Country Style Ice Cream and Coffee

1640 W 53rd St
Davenport, 52806
Amazing Ice cream and always amazing service! Love the soft serve twist. Also I had gone through the drive thru with my friend and his dog, the lady was so pleasant and gave him two treats for his big lovable size!
Just a great place, overall! What they do, they do well. Not a huge menu or bells and whistles. Ice cream(soft serve or traditional) and coffee, with just a few other offerings, but all are put together superbly. Great job!
The team that works there and owns the place is great. I had a awesome cup of ice cream and there coffee is top notch as well. I would say one of Quad Cities best new places. A must for anyone looking for good times and great ice cream or coffee.

(563) 388-2061

Coffee & Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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2110 W Kimberly Rd
Davenport, 52806
The best McDonald's in Davenport, according to my wife, who is a big Mickey D's fan. Consistently, the food is fresh, the restaurant area is clean, and the service is decent.

(563) 388-0595

Fast Food, Burgers

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Great Midwest Seafood

5406 Sheridan St
Davenport, 52806
Amazing seafood great staff would go again. Prices are fair for the quality of the seafood. The salmon is awesome also get the tuna dark red in color great fresh amazing.
What an enjoyable shopping experience. This is the second time I've been in the store, and both times I met the owners. Very friendly and helpful. after exchanging cooking tips and recipes, I left there with two beautiful salmon fillets and walleye. I'm looking forward to the next time when I get some swordfish and shark. Also I can't wait until the smoked sturgeon comes in.
NOT FRESH FISH. ..IT IS FROZEN. I don't mind people expressing their opinions, but I wish they would get their facts right before they do. There is a big difference between fresh and raw fish. FRESH FISH has never been frozen. RAW FISH has not been cooked. This place does NOT sell fresh fish. The only thing they carry that is fresh is lobster. All other items are frozen. With that out of the way. ..this is a good place to find the hard to find stuff. Like sushi grade fish, octopus, and the likes. Service is good and knowledgeable.

(563) 388-4770

Seafood, Seafood Markets

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Redband Coffee Company

110 W 13th St
Davenport, 52803
I'm a dark roast kind of girl but tried my luck on the New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee from Redband on my way through town. Is it too strange to say I would bathe in that iced coffee if I were able to? The coffee itself was smooth and flavorful, the cream was fresh and delicious, and the brown sugar brought it to a whole new level. This might sound like an insignificant observation but the ice was still present after I had finished the coffee...that means that they took care to actually chill the drink before dumping it over ice. It didn't get watered down at all. It was perfect. Also tried one of the hot roasts (slow drip) they had going that day - I felt like I was wine tasting because the coffee had so much depth. It was incredible. The staff answered all of our nerdy questions about the roasters and we were in-and-out as quickly as we could have been since we were waiting for TRULY fresh coffee. Honestly worth the stop if you're in the area.
This is by far the best coffee shop in the QC! I love that they have 2 locations too. I love riding my bike down to the 4th St location. The coffee is roasted in their hilltop location and it's always a fun surprise to come in while they're doing it. What I love most is that they focus on good coffee. None of that frappucino ice cream coffee or crazy flavored drinks. They do have an espresso machine so they can do a vanilla latte but their main focus is just delicious coffee. And that's exactly how it ought to be.
Favorite coffee in the QC. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu... Even the food is amazing. Friendly fast service too!

(563) 823-1107

Coffee & Tea

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Nally’s Kitchen

1622 Rockingham Rd
Davenport, 52802
Short Review: Food was Good not Great. But almost great. Good prices. Very weird service/environment. Long review: This trip, as all trips to west davenport, was very interesting to say the least. First off... do NOT be fooled by their website. Their website (as well as pictures on yelp) are not AT ALL what the food looks like or the restaurant. There are 3(three!) booths in the place, it all feels really run down. Mismatched paint on the walls, random half-done construction projects that look like they've been half done since the 70's. Definitely can tell that it wasn't originally supposed to be dine in, but carry out only. You can tell this because on all their menu's, they wrote with a sharpie, "Dine in too." Had to laugh out loud at that. By menu, I mean a tiny piece of paper. Okay, I feel a little bad, maybe I am being harsh, but their website made it seem like an upscale place! I got tacos, my buddy got a torta. The torta looked way better than my tacos. They were a bit dry. We both ordered Churros. They were very tasty. They definitely focus on the deserts here. Bottom Line- if you want an upscale meal, don't go here. If you want good, cheap Mexican food with an interesting experience. DO go here.
We decided to go to Nally's for dinner. Being a family of four, we can try many things at an unfamiliar place. Walking through the door you can smell the authenticity. We tried the chips and salsa, the chips were good and the salsa was exceptional with a deep flavor and not too much heat. Steak torta was like the kind you would find in Chicago, Steak Gauraches was fantastic, well seasoned and loaded with all the trimmings on a homemade tortilla. Spicy ham empanada was spicy cheesy and heavenly, steak guisado was so good with the homemade tortillas the flavor of the steak potatoes and sauce divine. This is one of those dishes that when you are full you still keep eating because it is that good. Carnitas Burrito was very flavorful and very filling, tamale had light and fluffy masa tucked in a corn husk very tasty. Green tomatillo salsa brings the flavor and more heat. Try this place I seriously think you cant go wrong. going back for tacos tomorrow at lunchtime. Very reasonable prices.
So.... We are in Iowa, no clue on what to eat or where to go and my wife does some random search for restaurants in the area.... Comes up with some steak place.... We get there and go "eeehhhhh... What about the Mexican place next door?", best decision we had made in a long time. Authentic Mexican made by the sweetest family. My wife had tacos (hand made tortilla) and I had gorditas and an empanadas. I walked away stuffed and happy that i trusted my gut. I'm not from the quad city area but if you are and want some cheap, authentic Mexican food, stop in.

