed the order along to Terri who made one of the best JJ sandwiches I have ever tasted from JJ. Thanks for the great service and sandwich -- Justing and Terri you two rock. Thank you!

  • Nina I.

    I love how fast they deliver and how fresh their sandwiches are most of the time but I really don't dig the prices. It's not like they're a mom and pop sub shop where they cant afford city requirements... it's a multi billion dollar corporation so get your act together jimmy johns. Probably not going to eat there again.

  • Silvia J.

    Is it me or do we have to bag our own sandwich, chips, and napkins to go. I was surprised that I had to bag my to go myself. When I asked the girl "Is this what you normally do?", she replied "Yes, there's the napkins and bags over there (while pointing to them which were BEHIND the counter). WTF?? I loooooove JJ, but I think I am going to another location for better service.

  • Andrew K.

    Consistency is the name of the game and Jimmy Johns delivers every time. This is my go-to hungover food. People shouldn't believe that this is healthy, bc it's not but the Italian is tasty and adding some hot peppers always does the trick. At least once a week J.J. is fast, tasty and cheap.

  • Zainab M.

    How are there only 2 reviews for this place? weird Anyway, I am one of those Yelp'ers that will only review a place when it either: really pisses me off or really makes me happy. JJ did the latter today. Being the lazy work-from-home consultant that I am, I did not feel like braving the chicago cold for lunch. I ordered JJ online delivery at 12:16 and it was here at 12:22. Freaky fast is not just a gimmick! Good job, JJ. You will be getting more of my lazy-pants business :)

  • Amber F.

    Holy crap JJ just scared the crap out of me. I ordered online on my iPad (first time delivery order) and as I lay it down when I was done (sure I glanced at Facebook for a sec) the door buzzer goes off. I jumped out of my chair... Could it be? Wow... 4min.. And now I have lunch! Thanks jimmy johns.

  • Mindy S.

    Not the best, not the worst Jimmy Johns ever. Despite my long winded order of no-lettuce, no mayo, no cukes, extra sauce and extra sprouts, they always get my order right...with a smile. except for when they forget to send the pickle home with me... Only complaints are more of a corporate issue, I can't get sauce (olive oil and vinegar) on a slim sandwich....jeesh.

  • J A.

    I didn't have high expectations, but at 3:30 am after a long date with Lady Luck, my first JJ experience was really good. The bread was great and my sandwich definitely hit the spot.

  • Julian D.

    cold sandwich delivered by hot driver, fast!.. yum! oh the turkey was good too.. lol


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Jimmy John’s

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