Jamba Juice

86-120 Farrington Highway, Unit #5
Waianae (Oahu), 96792
There's not much to say about jamba juice since I've never had any problems with my drinks or the service so four stars. Love coming here when I don't really feel like eating anything. My go to smoothies are Caribbean passion and gotta guava. They always come up with something new so it's good to check back every now and then. I like parking behind the jamba juice and walking a bit since the roadway is narrow in front of the establishment and can get hectic if cars are coming both ways. I like to avoid that. Anyway, it's Jamba people. Don't expect too much but what they have is good enough.
Expect a long wait and long line. Slow pace workers no sense of urgency horrible customer service. No greeting upon entry which is very sad. I've said it many many times, greetings acknowledgements are very important! No smiles, no thank you for waiting. An Asian or local woman with glasses checked us out and she looked angry, never smiled and had no patience for waiting even though I was patient enough to wait in their long line. The receipt cashier name says "Steph." When asked about boosts, she is looking at me and points her finger behind her towards the many menus and says look up there the boosts are up there. Which menu was she pointing at? And how about she explain the boosts to me if I don't know!!?? That is so rude! The only reason I give any stars is because the only person who was smiling was a cashier named "Kyle," I went back to order a 5th drink and went to his line instead and he was friendly, spoke about the sales of the drink I ordered so as to reassure me I was picking a great flavor (WOW!!!!!) he scores big for this one and his demeanor was much warmer than the others. Thanks to Kyle for turning our experience around!
Wow, Tuesday's Special is Amazing! I'm a huge fan of Sourdough Bread Bowls with hot pipping soup! I received an email this morning telling me of today's special which sort of surprised me...when did Jamba Juice start selling soup? Maybe I've been too oblivious to that side of the menu and only looking at the smoothies and baked goods. $2.99 Sourdough Bread Bowls with the Soup of the Day. It did not disappoint for my first time. The bread bowl was a n average size and the chowder was very tasty and complimented the bread so well! I ate it up in less than 10min! With this chill weather, this was a nice comfort food! Received some helpful tips on spending $25 in receiving a $5 gift card and a free smoothie. Always good to have during the holiday season!

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