(563) 322-0181


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5232 N Brady St
Davenport, 52806
Came here thinking that Hardee's and Carl's Jr were the same (I'm from a suburb of LOs Angeles here on business). I ordered the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger and only Brett the Manager knew what that was. But the best part was he made it happen for me on the fly when he could have just as easily say we don't do that. I am very impressed with the level of customer service here. Despite feeling that the Midwest is a little deprived, lol, I am glad I came in here today. Nice introduction to the people of Iowa!
I am not big on fast food so it has been a minute since I last had a Hardees burger. On the way back from a long road trip I stopped at Hardees so my wife could pee. While there we decided to kill two birds with one stone and ordered lunch. I had a Cheeseburger with a new to me menu item called Toothpicks consisting of fried potatoes and jalapeno sticks. My wife ordered the same. Our food arrived minutes later and to our surprise both included a cookie. We both thought the burgers were outstanding but the toothpicks, although good, failed to deliver on the fried jalapeno sticks. They tasted bland with zero resemblance of jalapeno that we were expecting. Cookie wasn't bad either and was a nice touch!
My brother and I stopped by there on our way back to Chicago, it's very clean place, friendly workers, and clean restrooms. I hadn't had Hardee's/Carl's Jr for several years, so I totally enjoyed this new burger. I'd definitely stop by again.

(563) 386-9585


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Java Java

836 E River Dr
Davenport, 52803
Went here on the recommendation of a gal in a restaurant we ate at. Pretty decent cappuccino, good price. 4 starts because I don't usually care for coffee shops that seem to mostly cater to flavored-up coffee.lots and lots of syrups here if that's your thing.
Loved the menu items and names, I had no idea this place existed since its been awhile since I've been back to davenport. I needed a drive thru coffee on my way to a gathering. My mom recommended it and I'm so happy she did. Great little spot in an unexpected area!
As good as a hometown coffee shop can get! Great atmosphere and wonderful staff (and regular customers) that knew how to make an out of town visitor feel at home.

(563) 324-1600

Cafes, Coffee & Tea

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Mac’s Tavern

316 W 3rd St
Davenport, 52801
One of the best bars in the QC that hasn't turned into a chain like bar. Love this place whenever I'm there and the foods alway awesome too.
The word "Tavern" has lost translation. It has become generic. Walking into a vintage joint like Mac's Tavern warrants ordering a classic cocktail. We asked the "Stone Faced" bartender if he can make an "Old Fashioned". He was irritated with the request...a shit rendition was delivered. So, obviously he was only capable of opening bottles of beer. Truth be told, classic cocktails are not easy to make. A vintage tavern should be able to represent the classics and know the difference. However, none of this swayed my opinion of a unique vintage building with an amazing vibe.
Simply the best. The best bar staff in town and chef never ever disappoints. You can never go wrong with a martini and with chefs cooking.

(563) 324-6227


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Los Primos Mexican Grill

1143 E Locust St
Davenport, 52803
This is the best place for me to go get mexican food! Since I am originally from San Francisco, my standards for mexican are a bit high. When I went into this little gem, I felt like I was back into a restaurant back home! Everything from the food, the people and the horchata (they make it!) felt just right! I love coming here! Muchos Gracias, Los Primos!! You won a fan
What a nice couple of guys that run this place. Their staff is nice and the food is great and comes out quickly. Looking forward to trying the cake they have too.
Place is fire. From San Diego California and been hitting this place up everytime I come to the Quad cities. I hope they expanded the menu since my last visit

(563) 424-1111


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Uncle Bill’s Pizza

3610 W Locust St
Davenport, 52804
ABSOLUTELY Forget Happy Joes you crazy Davenport people. THIS is where I get pizza when I come home to Dport. I've lived all over, including Chicago, and this is still one of my favorite places to come back to.
I was completely surprised by the pizza rolling out of this humble little joint. Sausage and olive totally a must. The crust tastes woodfired, has a really good soft chewiness, great texture. I doubt anyone can go wrong here. I'm still craving it!
Great take out pizza. Great staff. Our go to place on "everyone's too lazy to cook nights". This is not a restaurant in case you are looking for a sit down place. The pizza is thick and filling with many great options for toppings (no fanciness though). I will never get used to the way they cut pizza in the QC area but if you ask they will cut it normally.

(563) 388-8077


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