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I've gone to a few places to try acai bowls, and never found one that i liked.... The main reason, no one will make me one without banana in the mix because they're all "pre-mixed". Today i went to Jamba Juice and explained this to them. They said that for those with particular dislikes, they make one from scratch for them! So, i still have yet to try an acai bowl, because i opted for their pitaya bowl today instead. And still, they made that for me without banana in the mix as well. I'm really glad that I've finally find a place that'll do that for me... Why didn't try checking with jamba juice a long time ago? Smh....
Service was average. .I am kind of disappointed with this location. .when I brought the kaukau coupon and I was asked what does it translate? I explained to the cashier that the coupon was for 20% off and I had the Matcha Green Tea mist before and in mist, you substitute the enlightened base for the frozen yogurt and not put in the frozen yogurt. I hope that there will be better communication with the girl who took my order, it seemed like she almost didn't let me use my Kaukau coupon because it was written in another language because I felt like. .ok, am I not allowed to use the Kaukau coupon or something? Goodness and the smoothie turned out to be a little runny. Maybe next time I can ask to make it a little thicker, even with the enlightened base so it will be a little neater and not spilling all over my cup. I hope that the next time I return to this location, I will be able to use my kaukau coupon without being asked what's being said in another language and make sure that I get my smoothie made the proper way when a customer asks for the enlightened base and not put frozen yogurt.
If you haven't already, download the ISIS app on your phone which stores your cc info and receive a FREE small Jamba everyday till the new year! Score! We all love free perks! :) This is more Jamba than I've had in the last 8 yrs or so! CHEERS!!

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