Kazarelli’s At Miller’s Bay

1127 Lakeside Ave
Wahpeton, 51351
I had my last dinner in the Lakes District at Kazarelli's before flying back to NYC the next day. My friend took me out to eat here and she had good things to say about the food here, so I was excited about getting to dine here. The restaurant has a bit of a nautical theme in terms of its decor, but also veered a bit on the Italian side with their checkered tablecloths and all. Lots of large screen TVs also to watch the game as you eat and/or drink. I don't think there's any way I can say this without sounding like a pretentious snob, but there was something charming about how this place veered a bit to the fine dining side while still maintaining a home-y/sports bar atmosphere. My friend and I shared their bruschetta appetizer to start, which was tasty. I got their spaghetti and meatballs, sans the meatballs since I'm a vegetarian, and it was not bad. It might not have been the absolute best bowl of pasta I've ever had, but again, not trying to sound snooty, there was something earnest about my food: it tasted like something I would have eaten if I were to go to a friend's parents' home and they had cooked for me. So, why a 4 star review? The service. I found it to be extremely friendly (though, I've noticed in general, the midwest certainly is a LOT friendlier than in NYC) and accommodating. Overall, I had a lovely dining experience here. It made me think of Cheers (the TV show, not the actual overpriced tourist trap in Boston) and how this restaurant seemed to be a quainter embodiment of the bar within the show.
For us, it's about the fish fry - all you can eat. On our recent visit the walleye was eye-closing delish. A decent entree. Swai quality has varied. Echo'ing other comments the service was, this time, extremely slow. We were there for dinner for 2 hours; longer than we wanted. And it's pretty clear that the all-you-can-eat is a squeaky-wheel kinda deal - ask, and you shall receive 1 or 2 more bites. Regardless, we're fans (of the fish fry), we enjoy boating to the Kazarelli's dock and making an event of it, and will be back for more.
We were out on a bike ride without water (idiots!!) and stopped in for water. The machine out front didn't take cards but the owner took pity on us and opened it up himself and just gave us two. Based on this we were instant fans and this returned for drinks and appetizers the next day. The Moscow Mule is amazing (just watch yourself, they sneak up on you) and the Thai chicken wings and homemade potato chips were awesome!! Seriously get the wings! I took off a star only because of lack of patio---it is lake country, come on now.

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